Saturday, October 9, 2010

Michele Malkin Doubts Tiffany Hartley Story

by Ronnie Spangler

It seems the latest doubters to the Falcon Lake incident is Michele Malkin. I don't know what happened on that lake but I do know that people that have been in situations like Tiffany Hartley has described do not always remember the exact details of the events. It is standard procedure to remove and make unavailable to the public any police officer that has been involved in a shooting until that officer has had time to collect his thoughts and be interviewed by trained personnel.

Making misstatements and giving confusing answers shortly after an event like this is not an admission of guilt. What Tiffany Hartley is saying does not bother me as much as what Mexican officials are doing. There are many questions that must be answered and many more that need to be asked.

To understand what is going on at Falcon Lake we need to take a look at what is going on in Mexico. After David Hartley was reported killed the first reaction of Mexican officials was denying the incident ever happened. They waited 48 hrs before ever beginning a search. One reason for the delay was they did not have the manpower and another was the boat they used to patrol the lake was not working. The media in Mexico are telling a different story. One story has it that David Hartley was killed while walking with his wife. Now they are saying they began the search the day after the incident was reported. We know this is not true because the Attorney General of the State(PGJE) denied the report because they had no official complaint.

This denial of the PGJE should sound familiar because they are saying the same thing about the Texas college student also murdered in this area last week. "The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) has denied any reports on William Jonathan Cazares Torres, a student at the University of Texas at Brownsville allegedly killed during the hijacking of a bus on a highway in the state."

Here is the story of William Jonathon Torres from the American side: Shot for having American identification.

Could the two murders be related, maybe. Both murders are suspected to be at the hands of a group called Los Zetas. While it cannot be verified as of today this is very possible for one simple reason. Los Zetas are sending a message of warning to the United States DEA and Mexican President Calderone.

What possible message could they be sending by murdering Americans? Leave us alone or more Americans will die in Mexico! Basic form of extortion well known to Los Zetas.

According to Mexican reports the US DEA and US Department of State have been pressuring the Mexican government to crack down on Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel. DEA is offering up to $50 million for the capture of cartel kingpins.

The areas where both Hartley and the college student Torres have been reportedly murdered are areas controlled by Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel. Since Los Zetas are former military trained personnel that considers themselves at war with the Mexican government, Gulf Cartel and the United States, it is not far fetched to believe they would murder Americans and keep the bodies until their demands are met.

After recent events in Mexico one thing is very clear, Americans need to get out and stay out of Mexico. The country is out of control. Americans living on our southern borders must arm themselves and not be afraid to defend themselves and their property of threats coming from Mexico. Law enforcement in the United States simply cannot protect people living on the border. Law enforcement in the United States react to crimes after they are committed. It is impossible for law enforcement to stand guard over every American living along the border 24/7.

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