Monday, April 8, 2013

Obama Pushing America To Limit

Is President Obama Pushing The Patience Of Americans To The Limit?

Remember all the dire warnings we heard from President Obama and his administration before Sequestration took effect? Except for closing the White House to school children and visitors not much has changed. It is common knowledge that this Administration is doing everything they can to make the Sequestration as difficult on the American people as possible. They have sent letters to Customs and Border Patrol warning them that their pay will be cut and furloughs are coming. They have scared veterans and seniors into believing their benefits will be drastically reduced. They have sent out letters notifying airports that their control towers will be closed, limiting the number of flights and type of aircraft that can be used at the effected airports. At the same time the Administration is doing this, President Obama has refused Congress's offer to allow him to move money around avoiding the hardships that he has warned us about. Why would the President refuse this authority? It's all about the 2014 elections and winning back the House of Representatives.

Don't believe me, listen to President Obama in his own words.

What's next on the Obama agenda? Gun Control

Remember his State Of The Union Speech and how he used the mass shootings to force Congress into passing a hurried up Democrat bill that would have been totally unacceptable to most of America? Today that Bill is faltering in the Senate and is all but impossible to get passed. The President and Democrats will use its failure to pass in the Senate during the upcoming campaigns of 2014. They have already started to blame its failure on Republicans. Never mind that Harry Reid told America he could not get 40 votes for the Feinstein amendment banning assault rifles. This means not even Democrats are ready to pass such a far reaching intrusion on the second amendment.

Here again listen to Senator Harry Reid

Regardless of what Democrats can pass through their own party, President Obama is still out on the campaign trail acting as if Republicans are solely responsible for the failure of passing gun control in 2013.

With the economy still faltering and the dismal jobs numbers recently reported, President Obama will soon give up Gun Control for his next big ticket item, Immigration.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has already jumped out front on this issue. She has stated again just like she has every year since she took over as Secretary. "The border is more secure today than it ever has been."

This statement is far from being the truth. The truth about illegal immigration and non enforcement of current law comes from people working on the front lines of our borders. Every American should listen to the people working to protect America before listening and trusting politicians that are proven to be untrustworthy.