Thursday, December 30, 2010

God's Answer To Our Prayers

By Ronnie Spangler

As more and more folks head to church to pray for help during these perilous times I wonder what God may be thinking. Could it be the following:

I heard you in your hour of need,

But they were simply prayers of greed.

You asked that I should lead the way,

But failed to hear the words I say.

To hear these words you must repent,

Then open your hearts to the son I sent.

Your faith in me and my son

will lead your way to act as one.

Open up your heart and mind

Guidance, comfort and peace on earth

You will find.

I heard your children weep and pray

Still your nation looked away.

Now you wonder if I'm gone,

and if you're on this path alone.

If you place your faith in me

The answer's here for you to see.

May God Continue To Bless The USA

Excerpt from a book I authored in 2007.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Funeral

by Ronnie Spangler

The parents of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry speak on local news about the murder of their son and lack of interest by President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Maybe this is why there has been such a lack of interest in this story by the National Media.

Please watch and listen KGUN 9.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Fairness Doctrine

By Ronnie Spangler

I recently came across the following article and with talk of bringing back the so-called Fairness Doctrine wondered if people could attribute the article to the actual person that wrote it.

Please read it and pick the author from the list at the bottom. You can leave your selection in the comment section or twitter your selection.

"There are some people that think that being fair isn't a big deal, but not me. I think the world could be a better place if people would be fair to one another. Being unfair is very hurtful, because you aren't fair, it makes people feel like they aren't as important as others. Then it begins to cause trouble.

Everybody deserves a fair chance to prove they are a good person and a hard worker. After they've done that, there should be no reason to make differences between people. God made us all the same and he expects us to treat each other right.

If we were all given the same chances, there would more happiness than sadness. There would be enough money to go around without some people being rich and some people being really poor. It isn't fair that I have enough food to eat and others have no food to eat. It isn't fair that pretty people have more friends than ugly people; we are all the same on the inside. We all have a heart. We all need love and we all need friends.

So, I'm going to work really hard to be a fair person because when you do good then good comes back to you. Imagine the world if it were fair. There would be no more war or fighting. I would like to live in that world!"

The article has not been widely publicized. It was written for a select few with the hope that it would sway its readers in the direction of the author.

Below are the candidates, please select one and submit it in the comment section or on Twitter @Fairness Doctrine


a) President Barack Obama

b) 1st Lady Michelle Obama

c) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

d) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

e) 4th Grade Student

f) Member of Berkley California City Council

The correct answer can be found on

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

DADT A Military Decision

by Ronnie Spangler

With everything facing our country today you would think the old warning from our grandparents would have more meaning. "If its not broke don't fix it" seems to make a lot of sense to most Americans. Unfortunately our government is not known for making sense.

Our founding fathers thought long and hard about supporting a full time standing army and for good reasons decided if we did then the military should always remain under civilian control. Now Congress led by the President and the Progressive Democrats are talking about repealing the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy (DADT). Most Americans have other things like the economy, jobs, health care and their kids education on their minds. They are not too concerned with military life since what happens inside the military will have no direct effect on them. The only time a large segment of civilians really become concerned about our military is if they have a family member serving in the military. Most of the voices screaming the loudest for repeal of DADT are people that have never served in the military or for some reason did serve and decided not to make it a career.

People in support of repeal are quick to reference leaks from the DOD survey that is due out Nov 30, 2010. What they don't say is how the survey was conducted and who answered the questions in the survey. Since the repeal of DADT will directly effect such a small portion of American society and could have a direct impact on military discipline, morale and readiness it is my firm belief we should leave this question up to the military members directly effected. Proponents of the repeal like to say the decision is more about leadership than anything else. They believe it is the duty of the leaders and not the followers to decide how military members will interact with one other while serving in the military. I have news for people who believe they can dictate personal interaction of individuals with one another, it can't be done.

We teach our military to act as a team. To be willing to risk everything including their lives for their bothers and sisters that wear the uniform. With an all volunteer military this has worked well. Our enlisted members believe they are part of a team that is listened to and they can trust their brothers and sisters when times are hard. If the military and civilian leadership loses this trust our military readiness will suffer. In the world we are living in we cannot allow this to happen. We are still fighting two wars and with North Korea flexing their muscle another battlefront could open up any day.

In America you can only lead those that are willing to be led. If the enlisted serving in the military believe in their leaders and in the mission, they will follow them through the gates of hell and return to fight again. If they do not believe in their leaders or the mission they could lose the will to follow. American leaders do not lead by force. They understand they cannot force their personal beliefs, religion, or sense of morality upon those that follow. Trying to force an individual to serve in a military that is openly gay could have the unintended consequence of forcing them out of the military. Proponents say we are denying some of our bravest and brightest from serving but I believe we already have some of our bravest and brightest currently fighting to keep us free. Most of them are battle tested and these are the ones that should be listened to when deciding the fate of DADT.

It is common knowledge that generals, admirals and civilians do not win wars. It is the fighting enlisted men and women that are given the mission and find some way of carrying it out. The generals and admirals draw up the battle plan but its up to the enlisted to follow the plan. Within the enlisted ranks are the NCOs. They are charged with following the battle plan and sometimes in the heat of battle they are the ones that may decide to deviate from the plan in order to achieve victory. The leaders sitting safely in headquarters can pat each other on the back and award each other medals but it is the backbone of the military, the NCO, that will decide if the plan is victorious or not.

It has been many years since I served in the military so I cannot say how the younger generation would respond to an openly gay military. I can relay what I am hearing from service members that have offered their opinion on the subject and it has not been positive. It seems there are a lot more questions than answers to the subject. Most members I talk to say they cannot honestly say how they would react to seeing men walking around openly and freely admitting they are gay. Some have wondered how quickly one member would respond if another member of his team that was openly gay needed help during the heat of battle. Would he let his personal feelings interfere with his commitment to risk his own life for his fellow member? Could he put his personal convictions aside and treat an openly gay individual the same as his buddies that he considers to be brothers and sisters? And the biggest unanswered question facing some of our bravest and brightest serving today, will they remain in a military that is openly gay?

These are unanswered questions facing the enlisted men and women serving in our military. For these reasons we should leave the question of repeal or don't repeal up to the men and women serving today. Civilian leaders, generals, or admirals will never know for certain what is in the heart of the enlisted. Surveys like statistics are a matter for interpretation. Too many human variables goes into surveys for them to be a reliable source for making an informed decision. When it comes to our military the best advise is still, "If its not broke don't fix it." Today we have the best and most feared military in the world, we need to keep it that way.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

CBP vs TSA Airport Security

by Ronnie Spangler

With the current uproar over airport security maybe its time the government reconsiders who should be in charge of airport security. Customs and Border Protection agents have been providing security for our ports of entry for decades. Since the inception of Homeland Security and TSA, the CBP have been responsible for most if not all of the captures and seizures of terrorist, drugs, explosives, or other contraband entering and leaving the USA across our borders or through our airports.

Both CBP and Border Patrol (BP) agents go through rigorous federal law enforcement training at the CBP academy. Depending on the position, Customs Officers vs Border Patrol Agents, training can take either 73 days or 95 days. After completion of training at the academy they must undergo a year of on the job training and are on probation for 2 years. Compare this to TSA Screener position training that consist of 56-72 hours of classroom training and 112-128 hours of on-the-job training. Who do you think is more qualified to provide security at our nations airports?

CBP and Border Patrol agents are Federal Law Enforcement agents with all of the powers and responsibilities of federal law enforcement officers. They are trained in dealing with the public and interviewing persons constantly vigilant for terrorist, criminals, or people wishing to do harm to our country whether entering or leaving the USA. They have become proficient in detecting people with false documents and by simple observation of people entering secure areas can eliminate a potentially threat. They also have the best K9 training center in the country. A well trained handler and his canine can detect explosives, drugs, currency and other contraband better than any technology on today's market. These K9 units do not have to come in direct contact with individuals and are far less intrusive than the current pat downs and full body scanners used by the TSA.

If you consider that most of the threats to US airlines are coming from overseas it makes no sense to punish American air travelers that are simply flying from Memphis to Salt Lake City or other locations within the US. Not one threat from a terrorist carrying a bomb has originated in the United States and the ones that did get on a US carrier were not detected by TSA agents either here or at the airport they departed from. No foreign airports uses measures that our TSA Screeners are required to use. No Mideast airport will allow full body scanners or intrusive pat downs. Instead they still rely on metal detectors and hand held wands. If a person is successful in boarding a plane from another country with an explosive device, the odds of detecting that person in the US is greatly reduced.

Everyone knows we have flaws in our Homeland Security, maybe its time we re-examine the structure of TSA and CBP to be more effective and less costly to the American taxpayer.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Michele Malkin Doubts Tiffany Hartley Story

by Ronnie Spangler

It seems the latest doubters to the Falcon Lake incident is Michele Malkin. I don't know what happened on that lake but I do know that people that have been in situations like Tiffany Hartley has described do not always remember the exact details of the events. It is standard procedure to remove and make unavailable to the public any police officer that has been involved in a shooting until that officer has had time to collect his thoughts and be interviewed by trained personnel.

Making misstatements and giving confusing answers shortly after an event like this is not an admission of guilt. What Tiffany Hartley is saying does not bother me as much as what Mexican officials are doing. There are many questions that must be answered and many more that need to be asked.

To understand what is going on at Falcon Lake we need to take a look at what is going on in Mexico. After David Hartley was reported killed the first reaction of Mexican officials was denying the incident ever happened. They waited 48 hrs before ever beginning a search. One reason for the delay was they did not have the manpower and another was the boat they used to patrol the lake was not working. The media in Mexico are telling a different story. One story has it that David Hartley was killed while walking with his wife. Now they are saying they began the search the day after the incident was reported. We know this is not true because the Attorney General of the State(PGJE) denied the report because they had no official complaint.

This denial of the PGJE should sound familiar because they are saying the same thing about the Texas college student also murdered in this area last week. "The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) has denied any reports on William Jonathan Cazares Torres, a student at the University of Texas at Brownsville allegedly killed during the hijacking of a bus on a highway in the state."

Here is the story of William Jonathon Torres from the American side: Shot for having American identification.

Could the two murders be related, maybe. Both murders are suspected to be at the hands of a group called Los Zetas. While it cannot be verified as of today this is very possible for one simple reason. Los Zetas are sending a message of warning to the United States DEA and Mexican President Calderone.

What possible message could they be sending by murdering Americans? Leave us alone or more Americans will die in Mexico! Basic form of extortion well known to Los Zetas.

According to Mexican reports the US DEA and US Department of State have been pressuring the Mexican government to crack down on Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel. DEA is offering up to $50 million for the capture of cartel kingpins.

The areas where both Hartley and the college student Torres have been reportedly murdered are areas controlled by Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel. Since Los Zetas are former military trained personnel that considers themselves at war with the Mexican government, Gulf Cartel and the United States, it is not far fetched to believe they would murder Americans and keep the bodies until their demands are met.

After recent events in Mexico one thing is very clear, Americans need to get out and stay out of Mexico. The country is out of control. Americans living on our southern borders must arm themselves and not be afraid to defend themselves and their property of threats coming from Mexico. Law enforcement in the United States simply cannot protect people living on the border. Law enforcement in the United States react to crimes after they are committed. It is impossible for law enforcement to stand guard over every American living along the border 24/7.

To read reports click on links above marked in blue.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obama Holds Boehner At Bay

by Ronnie (ruff ruff) Spangler

A picture says a thousand words:

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Burning Koran - Stupid

by Ronnie Spangler

Before anyone comments that I'm a Liberal Obama loving Democrat, forget it. My reason for being against burning the Koran is the fact that nothing good will come from it. Making a symbolic gesture that makes life harder on our military fighting in Muslim countries is stupid.

This so-called Florida pastor with his little band of followers is a gutless coward. If he or any of his members want to burn the Koran do it in private. Why do they need publicity, so they can get their 15 minutes of fame and add to the membership. More members more donations, more donations means more money into the pockets of the 'pastor'.

As a vet it was always an honor to serve my country and fight for the right of free speech and religion. Included in this right, although it is not written, is the right to be stupid. Just like building the Mosque at Ground Zero is a stupid Constitutionally protected right, so is publicly antagonizing a billion people just so you can have your 15 minutes of fame.

While serving in Vietnam we watched as the flower children and anti-war demonstrated and gave aid to our enemies (Jane Fonda). This is no different. Just like the children of the past had no respect for the military serving in Vietnam, these people have no respect for our soldiers, Marines, sailors or Air Force fighting and dieing to protect you, me and them.

I would really like to know how many of the 50 including the 'pastor' have family members or friends serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other Muslim country. Our military will do their job. They will fight and die to give us the right to do stupid things, the question we should ask ourselves is how many must die so we can make a symbolic gesture.

So final word to Terry Jones, go ahead and burn your Koran. We fought, we killed, we were wounded and some died to give you that right. After your little symbolic gesture has been accomplished make sure you and your little band of 50 have the guts to visit every soldier's family that gave their life for your stupid little gesture. Your god and my god must truly be different gods.

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Driving The U. S. Mexican Border

by Ronnie Spangler

During this highly politicized period in America, most people have lost interest in illegal immigration and smuggling along the southern border. For the people living along the border, especially in Arizona and Texas, illegal immigration, smuggling and violence along their borders is a daily topic. Visit any small town with a small mom and pop type business and engage in conversation with the customers. You will find the subject quickly turning from the economy to conditions along the border.

I have a long history with and connection to the southwestern United States. My first encounter with traveling through the southwestern states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California was in the mid fifties when my parents made their first trip from Indiana to California. We had a great time stopping at all of the tourist areas along the way. A large part of US Rt 66 was still present and we traveled through most of the small cities and towns along this historic route. People were friendly and happy to see folks from other parts of the country that were traveling through or visiting their state. Everywhere you stopped people were happy and excited to engage in conversation. It wasn't because they just wanted to sell their products. They truly enjoyed talking and exchanging their views on what it was like living in different parts of the country. As time progressed most of the small towns were bypassed by the interstate system and the cities grew so large that small business along these areas dried up and went away.

As a teenager living and going to school in southern California, I became very familiar with border towns in Mexico along the California and Arizona borders. Illegal immigration and drug smuggling was not a problem. Immigration from Mexico was mostly a seasonal thing. Immigrants were mostly Mexicans that came to harvest the vegetables and would return home after the harvesting season ended. For the most part Mexican people were happy to live in Mexico. The borders were open and Americans visited regularly, spending dollars in Mexico. Today this has all changed.

As American cities like Phoenix, Tuscon and El Paso began to expand Americans started to spend more of their dollars in America. As political corruption and drugs increased in Mexico, violence also increased. Unfortunately while the American economy grew, the Mexican economy collapsed. This forced more of the Mexican people to look north for a better way of life. As long as our economy was growing we could accommodate the growth in illegal immigration, at least until it became a flood of illegal immigrants. When the recession hit America tax revenues dropped and cities became overburdened with the high cost of illegals receiving aid from the state. Adding to the problem the dug industry in Mexico became the number one industry in Mexico. Due to the size and location of America with Mexico, we became the number one importers of illegal drugs from Mexico.

Unfortunately it is not only drugs being smuggled into America, we have now become the number one target for human smuggling from Mexico. People from all parts of the world are being smuggled into America from Mexico. After the attack of Sept. 11, 2001 the American government became concerned and changed the primary mission of the U. S. Border Patrol. They now play a more active role in preventing terrorist from crossing undetected into America from our Southern and Northern borders. Do we have a reason to be concerned, yes.

Talking to Americans living along our southern borders I discovered they have no grudge or animosity toward the Mexican people. A large percentage of American residents have some connection to Mexico. It could be from marriage, ancestral heritage, or just daily encounters with friends of Mexican heritage. The one thing they all have in common, they place their American values, traditions and heritage above ancestral ties.

It seems the current American government under the present Democrat leadership doesn't understand what the people are saying. With the murders of two Border Patrol agents (1 in 2008 and 1 in 2009) plus a rancher in 2010 living on the Arizona border, residents have had enough. I know from experience that at one time it was relatively safe to explore the deserts, mountain regions and parks along our southern borders. Today this is not so. The fact that the U. S. government has found it necessary to place warning signs along trails speaks volumes. The U. S. government would have you believe that the illegal activity along the border has decreased in recent years but to residents living along the border experiencing crime and violence, it has not gotten better. When people are afraid to venture out at night on their own property or travel the pubic roads along the border at night, something is terribly wrong.

With over 28,000 drug related deaths in Mexico since 2006 how much longer can we expect to be safe from the violence crossing our borders? While it may be true that due to the recession the numbers of illegals looking for work in the U. S. has decreased, it is also true the drug cartels have increased their efforts to smuggle drugs into the U. S. They have increased threats against law enforcement agencies along the border and also threatened residents that may help law enforcement.

While the American economy will dominate the midterm elections in America, the illegal immigration along our southern borders will also be in the minds of voters. It is not resentment for the Mexican people that is driving the debate over what to do about the problem. It is resentment toward the Federal Government for doing nothing that is driving the debate.

For the past few years I have visited the southern border separating the United States and Mexico. This is what I discovered. What I saw and heard comes from not only my personal observations, but from talking with everyday people living along the border.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Democrats Abandon Obama, Pelosi, Reid

Just A Ploy To Win Elections

by Ronnie Spangler

Voters beware of Democrat candidates in conservative clothing. As the midterm elections draw closer many Democrat candidates are beginning to side with Tea Party members on spending, taxes and Health Care. The question on everyone's mind is are they honest or like every politician in the past, telling us what we want to hear just to get elected. Sorry but after Obama my faith in politicians, especially those of Democrat DNA, has been reduced to zero.

The list is increasing every day of Democrats that are reminding voters they did not vote with Obama/Pelosi or they are running ads telling folks they do not work for Pelosi. What has happened to honesty or integrity amongst thieves (politicians).

Are these people so naive that they expect us to believe once they are elected they will not fall right back into their elite spend and tax ways of doing business?

Have they become so power crazed that they honestly think they can continue to lie and con without punishment?

Democrat of Florida. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz called Democrats "centrist, where the country is" and Republicans "the right wing fringe.”She was referring to Republicans that support Tea Party views. Could this be true? Are Democrat ideas and policies really in line with mainstream America?

If this is true why did Indiana Democratic Rep. Joseph Donnelly run a campaign ad which brags he, “voted against Nancy Pelosi’s energy tax.”

Why is Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Jason Altmire, who voted no only 2 days before the Health Care Bill passed, bragging in his ads he “wasn’t afraid to stand up to Nancy Pelosi.”

How about North Carolina Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre bragging in his ads “I don’t work for Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.”

Two Congressional hopefuls seem to be praying for something to happen that will not put them in the situation of having to follow Nancy Pelosi.

State Sen. Mike Oliverio, Democratic nominee in West Virginia’s 1st District said, “Hopefully, there will be a better candidate [for speaker] than Nancy Pelosi,” and Alabama Democratic Rep. Bobby Brightwas quoted as saying: “She might get sick and die.” Even opponent Roby felt that was a bit much.

If this isn't bad enough now some Democrats are saying they could support extending the Bush tax cuts and even repeal the Obamacare mandate. Are we really expected to believe this? They bashed Bush for the past 8 years as being stupid and the problem for everything known to man plus they forced the mandate down our throats saying we just didn't understand but we would like it in the end. Well they gave it to us in the end and now they're finding out we still don't like it.

The Democrats seem to think that just because they fooled us in o6 and 08 they can do it again in 2010. They seem to think old dogs cannot see through their new tricks of deception. Fool us once shame on them, fool us twice shame on us. There will not be a 3rd time for them.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obama Islam Always A Part Of America

Islam Has Always Been Part Of America

by Ronnie Spangler

According to President Obama "
Islam has always been part of America."

Is this revisionist history from our President?

The truth is Islam is relatively new compared to other religions practiced within the United States. President Obama seems to forget that the original 13 colonies were predominately Christian. Other areas controlled by Spain or France were mostly Catholic. Historians vigorously disagree on when and where Islam 1st became a religious factor in the history of America. One thing is certain, by 1776 and the signing of the Declaration of Independence Muslim influence under the Ottoman Empire had been drastically reduced. After Napoleon conquered Egypt in 1798 the Muslim culture and Islamic faith had been left behind.

Obama and some misguided historians seem to believe that it was slavery in America that brought Islam to our shores. Here again historians are divided on how many slaves actually came from Muslim countries. Some will say 10% of slaves were Muslims while others put the number between 15%-30%, truth is nobody knows. If you study the spread of Islam from the time of Mohammed until the decline of the Ottoman Empire, you will find that it never ventured farther west or south than the northeastern coast of Africa. The majority of all slave trade during this period took place along the west and southwest coast of the African continent.

Due to the way slaves were captured and sold to slave traders it is highly unlikely that the ones sold on the west coast of Africa were ever exposed to Islam. Tribes along these coast that participated in slave trade were at war with tribes in central Africa. Tribes along the coast would capture members of enemy tribes and sell them to the slave traders. As the need for slaves increased France and Spain began to colonize the west and southwestern coast of Africa and became heavily involved in the slavery business. Because each tribe in central, western and southern part of Africa had its own primitive gods and religion it leaves you to wonder how any of these people could have been Muslim.

As you look deeper into the spread of Islam in early America you find very few people actually practicing the Islamic faith. In 1915 the Albanians built a Muslim Mosque in Maine, although the accepted 1st Islamic Mosque is reported to have been built in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1934 by the Lebanese community. It wasn't until the 2nd half of the 20th century that Muslims started to immigrate into America in large numbers and Mosque construction began to explode. It is estimated there are over 2000 Mosques in America today, compared to zero before 1915.

With this information readily available I cannot understand how President Obama can say, "Islam has always been a part of America
and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country."

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Muslim Mosque Near Ground Zero

Why Worry About Another Mosque

by Ronnie Spangler

President Obama has succeeded in turning what Democrats hoped would be a local issue confined to New York into a national issue. Like everything else Obama says his remarks about building a Mosque near ground zero has left many scratching their heads. Is he for it or against it. Like most politicians he wants to please everyone especially the Muslim community.

By putting the Imam that's behind building the Mosque on the State Department payroll and sending him to the Middle East, Obama has given ammunition to those that believe he is secretly practicing the Islamic faith. Iran's President Ahmadinejad statements before the United Nations has not helped to calm people's fear of Muslims that believe in the return of al-Mahdi the 12th Imam.

Ahmadinejad and Muslims that believe in the 12th Imam also believe it is their duty to start a major war between the greatest powers on earth. Bottom line they are hoping for another World War. They believe the 12th Imam will rise up and save the world during this time of crisis. As a condition for saving the world all infidels or non-believers must be killed. Along with Jesus the 12th Imam will fight and destroy the anti-Christ

Besides all the millions that must die before the appearance of the 12th Imam and those that will die after the coming of the 12th Imam, Muslims believe all Jews and Israel itself must be destroyed. Once this has been accomplished they believe Islam will rule the world and there will be no other religions because mankind will have finally been shown the truth.

Muslims Ahmadinejad that believe in the 12th Imam have no fear of another World War because they believe they will be protected and survive to witness the final battle and victory of their al-Mahdi. In fact they think it is their duty to hasten another World War thereby hastening the arrival of the 12th Imam.

This type of teaching in Mosques has many in America worried. After all its not only Jews that are considered infidels it is also atheist, agnostics, Christians and any Muslim that does not follow the true Islamic faith.

Does Obama secretly believe in this type of teaching, I haven't the foggiest idea. Has Obama read or does he secretly follow the Koran, again we don't know. Could he secretly be following the teachings of the Koran while he orders the killing of Muslims in other countries, yes. For the greater good of the Islamic faithful and to hasten the arrival of the 12th Imam, killing of Muslims is permissible to fanatics like Ahmadinejad.

Since all of the attacks (9/11, Ft. Hood, Christmas Day and Time Square) were carried out by Muslims or Islamic jihadist it is no wonder Americans are concerned. Knowing what is truly in the heart and mind of a leader is of paramount importance to those that follow. Also what is being taught inside a Mosque especially near Ground Zero is especially important to Americans.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Blame Bush or Democrats

Who Is Really To Blame

by Ronnie Spangler

With the elections drawing near the Democrats have become desperate. The blame game was going on long before and ever since President Obama took the oath of office. Until this point in time it has worked well for him and his Progressive friends. Unfortunately for the President and members of Congress the American people have become more engaged and they are at the point of rebellion. Maybe now is the time to look back and remember what really happened to our economy and who is really to blame.

Think back to 2006 when the Democrats took control of Congress and ask yourself who controls the spending in our government. Now remember who controlled the committees in Congress that were supposed to be watching over people like Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack. Who was it that said, after being warned by the White House, nothing was wrong with Fanny and Freddie?

Did President Bush veto any bills that had Congress spending like drunken sailors, no. Ask yourself why. Maybe because he needed all the support he could get to fight the 2 wars we were in then and are still in today. Think about how every time a defense bill came before him Democrats added pet projects that had nothing to do with fighting these wars. To veto any added earmarks he would have had to veto the entire bill. Remember in 2007 the Dems (Harry Reid and Barack Obama) were proclaiming the war in Iraq is lost and did not want to fund the surge. After they added all of their pet projects the funding was approved. Surge worked out pretty well.

Now remember what happened as the Presidential elections started to gain speed heading into 2008. Everyone seems to have forgotten how the price of oil and gas began to rise and as the elections neared, all of a sudden they skyrocketed. What happened to average working people and small business? Workers found themselves having to decide whether to pay their bills (rent/mortgages) or buy gas to get back and forth to work. Due to the high increase in fuel prices transportation fees went through the roof. Business at 1st passed these increases on to the consumer. The result was consumers cut back on buying their products. Then business began to cut back on employees, unemployment began to rise.

Remember scenes and stories like this:

Why did the price of oil go so high? No valid reason was ever given but the impact on families and business around the country was devastating to some. Did the high cost of oil and gas contribute to the housing decline and eventual burst of the housing bubble? I believe the answer is yes. If a family has to decide whether to buy food and clothing for their kids or pay their mortgage they may decide to let a payment go for one month thinking they may be able to pay it the next. Some folks even used mortgage money to buy gas in order to keep their job. Employers didn't want to hear, I couldn't come to work because I didn't have gas money.

Some people speculated that investors like George Soros was using oil for political gains. Since there was no shortage in oil production around the world people believed the market was artificially high but Congress refused to act. Regulators did next to nothing to investigate hedge fund investors even after some were caught illegally buying and selling on the market.

All of this played well for the Democrats since there was a Republican President to blame. Throughout the Presidential campaign Democrats beat the Republicans for letting prices get so far out of hand. Their big complaint and answer to the problem was not enough Democrats controlling Congress so voters needed to elect more. The voters did and for some unknown reason the price of oil and gas miraculously started to decline after the November elections.

By this time the damage had been done. People were so far behind in mortgage payments they couldn't catch up. Consumers had stopped buying resulting in employers laying off employees. Like dominoes everything started to crash and to this day all we hear from Democrats is blame George Bush and the Republicans. I just don't buy what they are selling and I believe most Americans are not buying it either.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Illegals Leaving Arizona

Illegals Are Leaving Az But Heading For Your State

by Ronnie Spangler

This was my second trip to the southern borders within the last month. This time I flew into Yuma, Arizona and drove home to Tennessee. I traveled along I-8 and I-10 to El Paso and picked up I-20. I had to cut the trip short so I didn't have much time to speak to folks along the border towns and cities. The few I was able to talk with at truck stops, restaurants, motels and rest areas were supportive of Arizona's new law but they were worried that the law would cause illegals living in Az to overrun their own states.

If witnessing all the U-Haul, Ryder and pickup trucks pulling trailers leaving Arizona can be used as evidence to support these fears, then Americans around the US have a right to be worried. Over the past 20 years I have made a lot of trips driving to and from Arizona to Tennessee. It is not uncommon to see Americans moving from one state to another. What is uncommon is the number of vehicles I saw leaving Az heading east. If the other interstate highways running through Arizona are witnessing the same amount of traffic, then you could assume they are probably leaving before the new law goes into effect.

I have no way of knowing if all of the rental trucks were being driven by illegals or if everyone of them were people moving out of Az. What I did notice was the vast majority of rental trucks that were towing vehicles, had Arizona license plates on the vehicles being towed. This was also true for most of the pickup trucks that were towing trailers.

I did not grow up during the Great Depression but I remember watching old news stories about the great migration from the Midwest to California during this time. What I saw was nothing compared to all of the people that were fleeing the drought and the devastation it caused in the Midwest. However, it did seem eerily similar.

I did stop in El Paso and talked to some of the students that are going through the Border Patrol Canine Training Course at Fort Bliss. The good news is Homeland Security has increased the budget and reinstated a class they had previously canceled. This is good news and I support this decision.

The dogs and equipment are the best that money can buy and the training is excellent. Between the keen sense of smell inherent in this particular breed of dog and the training received by the agent, drug and weapons smugglers will find it increasingly difficult to smuggle anything in or out of the US. I only hope Homeland Security continues this program and adds more Canine Handlers to the undermanned Border Patrol.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

6 China Illegals Caught Crossing Border Woman Claims Raped In Mexico

By Ronnie Spangler

Anonymous sources tell me 6 illegals were apprehended by the Yuma Sector Border Patrol crossing the US, Mexico border in Southern Arizona over the July 15-17, 2010 time period. The Yuma Sector Border Patrol has not committed on the story and the details are sketchy.

According to sources familiar with the apprehensions the illegals could not speak English and no one at the Border Patrol station where they were being detained could speak Chinese. After the Border Patrol agents contacted an interpreter they learned one of the women was claiming she had been raped while in Mexico. One of the men had a broken ankle. All 6 were treated by Border Patrol Paramedics then processed and transferred to immigration authorities for further medical attention and processing.

There has been no official comment from the government and no local reporting on this matter. It is unclear if the Chinese apprehended were part of a group being smuggled into the US simply looking for work or if they were being held against their will by Cartels in Mexico. No Mexican smugglers or coyotes were caught by the Border Patrol.

The fact that not one of the six could speak English leaves one wondering where they were headed and where did they expect to find work. Were they simply victims of a larger human trafficking cartel in Mexico with connections to China? Were they being held against their will for ransom? Will the public ever know about this story and how many other stories like this are happening in other areas along the Border?

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Arizona Southern Border, Did You Know?

A Few Things The General Public May Not Know

by Ronnie Spangler

Here are a few things I discovered going on along the Arizona southern border. I'm certain with everything else that is going on in our country, the general public is simply unaware of how bad it is. These are thing you will not find in the mainstream or cable news networks.

While I was in the Yuma Sector:

Wellton, Ariz.June 27, 2010 Border Patrol agents arrested 10 suspected smugglers and seized more than a quarter million dollars of marijuana in two unrelated incidents in the Wellton, Ariz. area this week.

Border Patrol agents assigned to Camp Grip detected the illegal entry of 10 suspected smugglers about 15 miles west of Lukeville. Customs and Border Protection pilots initially spotted the group and guided agents on the ground to their location.

Agents apprehended eight suspected smugglers with two returning to Mexico to avoid arrest. Agents also seized six makeshift backpacks filled with marijuana weighing a total of 260 pounds with an estimated street value of $208,000. The contraband and illegal aliens were transported to the Wellton Border Patrol Station for processing in accordance with sector guidelines.

July 1, 2010 Border Patrol agents assigned to Camp Grip detected the illegal entry of an all-terrain vehicle west of Lukeville. Agents tracked the ATV and with the assistance of a CBP pilot and intercepted the ATV and two riders.

The ATV was loaded with bundles of marijuana weighing 165 pounds with an estimated street value of $132,000. One of the smugglers, a Mexican juvenile, was transported to the Wellton Border Patrol Station along with the ATV for processing. The other smuggler, an 18-year old Mexican citizen, and the seized marijuana were turned over to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

These 2 incidents resulted in Mexican Drug Cartels threatening to retaliate against agents assigned to Camp Grip over the July 4, 2010 holiday. The Border Patrol took the threats seriously and the agents acted accordingly. No threats were carried out over the holiday period.

Yuma, AZ July 5, 2010 Border Patrol agents assigned to the Yuma Station detected the illegal entry of five individuals near County 11th Street and the Colorado River. Agents tracked the group and arrested four men. One of the suspected smugglers returned to Mexico to avoid arrest. Border Patrol agents also seized several makeshift backpacks full of marijuana. The marijuana weighed a total of 217 pounds with an estimated street value of $173,760.

Since Oct. 1, 2009, Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents have seized more than 32,000 pounds of marijuana, estimated street value over 25 million dollars. This is only marijuana add in cocaine, heroine, meth and other illegal drugs and maybe you can understand why nobody believes Napolitano or Obama.

In the Tuscon Sector:

Douglas, Arizona — July 2, 2010 U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers were screening pedestrian traffic coming from Mexico yesterday when a young man pulled a knife from his pocket and attempted to stab a CBP officer.

Officers were screening pedestrian traffic coming from Mexico when they were approached by a young man. The officers noticed that the man kept his hands in his pant pockets and was told to show his hands. The man stepped toward the officer as he pulled his hands from his pocket and attempted to stab the officer with a knife that he had been concealing in his pocket.

The CBP officer was able to block the stabbing attempt. With the assistance of other officers the man was taken into custody. The man was identified an 18-year-old U.S. citizen and resident of Wilcox, Ariz.

From Oct. 1, 2009, to May 31, 2010, the Tucson Sector Border Patrol seized more than 712,000 pounds of marijuana exceeding $569 million in value.

Tucson, Ariz. July 8, 2010 U.S. Border Patrol Canine teams seized, in less than 2 hours, drugs attempted to be smuggled through the Interstate 19 checkpoint.

In the first seizure, a sedan approached the checkpoint where a Border Patrol canine team was operating in the primary inspection lane. The canine alerted to the vehicle and the driver was referred to secondary.

In secondary, a cursory inspection of the trunk was performed where the canine team alerted. Agents discovered five bundles of marijuana weighing more than 125 pounds. The agents also discovered possible counterfeit currency and identification documents. The driver, passenger, vehicle and contraband were taken to the Nogales Station for processing.

Less than two hours later, a canine team alerted to another vehicle in the primary inspection lane. Agents referred the truck to secondary and the canine team performed a second cursory sniff and alerted to the vehicle’s gas tank. Agents performed an interior inspection of the gas tank and discovered 36 packages of marijuana weighing more than 98 pounds. The driver, vehicle and contraband were taken to the Nogales Station for processing.

From Oct. 1, 2009, to May 31, 2010, the Tucson Sector Border Patrol seized more than 712,000 pounds of marijuana exceeding $569 million in value.

Tucson, Ariz. July 7, 2010 Border Patrol agents assigned to the Naco Station arrested an illegal alien Wednesday who has an active warrant for murder.

While attempting to illegally enter into the United States, the man was apprehended by Naco agents, processed in the field and transported to the Naco Border Patrol Station. The subject was enrolled into the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).

The system revealed he had arrests for assault, gang activity, criminal weapons and firearms possession in addition to the warrant. The man will be turned over to the Tucson Police Department pending extradition to New York.

In Fiscal Year 2009, the Tucson Sector apprehended more than 241,000 people, 40,000 of those apprehended had past criminal histories. From Oct. 1, 2009, to May 31, 2010, the Tucson Sector Border Patrol has apprehended more than 170,000 people attempting to illegally enter the United States.

For every drug seizure or illegal alien arrest made by CBP and Border Patrol agents, hundreds more are getting through. This is only Arizona, add in California, New Mexico and Texas then tell me "the border is as safe as it ever was." Maybe the President should visit Arizona's border or maybe it is like SB 1070, the only thing he knows is what his left wing consultants tells him.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From Arizona Southern Border

Continued From Recent Trip Along Arizona Southern Border

by Ronnie

While in the Yuma area of southern Arizona I was able to travel to regions along the border between the Yuma and Tuscon sectors. Some of these areas are not safe for non-native Americans to venture into during the daylight hours and should always be avoided at night.

One such area is the Tohono O'odham Reservation between Ajo and Three Points. Unless you are a local, traveling alone in this area is not advised. For the most part Native Americans living on the Reservation are friendly and non threatening to visitors. However, the reservation has seen a large influx of illegal human and drug smuggling activity in the last few years. In fact there are 28 known gangs operating on this reservation making their living off both human and drug smuggling activities.

Since the passage of SB 1070 and the crack down on gangs operating within the Nation, tensions have been strained between some Native Americans and local Arizonians. The Tohono O’odham Nation and Arizona’s intertribal council have passed resolutions against S.B. 1070.

A friend living in Sells, Az traveled with me around parts of the reservation. He told me the unemployment rate for Native Americans living on the reservation is between 40 and 50 percent. He believes, because of high unemployment and the fact that the only industry on the reservation is really the Desert Diamond Casino, 3/4 of the population either knows someone connected to smuggling or they are directly involved themselves.

According to him people not connected to smuggling are worried about an increase in violence if the Reservation police continue to work with Federal Agencies like Border Patrol, ICE, FBI, or DEA on the crack down of drugs passing through the reservation. In May (before I got to Yuma) for the 1st time the Nation's Tribal Police Force led a drug raid on the reservation. Federal agents from Border Patrol, ICE, ATF, State and Local police departments assisted the Nation's Police in apprehending 8 tribal members charged with distributing cocaine.

The Tohono O'odham Reservation falls within the Tuscon Sector of the Border Patrol. Traveling down 86, Ajo Tuscon Highway, you will encounter the Border Patrol:

After 9/11 the Border Patrol was given a primary mission to watch for and intercept any would be terrorist crossing our borders. With increased smuggling across our southern borders the Border Patrol increased patrols on Reservations like Tohono O'odham. This created resentment by native residents of Tohono O'odham. According to to some tribal members I spoke to things have changed over time.

If you speak privately to individuals they will tell you they now appreciate the efforts of the Border Patrol. After seeing how their land is being destroyed more and more are turning against illegals crossing the border and are willing to anonymously help the Border Patrol. The recent extradition and conviction of a Mexican illegal that murdered a ranch hand on the Tohono O'odham Nation back in 2003 may help convince Native Americans to cooperate with Federal agents. As it stands right now they are apprehensive about the Federal Government as to whether they can really protect the people from the violence from drug cartels in Mexico. They know the Border Patrol is undermanned and they are aware of how successful the drug cartels have been in infiltrating the southern borders. They have seen how smugglers place spotters around the most highly trafficked trails and wait for the patrols to leave. When the smugglers feel it is safe they continue their operations.

The people in this area knows what everyone else knows along the border, there needs to be more boots on the ground and aerial surveillance if the smuggling along the border is ever contained. The President and Congress still have a chance to bring it under control if they will work with Arizona instead of fighting them every step of the way.

To be continued: Tuscon, Nogales, Phoenix.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Axelrod Lies On Fox News Sunday

Will The Lies And Spin Never Stop?

by Ronnie Spangler

True to the Obama spin machine doctrine David Axelrod continued their lies and spin about Arizona and the problems caused by illegal immigration and smuggling. Axelrod told Mike Wallace the Administration had spent more and done more than any Administration to combat the problem. He failed to answer the question posed by Mr. Wallace about cutting the Border Patrol budget and the pitiful number of National Guard troops they have promised to send to the border states. Axelrod declared the numbers of apprehensions of illegals had decreased by 18% but failed to mention this was only a statistical estimate. If you consider that for every 1 illegal apprehended by Border Patrol agents as many as 10 could have escaped. As an example while I was in Arizona agents tracked a group of illegals and confiscated 13 bundles of dope. The smugglers/illegals got away. Considering each bundle weighed between 80 and 100 pounds this meant there had to be at least 13 or more illegals carrying the dope on their backs. This happens all the time and the numbers are not included in their statistics because there were no apprehensions.

Axelrod cleverly spun the the idea of increased support for the Border Patrol by the Obama Administration. Their idea of spending money to support the effort is to redirect the budget from boots on the ground and completing the border fence is to limiting the man hours agents spend in the field and use the money saved to build parking lots and upgrade facilities whether they are needed or not. One example is the much publicized attempt to spend 1 million dollars on a northern border crossing that was only open 3 days a week and seldom saw traffic crossing from Canada to the USA. After the people complained over the government's plan to use imminent domain procedures to confiscate their land, and it was picked up by some in the media, Homeland Security and Napolitano dropped the plan.

Where was the million dollars to "refurbish" the Canadian/American crossing coming from you ask. Partly from canceling much needed and already scheduled canine training for FY 2010. Another portion came from cutting agents overtime pay while in the field or while mandated to spend a week at a time in remote areas like Arizona's Camp Grip, also known as Camp Desert.

The only thing this Administration has done to combat the problem of illegal crossings is to spend money fighting Arizona in court and post an additional 11 signs like this:

Sorry David but this is not helping solve the problem. The people have caught on to the Obama slight of hand game of doing something with the right hand while doing just the opposite with the left. Obama and his team was able to con us during the campaign but we the people have finally caught on and we are refusing to be conned again.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Southern Arizona Border and SB 1070

Obama Napolitano Lying About The Border

by Ronnie Spangler

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people from Yuma, Tuscon, Nogales, and Phoenix that took the time to talk to me and explain what is really going on. I would also like to thank my followers on Twitter that kept in touch while I traveled through Arizona.

After traveling along the southern border of Arizona and Mexico I have come to one very clear conclusion, President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano are lying to the American people. The border is not as safe as it has ever been. Also to my surprise an overwhelming number of 2nd and 3rd generation of Americans of Mexican decent, living in Arizona, support SB 1070 and the crack down on illegal immigration.

This is not my first trip to Arizona. I have visited and traveled Az. for over 40 years. While illegal immigration has always been an issue along the southern border states, the violence facing Az and other states has gotten out of hand. When Americans feel they have to be armed just to visit the desert or mountain areas on a family camping trip,then something has gone terribly wrong in our country. The truth is Arizona is returning to the Wild Wild West made famous by Hollywood.

My first stop along the border was in the Yuma sector. For those not familiar with the area it is a beautiful region that borders California and Mexico. It has everything from agricultural to mountain and desert terrain. Like most of central and southern Az the population is very diverse with Americans descending from all parts of the country and world. It is mostly small business oriented and these are the people I spoke to about the problems they are having along the border. Due to constant threats from Mexican drug cartels and drug gangs involved in smuggling, most people will not speak publicly about illegal immigration. For this reason I would never divulge the names of people I have spoken to during my travels along the border.

After establishing a relationship of trust with some of the small business owners and their employees, I asked them if they supported the new law and the crack down on illegals in Arizona. 8 out of 10 supported the effort including Mexican/Americans. The main reason they gave for supporting the law, they are sick and tired of all of the violence associated with drug and human smuggling. While drug and smuggling crimes have decreased over the years you still hear about the occasional stash house and other drug related crimes on the local news.

The major contributing factor for the decrease in violence in the Yuma sector is the way the Border Patrol and CBP operates. Unlike other sectors Yuma operates under Operations Command meaning all drug and illegal entries across the border are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The crackdown began in 1994 under Operation Gatekeeper, while the operation names have changed over the years the main initiative for the operation has not. That is to reduce violence and illegal activities along the border in this sector. The efforts by CBP, Border Patrol and local law enforcement have paid off for residents in the Yuma sector and they appreciate and support both federal and local law enforcement agencies. However, residents in the Yuma sector are worried things will start to return to the days prior to Operation Gatekeeper if President Obama and Secretary Napolitano are successful in weakening the Border Patrol and relaxing the laws on illegal immigration.

Few people are aware of the work Border Patrol agents do in the Yuma sector. One of the areas that most Americans never hear about is an area considered no man's land near Lukeville Az. Before the crackdown this area was notorious for drug and human trafficking. The Border Patrol with agents mainly from Wellton and Yuma continually man this remote area known as Desert Grip (or Camp Grip by locals)to stop illegals attempting to smuggle drugs into the US. While I was there I saw just how effective the Border Patrol agents that man this area can be, see story here. As a result of Border Patrol's increased presence and success at catching would be smugglers the Mexican drug cartels issued a warning that they would retaliate against the Border Patrol Agents in the Camp Grip area over the 4th of July holiday. Agents were informed of the threats and responded with increased vigilance. Nothing transpired and the agents carried out their assigned duties.

Using the Border Patrol's budget Secretary Napolitano is now undermining the hard work of the agents that man this post. The terrain surrounding Camp Grip is rugged and consist of both desert and mountain ranges. Agents are required to spend 7 days at a time eating, sleeping and patrolling this vast area that covers hundreds of square miles. They do this 24/7 and now due to recent cuts in budget they do it without the benefit of being paid for overtime hours. It is beyond me how the Secretary expects an agent to just stop during the middle of a chase or apprehension because his or her shift has come to an end. The Union representing the Border Patrol agents have appealed this insane decision.

This is a short posting of what I saw in the Yuma sector. More postings will follow concerning Yuma, Tuscan, Nogales and Phoenix.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Government Delays Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup

by Ronnie Spangler

No one can defend British Petroleum (BP) for the disaster taking place in the Gulf Coast. That being said we must take a long hard look at how the US Government and this administration has reacted to this crisis. In the minds of most people it has been slow and dismal at best. Due to the bureaucracy built into are system we should have seen it coming and expected nothing better from our government.

With a system heaped in turf battles and bureaucrats fighting for organizational power, cleanup efforts and efforts to prevent the oil from coming ashore have been drastically undermined.

The President has tried to have it both ways. He has said we are in charge but BP is responsible and they are handling everything from containment to cleanup. The problem facing the government is competing agencies with different policies have different rules for the way BP deals with containment and cleanup. This has caused mass confusion and has hampered BP and Gulf Coast state governments in their efforts in both areas. This confusion has allowed not only the containment but also the actual cleanup to become a lackluster effort at best.

Not only must BP deal with the economic claims from residents and business along the coast, BP must try to understand and follow overlapping jurisdiction from a ever increasing number government agencies. Before they can take any action to prevent the spread of oil or the onshore cleanup, they must first make sure they have the approval and then follow the guidelines of each and every agency or bureaucrat.

It is no better for the states along the Gulf that must deal with all of these different federal agencies. Being a private entity, just try to imagine what it would be like trying to follow American laws (some written as far back as 1920) and all of the different rules of the different agencies of the Federal Government. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

Here are a few of the agencies BP and states along the Gulf must deal with during this crisis.

Coast Guard
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Office of Air and Radiation
Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
Office of International Affairs
Office of Water
Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Department of Interior
Bureau of Land Management
Minerals Management Services
National Park Services
Fish and Wildlife Services
Corps of Engineers

There are more but each of the above agencies or divisions or offices within the agency has its own interest and guidelines that must be followed.

OSHA in its effort to protect American workers only allows contracted workers or Federal workers to work 20 minutes out of 60 minutes cleaning up oil that has reached the shore. At this rate for every 100 employees working for 20 minutes another 300 employees will be standing around for 40 minutes doing nothing. Americans working for Jiffy Lube changing oil in vehicles work 8 to 10 hours a day without this kind of policy.

If the President was serious about helping the Gulf area and reducing the effects of this disaster, in the very beginning he would have declared this a National Disaster. This would have allowed a national emergency response that could have relaxed or eliminated some of the political and bureaucratic infighting and confusion.

Lessons learned from this disaster will not be known for years to come. This Administration will never admit any failings. From the beginning they have felt it was only necessary to find fault and lay blame. I have still not been able to understand how the Federal Government (especially the Executive Branch) can abdicate government responsibility, procedures, or enforcement of federal policy such as closing or restricting access to public beaches, to private entities like BP.

The President will have his meeting with BP and give a great speech where he will announce a tougher stand and maybe a breakthrough on settling claims faster and more efficiently. One idea is to create an escrow account paid into by BP and having a third party independent committee settle the claims, more bureaucracy. If the government sector can really be more efficient than the private sector I would suggest BP place in escrow in each state along the Gulf $25 million dollars for the state agency to settle claims related to damages from the spill. This should carry residents and businesses through the year and will not release BP from future claims or damages. Money that was not spent by one state could be transferred to another state or more added as legitimate claims increased.

The biggest problem facing the government and BP will be deciding who and what part of the economy was effected by the oil spill and how much of a percentage point did the already failing economy play in industries like tourism. There is one fact that cannot be ignored. With the national unemployment rate near 10%, in some states 12%-15%, tourism would have declined not only along the Gulf but throughout the country as well. Families that could take a vacation or had extra money to spend had already decided to stay closer to home. Parents were discussing cheaper ways to enjoy their time off long before the oil spill. Another fact of life is normally unemployed people do not travel from state to state on vacations.

It is time to lay equal blame on both BP and the Federal Government for failing to limit the disaster of the accident on the oil rig. It is also time for America to understand that big government is not the answer to every problem. A large bureaucratic government only enlarges a problem and sometimes turns a crisis into a national disaster with far reaching consequences.

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