Sunday, June 28, 2009

Buying American Hand Made Products

by Ron Spangler

Americans are getting back to the basics. During this recession Americans are considering their options when purchasing new products. In an effort to save money and buy quality products that will last for years to come we have turned our attentions to local craftsmen and online handcrafted sites like

Almost anything a person could ask for is available on this site. Not only have I purchased items from this site, I have also opened a shop called Unique Home Furnishing.

I offer a variety of items for the home and personal use. My shop is relatively new so I am trying to add more products weekly.

With everything going green and most Americans trying to get the very best in quality for their very hard earned dollar, sites like this have become a godsend to consumers that are tired of stores like Wal Mart who offer mostly cheep inferior Chinese products.

Americans have always been the most productive and imaginative people around the world. We have always taken pride in the products we make and sell. There is something special in the way an American craftsman or artist creates a new product. Making something that will last for generations and hopefully be passed down from one generation to the next is something we dedicate a great deal of time to achieve.

Using material that is recycled to create something new and different is rewarding in itself. Using material that comes from a local business not only helps to stimulate the local economy it also helps to create and save much needed jobs in America. Nine out of ten local businesses purchase their material from American vendors. A very good example is a local lumber company. All of the lumber I purchase comes from a local lumber mill.

Most of the craftsmen and artist on Etsy that I buy from make their products the same way. Isn't it time America started looking out for America and started to support our local entrepreneurs?

If you are not aware of this new way of purchasing the products you are considering, keep in mind this is the only place where the customer can deal directly with the seller. If you see an item you are interested in you can deal directly with the person that designed and constructed the item before you purchase anything. No third party to get in your way. If you like an item but wish to negotiate the price, that can also be done. If you cannot find a particular item you can ask a craftsman to construct your very own design at a price you have agreed upon before the purchase has been finalized.

With manufacturing jobs becoming more and more scarce in America, I would encourage all Americans to consider your local craftsmen for your next purchase.

If you are looking for clothing, jewelry, furniture, gift ideas, toys, candy, or any other product consider shopping here first.

Check out Semfi Unique Home Furnishing

While you are there click on Buy and check all of the categories and sellers available.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

State of America Supports Protesters

This morning on CNN a student demonstrator inside Iran managed to get a call out of Iran to CNN. He explained what was going on from his perspective inside Iran. He asked the International Community and particularly President Obama for help. He did not ask for military intervention instead he asked for more severe sanctions and isolation of his country.

State of America stands behind the protesters and calls for all Americans and bloggers to show their support.

Add your link and let the protesters of the dictatorial regime in Iran know we are on their side.

If the caller's statements are in fact the true feelings of the youth in Iran, then this uprising is a clear and positive event that could be bring peace and prosperity to everyone in the Middle East.

Freedom is not for the few but is a God given right!

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Iran Student On CNN Asks Obama And International Community For Help

by Ron Spangler

Is Obama and the International Community turning a deaf ear to the people in Iran?

This morning on CNN a student demonstrator inside Iran managed to get a call out of Iran to CNN. He explained what was going on from his perspective inside Iran. He asked the International Community and particularly President Obama for help. He did not ask for military intervention instead he asked for more severe sanctions and isolation of his country.

When asked what more the world and President Obama could do the student pointed out that 82% of Iran's gas supply is imported. He asked for heavy sanctions being placed on gasoline because he felt it would bring down the Iranian regime. He also suggested if the world community and President Obama would show solidarity with the protesters it would encourage and give them strength to change the dictatorial regime that is now in power.

The student went so far as to say they would recognize Israel and wanted nothing more than peace with Israel. He stated they had no need for nuclear weapons and were on the opposite side of the current regime on the nuclear issue.

The question for Obama is simple, What will be your reply to this cry for help?

Will it be continued limited fence walking, or a clear message that we in America support the cry of the students for a regime change and a free Iran?

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Doctors Oppose Mandates

by Ron Spangler

What happens when private doctors have mandates placed upon them by hospitals, local, state, or federal governments?

I recently learned that one of three local orthopedic surgeons in my small town serving not only the county but surrounding counties will no longer perform surgeries in our county hospital. Instead he will only perform surgeries in another hospital 35 miles away in another county. Why, because our hospital has mandated that any doctor affiliated with them must work at the hospital on a rotating shift similar to their days as a resident. If you do not fully understand the difference between resident and fully qualified specialist in private practice check out "A Doctor's Medical Training and Experience".

The surgeon I am speaking about for obvious reasons does not wish his name to be made public. He is a well respected specialist with many years in his field but has decided he is simply too old to return to a resident status working a 24 hr shift simply to have the benefits associated with being affiliated with our county hospital. Like the other Orthopedic Surgeons, he currently has a large number of patients and can only accept new patients by referral. And yes, there is a waiting list to see him. Will the other two follow suit, only time will tell.

The reason I am telling his story is because with the Obama plan for Socialized Medicine I fear more doctors will find themselves in the same position. If a doctor believes he is too old to work the same grueling hours 24/7 that they did while in training to become a doctor, ask yourself would I really want him doing surgery on me. The answer is probably no. Most surgeons prefer to operate when they are refreshed and at the top of their game. No surgeon in his right mind would voluntarily perform a surgery after pulling a 24 hr shift at a hospital, unless it was an absolute emergency. Doctors are human and must be able to make certain decisions especially on their abilities. I don't believe this doctor is too old (early 50's) but the point is he does.

If Obama's plan to Socialize Medicine and mandate certain policies to American physicians (like they have Socialized General Motors) how many doctors at this age will say enough is enough and simply retire or close up shop?

If you are curios why the hospital came up with this new policy it is quite simple, money. The three Orthopedic Surgeons were doing most of their surgeries out of a local Same Day Surgery facility. Patients were given the option of having their surgery performed at either location, the hospital or the Same Day facility. Most surgeries that were not overly complicated were performed at the local facility. It is cheaper and the care given the patient by the staff is more of a personal one on one basis than at the local hospital. Since more patients were electing this facility over the hospital, our hospital has seen a significant drop in revenue for surgical procedures. The hospital that the surgeon will be affiliated with has no such policy. Like the Obama plan, no one knows how this new policy will play out.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ford Last Man Standing

by Ron Spangler

Now that the new CEO of Government Motors and the new Chrysler Corporation has managed to destroy 2 out of 3 American auto industry manufacturers, is he setting his sites on Ford?

If so, will Ford be able to stand up to the massive attack that is coming from the American Congress and the new CEO?

The shots at Ford have already been fired. By taking over 2 of Ford's competitors the new CEO can flood the market with more green little death traps at lower cost and provide consumers with monetary incentives to buy exclusively from GM and Chrysler. With the help of Congress he can dictate the rules that Ford will have to comply with even though the new rules will favor GM and Chrysler over Ford.

The first shot was buying up General Motors and Chrysler with the bailout scam, Ford didn't take the bite out of that apple.

The next shot was gaining control of GM and Chrysler and changing the rules for bankruptcy procedures (with the Supreme Court blessing).

The next shot was upping the CAFE Standards to 35 miles per gallon.

Next offer up to $4600.00 vouchers to consumers that trade in their "gas guzzlers" for the little green death traps. And who will decide what is a "gas guzzler" and what is a econo friendly, fuel efficient auto that is worthy of this fabulous offer, you guessed it the Congress and the new CEO.

For marketing purposes and an added incentive how about manipulating the market and increasing the price of oil. Since the Global Warming Scam has been a dismal failure in scaring enough people into buying the green junk maybe 3 to 4 dollars a gallon for gas will do the trick.

If Ford does not play ball with the new CEO and continues to build cars and trucks that the American people really want will they still be competitive?

This question will be answered by the American consumer. For people that can still buy a new car or truck will they fall in line and follow the new CEO like a bunch of sheep or will they say "No, we don't want your little green death traps"?

If Ford is going to survive as the last free and independent American automotive manufacturer, then the American consumer will have to support them by buying their products.

Using oil to get the results you are seeking is nothing new. The new CEO used it during the last election and he will use it again. And who is the new CEO, silly question, President and CEO Barack Obama.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Price Of Oil Rising, People Are Happy?

by Ron Spangler

Oil prices settled at $70.01 today and some folks are happy. They see it as a good sign the economy and the markets are stabilizing. I see it as another disaster in the making.

Have we forgotten that it wasn't just the housing bubble bursting that caused all of the problems facing us today. It was a combination of wall street, housing, government interference and increase in oil prices. The final nail in the American economic coffin was the steady increase in oil prices until it reached the $140.00 barrel mark. Amazingly right after the election the price of oil started to drop until it hit $32.00 a barrel.

Now with General Motors becoming Government Motors and a push by the new CEO Mr. Barack Obama to put every American into the new econo friendly small death trap, it doesn't surprise me to see oil rising again. If you don't believe politicians (many blood suckers) or people like George Soros would manipulate the market and use oil prices to achieve their political goals then you are only kidding yourself.

Its really simple math, increase the cost of oil and it will increase the price of transportation across the country. Increase the cost of transportation and everything we consume will cost more and every individual around the country will suffer. More jobs will be lost, less people will be buying and the recession/depression will last longer.

With Obama's spending frenzy, his unending reach for more power and less Congressional oversight, and his desire for total control of private sector business our economy has little to no chance of recovering as a free capitalist market.

This is exactly his and George Soros' goal. Turning the market and America into a Socialist State.

Using the environment and the global warming scam as an excuse, he is now offering every American up to $4600.00 vouchers to trade in their "gas guzzlers" on new "green econo friendly" vehicles. Here we go again! Remember the Pintos, Vegas, Citations, Pacers, Ponys, and Yugos? A few of the 1/4 ton trucks survived with upgrades from the underpowered 4 cylinders to V6 engines like Ford Ranger and the Chevy S10. All of these small underpowered death traps met their demise not because the price of oil and gas dropped but because consumers didn't want this junk on the rode.

History has a bad habit of repeating itself because for whatever reason we refuse to look back and learn from our past mistakes. The more I watch Obama, the more I fear he believes he is the 12th Imam.

It is fascinating to watch the Obama supporters stand idly by and still defend their savior/messiah as he spends America into total and absolute insolvency. It is sad to think our children and grandchildren will be the ones to suffer through poverty, tyranny, another great war and possibly another revolution. Maybe they will be smarter than we were, we really didn't think elections have consequences.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Obama Arrogance Toward Queen Elizabeth

Since the American Revolution we in America have had little use for kings and queens ruling nations. On the other hand our leaders normally do not show outright public disrespect or arrogance toward nations that are ruled by kings or queens. This idea of simple respect and civility is even more important if the queen happens to be an ally, a Queen that has little to no parliamentary standing and is one of the very few remaining veterans that served in a military capacity during World War II.

Vice President Biden has been renamed the White House "Court Jester" by some for his everyday political gaffs but what about President Obama. When will the Obama supporters finally see through his rhetoric and see him for what he really is. Like the Emperor in the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale "The Emperor’s New Suit" Obama supporters will never admit their mistake of blindly following their leader regardless of his mistakes or the dangerous path of destruction he leads us on.

Supporters of Obama like the ones at the Huffington Post and MSNBC can try to cover for Obama by saying "Obama Lobbies For D-Day Invitation To Queen, Says White House" however it is clear if President Obama had quietly told France in the very beginning the Queen must be invited, this never would have happened. The truth is Obama and President Sarkozy have more respect for Saudi Arabia King Fahd than they do Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. If you doubt it watch the level of respect President Obama shows when visiting the two different countries.

The way he has treated the Queen is an embarrassment. I am not saying he should bow to any foreign leader but I am saying he should at least show the same level of respect, especially if the woman served her country in a military role during what many believe to be the greatest world crisis in the 20th century. Maybe in Obama's mind since the Queen has no government leadership role, she is unimportant and not his equal therefore she does not deserve his respect. I suppose President Obama believes his trip to England and visit to the Queen was more of a chance for her to show her adoration of Obama than his respect for her long history of serving her country.

MSNBC can continue to carry water for the Obama team by printing stories like "Prince Charles to attend D-Day ceremony" but in the eyes of the world, like the innocent child in the Fairy Tale the truth is there for all to see. In their story MSNBC will not even admit that France shunned the Queen instead they call it "France's alleged failure to invite his mother, Queen Elizabeth II." Sorry it is not alleged it is fact.

What happens next? President Obama will continue his trip and continue to apologize for all of the recent mistakes we have made since Sept 11, 2001

As for Obama supporters, they will continue to remain in a state of denial.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Buying American Products

by Ron Spangler
Today Americans are spending less for good reason. With so much uncertainty in the economy and American businesses going bankrupt people are afraid. We blame our government, corporations, banks and wall street. We believe there is nothing we can do.

With most of the consumer products we purchase coming from China and Mexico, we unwittingly are contributing to a further decline in our economy. The American consumer is quick to complain that everything comes from China and for the most part it is true. Go into any store today, including auto parts, and most of what you find will say 'made in China'. It is cheap and plentiful and in today's economy we buy it mainly for this reason.

What if there was an alternative to buying everything from China?

Would Americans buy products from Americans made in America?

Would Americans buy products from mom and pop Americans?

Would Americans buy products that are hand crafted and made one item at a time?

Would Americans say enough to imports and support local mom and pop business?

In supporting these small and new American businesses would American consumers understand that as these people made and sold more products in America, they could hire fellow Americans to help grow their business?

Would Americans be willing to pay a little more and in some cases even less for American products that will last from one generation to the next, instead of at best six months to a year?

Believe it or not there are places where Americans can go to buy American made products that far exceeds anything we import. Most are online and the people that make and sell these products are to a large degree Americans. They are Americans that have lost their jobs, Americans that have taken early retirements because of corporate and even government restructuring, Americans whose previous employer moved overseas, and Americans whose employer filed bankruptcy. All of these Americans have one thing in common. They have a god given talent and the American know how to design and build products that will last.

Above everything else, American craftsmen and craftswomen take pride in things they make. They think first about quality. They know consumers long for products that will last for years and hopefully become something they can proudly pass on to their children. American craftsmen and craftswomen are also consumers and therefore make every effort to fulfill this longing.

Technology will not be the answer to turning around our economy. Government intervention with all of the corporate bail outs will not do it. We cannot wait for new technology or a new green economy to come online with all of the promised new jobs. Supporting small and new American entrepreneurs will be the only thing that will pull our economy out of the free fall we are witnessing. Keeping the dollar at home in America instead of supporting China and the other countries we import our goods from, is the best way of keeping America strong.

American consumers need to look around and see what is available today. I know it is hard to find products that are made in America but, if the consumer would be willing to look and trust their fellow American craftsmen/women they will be pleasantly surprised.

With so many computers in homes today ordering things online from American made shops is easy. With a little patience and time, you can find almost anything.

Everyone knows about Ebay

Have you heard about Etsy

Etsy is mostly hand crafted products, but you can buy vintage products and craft supplies. You will find products from around the world but a very large portion are American shops working out of their homes. The products cover just about everything from personal items like jewelry to household furniture.

A large number of the people selling on Esty
also sell at craft shows around the country.

You can also find products at local online classified sites like:

My shop

Or visit your next craft show.

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