Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hilliary Towing Obama Line

Author: Ron Spangler

With all of the rumors floating around the Obama campaign that Hilliary will soon replace Joe Biden on the Democrat ticket, it seems Hilliary is towing the Obama line. While most of the media is downplaying her recent dissing of the Jewish community by refusing to appear at their rally, simply because Sarah Palin was also invited, some in the media did run it this morning. The rally was in protest to Ahmadinejad appearing at the UN, his position on Israel and his quest for nuclear weapons. After 1st agreeing to appear and speak at the rally Hilliary backed out after hearing Sarah Palin had also been invited and was going to speak. The two were not scheduled to appear together so people are wandering what really was behind her decision to cancel.

Some in the Obama campaign and most of the Hollywood crowd, of which Obama made his latest appearance at a cost of $30,000 per person, are pushing Obama to find a way to drop Biden and add Hilliary to the ticket. Some supporters in the Obama campaign are upset and tell me Obama and Biden are considering different ways to do this. They are telling me that a decision is forthcoming, hopefully before the Vice Presidential debate.

One scenario will be Biden making a public announcement that he must step down for family reasons, but he will be campaigning as frequently as possible for Sen Obama. This will open the door for Hilliary to reluctantly but gracefully answer the call of her country in the most important campaign of our lives.

With Hilliary backing out today and past speeches of Biden, "Hilliary is more qualified than me for vice president", it is not out of the realm of possibility that Obama's floundering campaign may try this. Hilliary's decision to back out of the rally may backfire with the Jewish community. It is no secret the Jewish community has for the most part always supported the Democrats, now many in the community feel her decision to be a slap in the face. Looking back at all of the people Obama has thrown off his bus when things are starting to get tough, it is highly possible what I'm being told could come to pass. Don't feel bad for Biden if this happens. He will be all for it since Obama has promised him a cabinet level position of his choice. Once Jan 20th comes around Biden's family problems will be resolved. The question remains whether or not the American voter will see it as a scam to answer the Sarah Palin threat.

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