Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Diversion Gun Safe

With a increase in gun sales and the worry of another gun ban being forced on Americans, it is no wonder the sales and interest in safe places to hide our weapons has also increased. More and more Americans are buying handguns for home protection, why, because Americans have realized they cannot wait for the police when an intruder is breaking into their home. Americans who own handguns are looking for safe areas to keep their weapon out of the reach of children but easily accessible for the adults.

The answer came from the 18th century. Before there were safes, safety deposit boxes and banks on every corner craftsman built furniture with dual purposes. Hidden or secret compartments were normal but to this day the experts still have a hard time finding these compartments in some of the older cabinets and desks of the era. Below are examples of items offered as diversion safes. They function as ordinary lamps or chest/coffee tables and are available in different styles and in your choice of wood ie. cherry, oak, walnut.
The chest can be used for storage at the end of the bed, coffee/cocktail table or a window bench. Like the lamps it is custom made with a hidden compartment capable of hiding up to five rifles. Chest is solid wood, rich in trim and custom onlays. Other items include clock/bookcase, end tables and bed stands. All items are custom designs, handmade and can take up to six weeks after commissioned, depending on size and design.



Custom Chest................................Chest empty

Chest Loaded ...............................Hidden Rifles

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