Sunday, October 5, 2008

Breaking News: Biden Will Step Down


As I reported in my Sept 17th post Hilliary Towing Obama Line Senator Biden will step down as Senator Obama's running mate. It will happen this week. Obama will make the announcement only hours before or after the Oct 7th Presidential Debate. Hillary Clinton will replace Biden and the expected outcome, from DNC insiders, will be an overwhelming Obama/Clinton jump in the polls.

The scenario that has been decided upon by the Obama strategist and agreed to by Senator Biden is being played out this weekend. The illness of Senator Biden's mother-in-law is nothing new. Senator Biden and his wife of 30 years, Jill Biden, knew Bonnie Jacobs was terminally ill before Senator Biden accepted the position of Senator Obama's running mate. The excuse Senator Biden will give for his decision to step down is simple and will probably work to bring Hillary supporters back to the Obama camp. It will be simply he must step down to help his wife and family deal with the terrible crisis facing their family.

The American public will understand and admire Senator Biden for his decision. Anyone that has lost a family member will understand that Senator Biden will not be able to give the campaign his full attention and would probably hinder Senator Obama's chances of being elected. What voters have not been told is Obama has promised Biden a cabinet level position in an Obama Administration.

The mainstream media will not report nor will they look into whether any deals were made between Obama, Biden and Clinton. They will except at face value the reasons given and heavily criticize anyone that may suggest this was nothing more than another Obama "Change."

Hillary supporters that have been informed of what is about to take place are ecstatic but some DNC insiders that I have talked to are worried. The insiders are afraid people may see this as a gamble that could backfire. They are afraid Biden could make one of his famous gaffs and let it out that a deal was made dependent more on the Vice Presidential debate and less on anything else.

They have pointed out that while they have worked hard to make Senator Biden sound like a caring single father that has worked hard to raise his children and carry on his duties as a U. S. Senator, it has not worked as well as they hoped. Senator Biden's first wife Neilia was killed in an accident on Dec 18, 1972, only six weeks after he was first elected to the Senate. Less than three years later he met his current wife Jill. After meeting Biden, Jill along with other Biden family members helped Senator Biden raise his sons while Joe was fulfilling his duties as a Senator. They were married in 1977 and Jill became a full time mom.

Some in the left wing media attributed the accident to a "drunk driver" but the driver of the truck was cleared of any responsibility for the accident. In the past Senator Biden blamed the accident on the driver of the truck and implied he was drunk at the time. A blood test was taken of the semi driver and it was later determined that Neilia had probably been distracted by the children and pulled out in front of the truck.

Over the years since Senator Biden has been in public office, he has been well known for his many gaffs (lies) and plagiarisms. Now it seems they are finally catching up with him. The media is very forgiving of him because the man simply cannot help himself. The public has accepted it as "Oh, that's just Joe. You really can't believe what he says but he means well." The question is will the voters be as forgiving of Obama and his judgment for first selecting Biden then throwing him off the bus like he has done so many others.

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  1. Source? Corroboration?

    Sounds like pure speculation to me.

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  3. Huh? If the plan was for Biden to step down at any point they would have already had a better excuse then his mother-in-law died. Even if he was close to her, it was his wife's mother not his. I've seen plenty of people have their in-laws die and it hasn't rocked their world.

    This is ridiculous. It would be seen as much of a pandering to women as was McCain's choice of Palin.

  4. This is ridiculous. This all sounds like speculation to me. There is no stated source or fact which gives this statement a backbone. I give you credit for your imagination though, put it to better use than political speculation.

  5. More things unlikely to happen before the election: the return of Christ, Howard the Duck 2 released, Brett Favre retires (again), and/or I win the lottery.