Monday, June 30, 2008

The Private Character of John McCain

This is an article from the Jerusalem Post honoring the man John McCain.

A not-so-public man: the private character of John McCain

A exclusive blog

The McCains

The McCains
Photo: AP [file]

It's pretty amazing when you think about it. War hero John McCain has been in the public eye almost his entire adult life. He's run numerous campaigns, served in Congress for 25 years, and is in his second run for the presidency.

Yet, there is so much of his life that reveals an absolutely sterling character, but remains largely unknown to the public. And in spite of the tremendous political advantages that publicity could confer, McCain instinctively keeps that information private. Although as a presidential candidate he may be forced to overcome this reticence, he honorably shies away from using his personal heroics for political gain.

How aware is the public that McCain has raised seven children? Or that he adopted his two oldest sons as small boys (children from his wife's prior marriage)? Or that he has raised a Bangladeshi girl with severe health problems adopted from Mother Theresa's orphanage? Or that his own sons have served in the military, including in Iraq?

It's widely known that McCain, a Navy pilot, was shot down, captured and tortured by the North Vietnamese for 5 and a half years - an episode worth a forthcoming column all its own. But few are aware that he refused early release until all the POWs captured before him were freed, and that he refused special treatment offered once it was discovered that he was the "crown prince" (the son of the admiral in charge of the Pacific Fleet) because he wouldn't provide the enemy with any propaganda victories.

Even fewer seem to know that those years were a fraction of a 22-year Navy career. Although broken and battered, after his release from Vietnamese captivity he went right back to the Navy, where he continued to serve for an additional eight years.

Both Israel and America honor military service, knowing all too well the sacrifice of those who step up, stand guard, and put their lives on the line to protect their fellow citizens from the ever-present threat of harm.

Readers in Israel, where military and national service is intertwined with society perhaps more than in any other free country, especially appreciate the McCain family's tradition of military service and the intergenerational transmission of values that comes with it.

Anyone can talk about "supporting our troops"; the McCains serve. McCain's father and grandfather were respected American admirals. Of McCain's four sons, three have gone the military route. One was a Navy pilot like his father, one enlisted in the Marines at age 17 and recently completed a tour in Iraq, and one is completing his education at the Naval Academy (raising the strong possibility that, for the first time in half a century, the United States will have a president with a son at war).

Yet, likely because of those same values, McCain maintains a strict code of silence about his sons' military service, no matter how legitimate his pride or politically useful their military status. Through 2007, McCain was the strongest Senate advocate of vastly increasing troop levels in Iraq, strongly influencing the administration's wildly successful "surge" strategy.

Yet McCain never brought up his own son's service in some of the roughest areas of Iraq. His principled refusal of political advantage from his son's Iraq service extends to refusal even to be interviewed on the subject, or to introduce his son to campaign audiences.

Also little-known is the story of McCain's youngest child. As a result of a 1991 Cindy McCain visit to Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh, the McCains adopted an infant daughter dying from a host of health issues. The orphanage could not provide the medical care needed to save the little girl's life, so the McCains, already the parents of six children, brought the child home to America, and paid for desperately needed surgeries and years of rehabilitation. That child is their teenage daughter Bridget. In fact, there was a second infant girl brought back from the orphanage that the McCains saved. She ended up being adopted by one of McCain's aides, Wes Gullett, and his wife. "We were called at midnight by Cindy," Gullett has stated, and "five days later we met our new daughter Nicki at the LA airport."

This fall, Nicki will be a high school junior. Even after years of expensive medical treatment for the child, Gullett says, "I never saw a hospital bill" for her care. It is an extraordinary man who commits himself to such generous and heroic acts; it is an extraordinary politician who won't utter a word about such acts for political aggrandizement.

So, it turns out that McCain, standard-bearer of the party constantly slandered as racist, has, without fanfare, raised as his own a Bengali daughter of color. But the character demonstrations regarding his daughter are even more impressive: during his 2000 presidential run, as he was on the verge of becoming the front-runner, rogue staffers of other candidates reportedly conducted a whisper campaign in South Carolina disparaging the McCains for having a "black baby."

Yet, with every justification to unload with both barrels for such nasty politicking, and with as great an opportunity to set the record straight and tell the world about the heroics of being an adoptive father, McCain chose to shield his child by ignoring the smear. Some analysts believe that move may have ultimately cost him the nomination. But McCain has never questioned his choice. It says a lot about the man that he would readily sacrifice the pinnacle of personal political achievement to protect his family's feelings and privacy.

The contrast with other politicians couldn't be more stark. How many candidates have we heard try to score political points as they crow in the public limelight about their own brief military stints, or their wife's cancer, son's car accident, or sister's death from smoking? The contrast is consistent with McCain's internalizing the codes of honor and military conduct since his youth: the veneration of courage and resilience; the expectation of fidelity to principles of honor; the homage paid to Americans who sacrificed for their country; the nobility of service and sacrifice; the expectation that one would prove worthy of the country's trust; and the humility that comes from recognizing that there are causes and people greater than oneself. It is, in short, a contrast in character.

Character matters. In a president-and particularly in a commander-in-chief, that kind of character arguably counts more than any particular political orientation or policy. From character flows leadership, as it is character which dictates morally grounded direction and engenders public trust.

The McCains

The McCains
Photo: AP [file]

Character is critical to determining how a leader will respond to crisis. Will he reach deep within himself and in the traditions that shaped him and find the courage and grace to inspire strength and greatness? Will soldiers trust the wisdom and integrity of his decision when he orders them to war? Will he truly understand the terrible toll of war, as well as the price of appeasement? Will he make decisions based on considerations greater than cheap political expediency?

Now, ask yourself: which candidate has repeatedly demonstrated that kind of character?

The writer, an attorney, is Counsel to Republicans Abroad Israel

It is the position of State_of_America that one of the signs of greatness and leadership is humility or humbleness. It is understanding Senators, Congressmen, or other leaders prefer not to brag that their children are serving in the military during a time of War, especially in Iraq or Afghanistan. Why put an additional target on their backs for Al Qaeda or other enemies to key in on. If you look at most of America's heroes and great leaders you will find when it comes to family, religion and accalaids of heroism directed upon them, they too show the same signs of humbleness and humility as Sen McCain.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Young Man Creating Stir, New Rap Label

Small town young man from Lewisville, In. is gaining popularity in the Rap world. Producing his own label under Blyte Productions his CDs are available at Amazon iTunes and from his Myspace homepage. His local newspaper has interviewed him once and was very impressed. More young artist are producing and selling their music online than ever before. Will this be the next Snoopdog.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama Arrogance, Elitism at NALEO

Addressing the NALEO ( National Alliance of Latino Elected Officials) today, Senator Obama's arrogance and elitist attitude once again came out during the question and answer period.

Arrogance is defined by Websters dating back to the 14th century as: an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions

Elitist is defined as:

1. The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.
a. The sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class.
b. Control, rule, or domination by such a group or class.

Since he first started running for President 18 months ago Senator Obama has made it clear he is running for his second term as President, not his first. In his answers to questions albeit interviews or appearances before groups like NALEO he will almost always slip in the presumptuous phrase "at the end of my 1st term." He did it during the Democratic Primary Debates and will continue to do it until the media finally asks "You make it sound like your 1st term will be so successful there will be a 2nd term. How do you know you will be nominated for a second term?"

In Obama's elitist and arrogant world he has already looked into the future and determined everything he does and every decision he makes will be so successful he will have to serve a second term. In his second term maybe he will be so loved that there will be a Constitutional Amendment repealing the 22nd Amendment limiting Presidents to 2 terms. Maybe this is a subtle message not only to Republicans but to Hilliary supporters, who are saying no deal and any other Democrat, don't even think about it.

To Obama words matter and he is always slow and deliberate when picking his words. His mind is racing in search of the appropriate words to answer the question in a way that cannot come back to hurt him. Ask 5 different people to repeat his position on a particular issue and because Obama is an expert in 'garbldygook' will most likely get 2 or 3 different answers. He is the definition of the perfect Teflon Man.

Obama's message to Hilliary supporters and McCain supporters: "Don't even bother voting in the fall, its over."

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Supply and Demand or Market Manipulation

Today Speculators control 73% of the unregulated commodities market responsible for setting the price of oil. Speculators only put up less than ten dollars per barrel of oil to purchase oil on the futures market. Its a recipe for disaster. If the price falls drastically the investment banks are left holding the bag and they will fail, along with pension fund investors. In the end like always the consumer will be hurt the most. Retirees and people ready to retire will find their pensions and 401k plans wiped out. Don't believe me check out what speculators are saying:

BEN STEIN: I was just in a room with a whole bunch of speculators who are former Enron traders that are now trading natural gas and oil. And they're laughing their heads off about how much they're manipulating the price of oil. They couldn't care less.

If this is true Congress must act. Price oil $143.

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Hilliary Then Hilliary Now

What is the difference between Hilliary Then, during the Democratic primary, and Hilliary Now, since she has lost to Barack?

Hilliary then, believed Barack was too inexperienced,

Hilliary then, believed Barack's plan for the economy was too expensive,

Hilliary then, believed Barack needed a period of on the job training,

Hilliary then, believed his 'Change' speeches were just words,

Hilliary then, believed Barack was promising false hope,

Hilliary then, believed Barack's past associations 'did matter',

Hilliary then, believed Barack wasn't being totally honest,

Hilliary then, believed Barack's plan for removing our troops from Iraq was flawed,

Hilliary then, believed Barack was in the liberal Medias' pocket,

Hilliary then, believed Barack's campaign played the race card,

Hilliary then, believed Barack's campaign and the media used sexism to beat her,

At Unity, New Hampshire Hilliary took a 180 degree turn:

Hilliary now, give me 10 million dollars and help me retire my campaign debt,

Hilliary now, I'll settle for a check for $2,300 and asking your wealthy supporters to contribute,

Hilliary now, Barack is the candidate of 'Change' we can believe in,

Hilliary now, Barack is ready to lead,

Hilliary now, Barack is the candidate of hope for peace and prosperity....................

What is a Hilliary kiss and Presidential support cost in Unity, New Hampshire, exactly $2,3oo and the promise to help retire her Presidential Campaign debt.


Oil Tops $142 State of America, Recession

State of America has gone from Crisis to Recession. Oil broke the $142 mark today and where is Congress, the House is not in session and the Senate is discussing North Korea. I am concerned with North Korea but doesn't America's economy and the facts that people are losing their homes, cannot feed their children, business are going under, and people have resulted to selling their blood (all due to the high oil and gas prices), don't these facts take priority over North Korea. The last I heard the 6 party talks are working. North Korea has given the declaration we asked for and they are gong to destroy their Nuclear Cooling Tower, sounds like progress to me.

When the oil prices hit the $140 mark yesterday the idiot traders on the floor of Wall Street were jumping up and down, shouting for joy like little kids on Xmas day. The stock market plummeted and with oil prices increasing today the stocks are continuing to fall. This could be reminiscent of the 1929 Wall Street crash that sent the world into the Great Depression. And where is Congress, running off to celebrate the 4th of July.

Barack Obama, in a recent interview, said by 2030 if we follow his plan we will reduce our dependence on foreign oil down from 63% today to 35% by 2030. Of course his plan is completely based on new and unproven future technology. It leaves out everyone that is below the poverty level and the millions upon millions that cannot afford to buy the cars of the future that his plan is dependent upon to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Everyone is asking, "What is going on?" The expert analyst on television blame it on everything imaginable from Nigeria to the weak dollar to the new excuse, inflationary cycle. No Wall Street analyst is blaming it on the unregulated oil market. In 1929 the stock market along with banks were unregulated and the Congress set back and allowed unscrupulous investors to manipulate the market with junk stock and bad bank loans and investments until the market collapsed. This Congress is no different than the Congress of 1929. It is their job to pass the laws that will curtail the market manipulation and bring down these prices. It is Congress that must lift the ban on recovering oil from shale and open our coasts to offshore drilling. The President does not have the power or authority to do either. He can lift the executive ban on offshore drilling to send Congress a message, but the question remains if Congress will listen.

It is up to the people, how much more are we willing to except from this do-nothing-Congress? Instead of celebrating the 4th of July at some fireworks display, how about celebrating outside of our Representatives offices and homes, explaining to them we want something done now instead of 30 years from now. State of America has went from Dangerous to Crisis and now Recession. There isn't much left before Catastrophic and Depression.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mexico Harboring Two Murderers

Jesus Navarro Montes was arrested Jan. 22 in northern Mexico in connection with the death of Luis Aguilar, 32, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent who was assigned to the Yuma, Arizona, station. A Mexican judge has released the suspected killer leaving U.S. officials “shocked and appalled,” according to a statement by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean was arrested April 10 by Mexican police on a US warrant for the murder of Marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach, who had accused him of rape. North Carolina officials say it could be 1 or 2 years before he is extradited back to the United States. All bets are off if Laurean has the opportunity to go before the same judge as Montes did.

What Mexico understands and Americans don't understand is our government just doesn't take murder all that serious. Murder someone here and all you have to do is cross the border into Mexico, it is like seeking sanctuary in the Catholic church. If you are a Mexican citizen or in the Laurean case have a dual citizenship you may or may not be extradited, ever.

The only thing this does is send a message to everyone around the world that America is weak when it comes to Mexico. We are so afraid of offending the Mexican government that we will allow them to harbor murderers of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, our military by other active military members, our police and other citizens. American cities and our citizens are fair game to any criminal if he has money to bribe the Mexican officials or he is a Mexican citizen.

Laurean wasn't captured, he walked up to a Mexican check point and gave them his real name. He knew there was a warrant out for him and he knew exactly what would happen after identifying himself. Spend a little time in jail until the heat simmers down then he will be released, another Montes.

My heart goes out to the men and women of the Border Patrol. Having personal knowledge of the harsh training they have endured to become Agents and the daily dangers they face trying to protect our country, they have all my respect and sympathy for the way their government has treated them.

Having served in the Marines I cannot understand how the country can turn the other cheek and allow Mexico to harbor a deserter wanted for murdering a fellow Marine. There was a time when no country would dare harbor murderers of American citizens, out of fear or respect we need to return to those times.

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Are HHO Gas Vehicles The Future?

Since the price of gas has gone through the roof, people have been talking about all types of alternative fuels. HHO gas conversion kits are all over the Internet and some local News coverage of vehicles that have been converted. Opinions are all over the place as to whether its real or a scam. I am always open to new technology and innovation, America has always led the world in both. Using tap water and gas to fuel a combustion engine seems a little far out.

I have visited and investigated, the best I can, websites that offer conversion kits for cars and trucks. The websites swear by this new technology but offers no guarantee it will work on your vehicle. Problem is very few people have the technical knowledge required to install their particular conversion kit.

I have watched videos of people marketing this type of converted vehicle but most are very short and never go into detailed installation instructions.

Alternative fuel systems have been around for a long time. There has always been electric, steam, and even diesel engines were first designed for vegetable oil instead of diesel fuel. The military has had multi-fuel trucks and equipment for years. Solar powered vehicles have been tested as far back as the late 60s. Hydrogen cell vehicles and propane are nothing new. Most Propane gas companies use vehicles converted to burn Propane in their delivery trucks. For these reasons I will not totally dismiss the idea of HHO, but I will remain a skeptic for now.

Life and Experience Living In America

Ever since Obama’s "brilliant", "remarkable", "historical speech" on race in America the media and talk shows have jumped in offering expert opinions on how Americans should talk to Americans. Today the big thing is it starts at home with the children. What we do and say in front of our children will determine how our children think when they are adults. This may factor into how our children look at race issues, politics and life in general, but there is one thing all the experts don’t say. I believe, and this is only the opinion of a father of 4 grown children, that all children are individuals the same as all adults are individuals. The environment outside of the home and life experiences they face as young adults has more to do with their outlook on the world than their parents.

Due to economical differences in the world most of the experts, celebrities and anlysts grow up and live in a world far removed from the average street wise kid or average working American. Take away their income and place them in an inner ctiy living environment working as a mechanic, service station attendant, plumber, delivery driver, or any other job dealing with the public for 3-5 years and then ask them their views on the subjects they are now discussing. Let them live in inner city neighborhoods where average Americans live making 8-12 dollars an hour. Let them raise 2-4 kids on this income and have both parents working for this same amount just to raise their kids. Let them live this way for a period of time with no guarantee of a better future and then ask them their views.

At one time every culture around the world looked to their elders for advice and wisdom based on their life’s experience. Sadly younger generations started turning away from seniors because young adults felt the older generation had screwed up the world and it was up to them to correct all the mistakes of past generations. By doing this we have lost a great deal of knowledge and experience. We have also lost a sense of American culture, history and the principles for which our country was founded.

Today most parents teach their kids not to discriminate against other kids because of color. It’s when the kids become young adults and venture out into the cities that life hits them in the face and reality sets in. The average white American cannot tell you with absolute honesty where their ancestors originally came from. If their grandparents came from another country they may be able to claim that culture and speak about it. Get farther back to great or great great grandparents and the average white American will shrug their shoulder and give you their best guess. The average black American will claim Africa as their ancestory regardless of whether their original ancestors did or did not come to America as slaves. Most have relied on television, movies and what they have been told about the African culture to be true and now claim it for their own culture. You will find very few average black Americans that have ever set foot on the African continent. On the other hand the average Hispanic American will lay claim to the Mexican culture and most can speak the Hispanic language. I have met Americans that are clearly from Hispanic and Asian descent that cannot speak the native language and know nothing about the cultures, except from television, movies and what they’ve heard.

It’s natural for people to want to be different yet feel the need to have their own culture and sense of belonging to a group of people they can identify with. This has led to voluntary segregation not only in America but through out the world. Communities are set up not by government but by individuals that feel comfortable living in neighborhoods that identify more with their sense of culture than in neighborhoods that have a diverse population. Communities like this will not accept outsiders moving into their neighborhoods if they do not adhere to the common culture of their neighbors. Young adults that enter these communities can find out very quickly that entering these neighborhoods can result in resentment and sometimes violence. When this happens regardless of what we teach our kids about racism, it goes right out the door. It’s life’s experience like this that will dictate what our kids believe in when they become adults. Until all Americans decide to let go of their ancestors cultures and claim the American culture as their own we will always be a nation divided. I don’t see it happening in my lifetime, nor in my children’s lifetime. No President regardless of race can change how individuals think or what they believe. People living today cannot change nor should they be held responsible for things that occurred decades ago. We and our children have a future to look forward to, we need to get on with it and stop crying about the past. If we act like responsible adults and teach our kids the importance of family values, God and loyalty to our Country maybe we would see less drugs, violence and teenage pregnancies.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doctor No Prescription For Consumer

The following transcript between Doctor No (Barack Obama) and his patient Ms. Consumer was made available by the patient for public viewing. State_of_America makes no claim to the accuracy of the patient's (Consumer) recollection of Doctor No's prescription since the good doctor's prescriptions are always verbal and off the record.

Patient: Good morning Doctor my name is Ms. Consumer. You come highly recommended by my Democrat friends.

Dr. No: Good morning. Yes I have been endorsed by some of the biggest names in the party. I must tell you I am highly educated and have a great deal of experience in all matters. By the way you must not believe some of the things Republicans are saying about me, they just want to scare you and did I mention I am black. And uh don't worry about my past associations, I've thrown most of them under the bus. Did I tell you I have a Master's in Elitism and a Doctorate's in Arrogance. So!

Patient: Oh I never listen to what Republicans say and yes I can tell you are quite Arrogant and I can see the Elitism just by how you act. I must say I am impressed.

Dr. No: So how can I help you?

Patient: Well doctor its the economy and the high prices we are paying at the pumps. I just don't know how much longer I can handle paying this much.

Dr. No: Yes I completely understand and agree the price is fairly high. I plan on doing something about that in my first term as President but there may not be a significant fall in the price until I am into my second term. It could take up to 10 years.

Patient: But doctor the price is effecting everything from food to clothes to the rate of unemployment. My children's school has stopped providing bus service, now I have to provide a way of getting them to and from school, plus their after school activities.

Dr. No: Have you discussed this with your local school board? This sounds like something they should be concerned with. Maybe they are not taxing enough in your local and state government to provide for the needs of your community. How many kids do you have?

Patient: Two, one is in elementary and the other is in middle school so I have to drive them in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Their schools are 7 miles apart and the closest one to our home is 10 miles so this is creating a big problem with my job.

Dr. No: Have you considered having your husband drive your children or maybe getting together with your friends and carpooling. Carpooling would really help cut back on how much energy you are consuming and help cut down on pollutants you are contributing to the environment, but also it will help reduce the negative impact you are having on global warming.

Patient: But doctor I'm a widow. My husband was killed in a car accident and we couldn't afford life insurance. I had to find a job to raise our kids and the only thing I could find was $8.00 an hour. After all of the local, state and federal tax is taken out there barely is enough for food, a place to live, and clothing for my kids.

Dr. No: I see, Have you considered going back to school, maybe a trade school, something that will get you into a better occupation so you can make more money?

Patient: I don't know if I have the time between working and my kids, I was considering a part time job. Doctor what do you think about maybe drilling for more oil? Would that help to bring down the price of gas so maybe it wouldn't cost so much to get back and forth to the places I have to drive? I've been selling blood for plasma twice a week to fill my car but I'm beginning to get a little weak.

Dr. No: I understand your situation fully and I'm going to write you a prescription, wait I'm going to give you a verbal prescription. Listen up.

a) Vote for me this Nov
b) Trade in your gas guzzler for a more efficient vehicle, maybe electric or Hybrid
c) Find a babysitter so you can go back to school, learn a trade
d) Cut back where you can so you can learn to live with high gas prices
e) Find a school closer to your home so your kids can walk
f) Talk to your kids, make them understand they cannot participate in after school programs
g) Turn your lights down, open your windows and don't use air condition
h) This winter put on extra clothing and sweaters don't use as much heat in your home
i) Find a husband so your kids will have a stay at home father
j) Vote for me and you'll get a tax credit after I'm elected, and even government health insurance

Patient: But doctor, what about drilling offshore to help bring down the prices? And oh by the way, my husband was driving one of those little Smart cars when the brakes failed and he drove under a semi-truck.

Doctor No: NO, we must protect our pristine beaches. In 20 or 30 years we will be off oil and we will all be driving cars that don't need gas or oil. Trust me,... So.

Gas Prices Cut In Half In Thirty Days

Finally Congress has decided to do something about high gas prices. For months I have advocated cracking down on speculators and market manipulation, FTC: Oil Market Manipulation The House has before it bills that would do just that. Some market experts believe if Congress would act to;
a) restrict the amount large hedge fund investors can invest,

b) increase the amount investors must risk to purchase oil futures (currently less than 10 percent)

c) make the market investment more transparent

d) restrict certain high risk investment in oil (pension funds)

e) lift the offshore drilling bans

f) enforcing a use it or lose it clause in leasing permits to oil companies

the price of gas would be cut in half within 30 days. The proposals being put before the House and Senate are being offered by both Democrats and Republicans. Democrats are against lifting the ban to offshore drilling and Republicans are hesitant to regulate the market. It is most of the American people's opinion they must do both.

No American that believes in a free America is advocating the government taking over or Nationalizing the oil industry or market. Some honest and transparent regulations to eliminate the opportunity to manipulate the market and create artificially high prices, plus using domestic oil to become independent from foreign countries, must not become a political game.

If Americans want to see the price of gas fall, call your Congressmen/Senators and tell them to pass legislation before they recess or stay in session until they pass meaningful legislation. If you don't think drilling for oil is safe just look around the Los Angeles Basin in Ca. Sometimes you cannot tell a building from an oil well being actively drilled in the heart of a city, safe and legal.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Two Apple Trojans Threaten Users

Two Mac viruses have discovered. SecureMac and Intego Security reported that Trojans in the wild have the potential to cause serious damage to Mac desktops. For more info visit: ChannelWebb/The Channel Wire

Oil Prices Continue To Rise

Over the weekend the Saudis agreed to up the production of oil. Under normal circumstances the price of futures for oil would automatically to start to fall. This is not the case for this heavily manipulated market. In the commodities market any negative news coming out of any country that is heavily dependent on oil production or consumption has an immediate effect on prices. A person would think that on the other hand any good news would also have an immediate effect, but not in this market.

Unrest in Nigeria= Immediate Increase in price

Political unrest in Middle East= Immediate Increase

Hurricanes in Gulf= Immediate Increase

Fire at any refinery= Immediate Increase

Terrorist Threat= Immediate Increase

Political Election= Immediate Increase

Candidate for Presidential election makes a statement about oil= Immediate Increase

Analyst predicts higher oil prices= Immediate Increase

News Media reports a rumor (true or not) about future oil supplies= Immediate Increase

Oil rig in Gulf shuts down for maintenance= Immediate Increase

Refinery shuts down for maintenance= Immediate Increase

You name it= Immediate Increase

It should be clear to everyone including Congress, the market is being played. Like the hide the pea under the shell game, the price of a barrel of oil is controlled by greedy speculators for purely selfish reasons. Some are investing for monetary gain and some are investing for political reasons. Unless something is done these continued high prices will bankrupt America and set off another worldwide Depression. China and other nations that subsidize the cost of gasoline in their own countries have began to feel the pressure of a weak dollar and inflation. The situation is becoming intolerable, and America (because oil like most commodities is tied to the dollar) must take immediate action.

Increase the cost of investing in commodities.

Lift the Executive Moratorium on offshore drilling.

Congress-Lift the ban on offshore drilling.

Pass Legislation making the Commodities Market investors more transparent.

Pass Legislation forcing large investment firms to name investors and investments.

Pass Legislation Restricting Pork Barrel Spending.

Pass Legislation Forcing all amendments to a bill to be directly relevant to the bill.

Support Sen McCain's idea of awarding up to $3oo million to the first person to come up with a viable and reliable battery for the electric car.

Redirect the NASA mission to investigate a viable consumer friendly alternative vehicle/fuel.

Create a Manhattan Style Project to study Oil Shale, Clean Coal technology and other means of becoming independent from foreign oil.

Hold an emergency session of Congress (Do Not Take The 4th of July Vacation) and pass legislation dealing with the Crisis Facing America.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father Phleger Returns

Father Phleger returns to pulpit no remorse, promises not to surrender. Watch on ABC 7 News Chicago

Drill, Rep. Wexler No, Floridians Yes

Florida's Congressional Representative Wexler along with other Floridian Reps say no to offshore drilling while a majority of Floridian citizens say yes. The Reps supposedly speaking for their constituents believe the tourism industry is much more important than the price of gas. They repeat the rhetoric from the 70s and 80s on how drilling will destroy the pristine beaches and shoreline along Florida's coast. They do not take into account how far the drilling technology has advanced over the past 30 years. With 2 of the biggest hurricanes hitting the Gulf, Katrina and Rita, and having no environmental impact on the existing oil wells you would think the Reps would get it. Drilling can be done environmentally safe!

The majority of Floridians understand that if we continue to be dependent on foreign oil and the price of gas and diesel continue to climb, there will be No Tourism Industry left for Florida and the rest of the coastal states to rely on. Americans will stay home simply because they cannot afford to travel to Disney World and the pristine beaches.

The tourism industry like many other industries in America will suffer an all time low this summer in revenues and attendance. The damage has already been done and layoffs in this industry are just around the corner. If Congress doesn't act soon the damage will continue into 2009 and 2010. The industry and America may not recover, regardless of the price we pay at the pumps.

Saudi Arabia Increasing Oil Production

After constant pressure from President Bush Saudi Arabia has finally agreed to raise the production of oil to the world market. The Saudi oil ministry still believes the high market prices is not due to supply and demand but more to market manipulation and they may have a point.

The threat of America (70% of Americans including environmentalist) considering to open our shores up to offshore drilling and becoming less dependent on foreign oil has more to do with the Saudi decision than anything else. If the market isn't being manipulated by unscrupulous million/billionaire characters like Democracy Alliance members, how can we expect the oil market to respond? In the next few weeks you would expect the price of oil to start a free fall, if it is only a question of supply and demand.

It is not in the best interest of the Democrats and Sen Obama to see the price of oil drop resulting in a drop in the price of gas. They believe if Americans continue to be hurt with an ever increasing price per gallon of gas, Obama has a very good chance of winning this fall. With 60% of Obama contributors being some of the wealthiest Americans, the Democrats may have a point.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

State_of_America Comments Welcome

Here at State_of_America your comments are always welcome. Visit the Archive section to find post on politics, oil, gas, immigration, alternative fuels, etc. If you find a post that interest you please leave your comment. While you're here check out some of the Google ads for other interesting sites for more info concerning the subject being discussed. You may also find some interesting videos at the bottom of the page. The videos are updated weekly or as time permits.

Electric Vehicles Answer to Gas or Toys?

With the popularity of electric vehicles rising on the internet and Americans paying outrageous amounts of money to have their older vehicles converted to electric, the question must be asked, Are Electric Vehicles The Answer to Gas Or Just Another Toy.

To answer this question there is tool at:

It is a calculator that will estimate the range a particular vehicle will travel depending on the variables you insert into the calculator. It is not perfect due to all the other variables that effect the feasibility of using electric vehicles for your primary mode of transportation. According to Wilderness E.V. Factors that determine range include terrain, number of batteries, speed, driving habits, cold weather, weight of vehicle, number and weight of passengers, etc.

A company in West Palm Beach, Florida is currently getting all the cable news attention. Their focus has been on more high end conversions like Porsche and Lamborghini but they are branching out to other less expensive models.

Using the calculator and a 1986 Porsche 911 the results did not look promising for this type of electric vehicle to be the answer to gasoline engines.

The range or distance traveled before the batteries went dead and needed to be recharged depended on the gear you drive it in, 1st gear being the best for this vehicle. The range went from 43.4 miles (at 10 miles per hour) to 8.2 miles (at 90 miles per hour). This is measured on a flat testing track under ideal conditions. On an Interstate type of terrain traveling 60 miles per hour you could travel an estimated 16.1 miles.

I would encourage anyone thinking about electric vehicles for practical alternatives to gasoline to visit the site and use the calculator to decide for yourself before dropping $5,000 to $30,000 on this type of electric conversion.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pelosi Endorses Laura Richardson

Speaker Pelosi stated, when asked about fellow California Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson's multiple home defaults, "every member of Congress is responsible for living up to the highest ethical standards."

Pelosi added,
"Many people in our country are caught in the foreclosure crisis. Members of Congress maybe are as well."

Pelosi coached her answer by adding
she was not familiar with the details of the controversy surrounding Richardson, but every lawmaker must make "the fullest disclosure of his or her assets as is required by law."

It turns out
after the annual release of congressional disclosure reports, which offer a peek into House members' finances, Richardson listed no liabilities, although reports were already out that the former state assemblywoman had lost her Sacramento home to foreclosure and has two other homes in Southern California that have fallen into default six times.

Rep. Richardson is trying to get back the one that was sold at public auction. Real estate broker James York, paid cash for the deed and said he plans on hanging on to the house and would be surprised if Washington Mutual sues to get it back.

“I’m not too worried about it,” he said. “Once you get the deed, it’s pretty much a done deal.”

“It’s gonna be very, very hard - even if the sale itself was improper - to get the sale reversed,” said Richard Timan, an attorney who has handled similar cases. “People who don’t make payments are not beloved by judges.”

Steve Antler of Econopundit reports that;

"One of Cong. Richardson’s first votes after being sworn in, was to vote “aye” on a bill changing the IRS code so that bank forgiveness on a foreclosure sale was not taxable to the defaulter. That vote saved her income taxes on the difference between her indebtedness to WaMu ($585K), and the foreclosure sale price ($388K)."

On Congresswoman Richardson's official website at Congresswoman Laura Richardson
it says, "Speaker Pelosi has referred to Representative Richardson as bright, energetic, intelligent, and an asset to the committee chairs, caucuses and her constituents."

Why did Rep Richardson, like Sen Dodd, get a sweetheart deal on no money down, low interest mortgages for not one but 3 homes? She went from Local, State, to Federal positions within a year, so the only possible reason could be she is a Congresswoman, the same as Dodd is a Senator.

These are the people we have in Washington telling us how to run our personal affairs with honesty and integrity yet they cannot do the same.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Most Corrupt Congress In History

With news coming out about the former Presidential candidate Sen Chris Dodd and other Congressmen and Senators, will this Congress be labeled the Most Corrupt Congress In History? How far does the corruption go? With all of the campaign contributions and VIP sweetheart mortgage deals these people received from Countrywide, Citigroup Inc. and who knows who, its no wonder the Senators and Congressmen are pushing a sweetheart bailout plan to save companies like Countrywide.

With the price of oil being manipulated on the commodities market it makes you wonder just how far the corruption goes. The CFTC admitted they are ill equipped to carry out a ligitiment investigation of the market and some investigators stated off record that maybe the Justice Department should be leading the investigation. The question has risen just how many public officials have hidden investments in the commodities market. With the recent floods and the loss of corn, soybean and other commodities will the speculators drive the prices so high America will be driven into the worst Recession in modern history?

The State of America today reminds me more and more of the early stages leading up to the French Revolution. While historic revisionist will disagree on the exact cause for rebellion, a few things are clear;

1) Only the Elitist and privileged Aristocrats held power
2) A burdensome national debt was destroying the economy
3) Price of food due to high taxes led to famine among the peasants and lower class
4) Unemployment among the the poorest jumped to historic levels
5) The governing powers became out of touch with the common citizen
6) Land and homes were being taken away due to unemployment and high taxes
7) The government refused to reform and tackle the corruption within the Monarchy
8) Corruption ran high throughout all of government
9) The privileged and rich became more privileged and wealthier
10) When people complained they could not afford the price of bread, the arrogant response from the Monarchy was "let them eat cake."

Americans will not violently 'storm the Bastille' in Washington, what we will do is vote the bums out. Our own Declaration of Independence states:

... when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Today Americans are desperate for lower prices to feed, clothe and afford homes for our children. Taxes are too high and we are taxed on everything we buy or own. The only answer coming from Federal, State and Local governments is to raise taxes higher and create new ones on business, which will stifle growth and create higher unemployment. Democrats in Congress and the Democrat Presidential Candidate are openly calling for Nationalizing everything from Health Care to Refineries to Oil Companies, turning America into a Socialist state. The average American is not stupid. We understand the elitist in government will look out for themselves before concerning themselves with the lower class. We understand how greed and power can corrupt every politician and member of the press. We understand how these same people will sell their soul for power and money. We also understand how they will do everything in their power to keep the lower class down and never relinquish the power they have over us.

This a corrupt do nothing Congress that is intent on bringing this nation to its knees in order to sway an election and gain more power. At a time when most of Americans are calling for Congress and the White House to lift the bans on domestic drilling the government says NO!

This is no longer a government "of the people, by the people, for the people", instead it is a government "of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy."

It is time we let this Congress know we love our country and our form of government. We will not allow America to be turned into another Soviet Union. We are not Venezuela and will not allow Nationalization of free enterprise in America. We demand a Congress that listens to the will of the people instead of their own self interest. If the Democrats continue their refusal to do what is right for America then we have no recourse but follow in our forefathers footsteps and vote the bums out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Is She Doing Now

Wonder what she is doing now with gas prices over $4.00 a gallon.

Sen Reid Is This Fair

Read the following story that aired on WATE 6 News and tell me the price of gas is not hurting our country.

Hundreds donating plasma for gas money

Posted: June 3, 2008 04:40 PM

6 News Reporter

KNOXVILLE (WATE) -- A growing number of people are heading to the Knoxville Plasma Center, in hopes of easing the pain at the gas pump.

So how is donating plasma different from donating blood?

Blood has a liquid portion, plasma, and a cellular portion. Plasma has a number of vital functions for bleeding and infection control.

It also contains proteins and antibodies produced by the immune system to fight diseases.

Plasma's uses and the donation money it draws are reasons Dustin Biggerstaff spent his Tuesday in a hot car with three kids, waiting for his fiancee, who was donating plasma.

"Oh yeah, it is worth it. We can buy gas and diapers," Biggerstaff says.

His fiancee, Lisa Harmon, is one of hundreds recently pumping out plasma. The Knoxville Plasma Center hooks up more than 100 donors a day to machines.

That's double the amount of donors the center staff saw this time last year.

"They are getting gas money and helping save lives. It's a great thing," says the center's Candice Thompson.

Plasma is a key ingredient for products that help treat patients with a host of life-threatening conditions, including:

  • Hemophilia
  • Shock or trauma
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Other blood disorders

The center staff says the slump in the economy is forcing the extreme measures and people of all types are lending an arm.

"We have college professors who are donating. We have some doctors. We have nurses. There's all kinds people here," Thompson says.

Lisa Harmon says she's been giving plasma to get gas money twice a week for the past six months.

Harmon says the pain from the prick of a needle is nothing compared to the pain she feels at the pump.

First time donors get $40 for each of their first two visits and $20 each time after that. You can donate plasma up to twice a week.

Bush Says Drill, Congress Says No

With 2/3 of Americans saying lift the ban for offshore and domestic drilling Senator McCain and President Bush have come on board. Bush tells Congress to lift the federal moratorium but Congress first said yes to talking about it but are now saying no, we don't want to discuss it right now. Meanwhile some Americans have resorted to selling their blood to buy gas to drive to work.

It makes you wonder how many of our Congressmen/women and Senators are themselves heavily invested in the oil market. In a recent hearing before the Senate Subcommittee the head of CFTC and most of the Senators seem to suggest there is no evidence of manipulation in the oil market. They admitted the CFTC was grossly understaffed and under funded to do a real investigation and had no authority to subpoena records that may lead to evidence of price manipulation in the market. Congress keeps pointing the finger at the two oilmen in office (Bush and Cheney) yet we find a large amount of Congressmen and Senators becoming filthy rich after just a few years in office. Some made it through real estate during the housing market bubble, but are they now turning their sites on the oil market bubble.

Send a message to Congress with emails and phone calls. Americans have suffered enough and sold enough blood. Act now or we'll vote all incumbents out in November.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McCain Flipflop or Compromise

Sen McCain has figured out that Americans are hurting and we want to be self sufficient and use our own resources to be free from imported oil. We are tired of seeing the rich get richer while we have Americans selling their blood to buy 5 gallons of gas. If we had started drilling 10-20 years ago we would not be seeing prices on everything going up every day. Is it flip flopping to do what the majority of Americans want and expect from our Congress and leaders or is it compromising to allow drilling offshore and in certain areas within the U. S. while still not allowing drilling in Alaska?

Sen Obama calls it flip flopping but I call it listening to America and realizing its time to face reality. We have the technology to safely drill and be good stewards of the environment. We do not have the alternative energy technology now and will not see it for another 20-30 years. If we continue down the road of waiting for science and technology we will go the way of the Soviet Union.

Solar panels have been around for 30 years. They didn't work on the White House and they will not work on every home or business in America. Electric vehicles have been around for 80 years. They will not work outside of a city or in mountainous areas. These concepts along with alternative fuels should continue to be researched but we have to accept the fact we are a nation, like the rest of the world, dependent on oil and we may as well benefit from our own. President Bush has it within his power to lift the offshore ban his father put in place. Now is the time to lead and act like a President. Don't wait for the elections, lift the ban and watch the prices fall.

Barack Obama Back To The Future

It is becoming clear, Barack Obama and his campaign of change is nothing more than a page from 'Back To The Future'. With Jimmy Carter's successful attempt at dealing with Iran and the oil crisis during his administration, its no wonder Barack wants to use some of the same strategies that proved so successful for Mr. Carter. Just ask anyone that lived during the Carter years how really grand it was paying high gas prices, waiting in line for gas and watching every night as our fellow Americans and Marines were being held captive, tortured and America looking helpless and weak. Oh yes, the Windfall Profit Tax was another real success.

Barack also wants to visit the Clinton era and bring it back to the future. He is ecstatic with the Supreme Courts decision to more or less give terrorist the basic rights of American citizens. Barack even believes Osama bin Laden should be treated as a common criminal and tried in an American court, at taxpayers expense of course. I can see it now, 20 Defense attorneys, a 5 year trial, years of appeals led by the ACLU, and a blood bath in the streets of America and her allies by bin Laden supporters. Bill Clinton's idea of treating terrorist attacks on the First World Trade Center attack, bombing of the U.S.S. Kohl, and the Embassy bombings as criminal offenses worked really well. Al-Qaeda really ran scared after the first bombing and the FBI and Interpol became involved in the investigations. After the six Islamic 'extremist' were convicted in 1997 and 1998 and sentenced to life in prison, we showed them they better not mess with America. We go by the law and our Constitution. You can't just come here and blow up our buildings, we'll arrest you, we'll spend thousands or millions of taxpayer dollars to prosecute imprison and afford you lawyers to appeal your prison sentences, then we'll eventually let you out for humanitarian reasons.

Yes I just can't wait for President Obama to take us Back To The Future with Jimmy and Bill as our guides.
just say no deal

Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama, What's Important

In our father's time when asked "In life, what's important to you?", the most common answer would be God, Country and Family. It was called values. When Sen Obama was asked this question by a young man he answered with thoughtfulness, eloquence and undoubtedly said exactly what he thought was politically correct to win female voters.

"I don't know where to start on a question like that," Obama said. "Let me just say a couple things. Right now what I think about most is my daughters who are 10 and 7," he said, referring to his daughters Malia and Sasha. "And not that I'm biased but they are perfect in all ways."

He continued;

"when I was your age, I thought life was all about me. And how do I make my way in the world and how do I become successful and how do I get the things that I want. And right now life for me revolves around those two girls. And I think about what kind of a place am I leaving them."

"Michelle and I have been incredibly blessed," Obama said. "As long as God's looking over, my girls are going to be OK."

"They go to great schools, will be able to afford college, are in good health and will be well cared for if they ever get sick."

"Are they living in a county where there’s a huge gap between a few who are wealthy and a whole bunch of people who are struggling every day?" Obama asked. "Are they living in a county that is still divided by race?

"Are they living in a country where because they’re girls they don’t have as much opportunity as boys do?

"Are they living in a country where we are hated around the world because we don’t cooperate with other countries as effectively as we should? Are they living in a country where they are threatened by terrorism and a nuclear explosion could happen in a major American city? Are they living in a country in which because of a lack of sensible energy we are not only ransoming our future, but we’re also threatening the very livelihood of the planet?"

Like most of Obama's speeches and answers to simple questions he went on and on and on. It was only after he explained how blessed his family was and how well off his daughters are with the wealth he and Michele have been able to accumulate since leaving college, that he mentioned the state of America.

Like always he ended his answer/speech with; "So."

Unlike our fathers before us his first concern is to his two little daughters. This is admirable that he would put his kids before everything else including God and Country. Some people have some silly patriotic belief that God and Country are as important as family, how old fashioned. When Obama answered the young man, trying to appear as an older wiser father figure saying;

"when I was your age, I thought life was all about me. And how do I make my way in the world and how do I become successful and how do I get the things that I want.", I believe he is still living in the same time and deep down believes the same way. In order to make a better world for his daughters he must first think of "how do make I my way in the world and how do I become successful and how do I get the things that I want."

Times and values have changed in Obama's world and this is the change he will bring to all of America in 2009. It will be "Its all about me generation."

Soros and Speculators Winning?

The price of oil is still rising for no apparent reason other than speculators. The market analyst like to blame the daily increase on everything from a low dollar to high demand. They have Congress believing all they have to do is raise taxes not only on the oil companies but on the consumers as well. To believe any tax will not be passed on to consumers is naive. Add the increase of the cost of corn by the commodities speculators (due to recent flooding in Iowa) and the increase cost from ethanol production to the overall price we pay for simple necessities and you will find America falling deeper and deeper into a State of Crisis.

The billionaires investing in hedge funds and commodities have done an excellent job of hiding their investments from investigators and Congress. Having all of their investments run through offshore entities they are insulated from the prying eyes of nosy people. Even the celebrity environmentalist are starting to cry as they begin to loose some of their precious toys, i.e. yachts, limos, jets, 2nd/3rd homes, diamonds and their exuberant lifestyles. These are the same people that George Soros was able to convince if we only elect a far left Democrat as president, everything will be better. Remember, every ill in the world today is the fault of George Bush according to Soros.

This Democratic led and controlled Congress will continue to play the Soros strategy of do nothing and blame it all on the Republicans and President Bush right up to the fall election. Maybe its time we as Americans had our own nonviolent French Revolution by making our voices heard at the ballot box. Maybe its time we voted every incumbent in the House and Senate out of office for the good of the country. We can never achieve term limits in Congress but we can unite and say if you are not doing your job as a whole you are gone as a whole. The days of buying votes by Congressmen and Senators must come to an end. Pork barrel spending to support pet projects at home is nothing but vote buying. If Americans really care about America they must get away from party affiliation and look at the person. If the two candidates running for president will not accept the fact that America must open our own wells for drilling oil, then maybe we need a new Congress that will. If they can't understand the need for regulating the commodities market, then maybe we need a new Congress that will.

Under the George W Bush Administration a ban was placed on offshore drilling. Under the Clinton Administration the ban was broadened and the market was deregulated. These actions set the stage for the perfect storm. Increased dependence on foreign oil and the opportunity for unscrupulous billionaire speculators like Soros to manipulate and control the market were the results. If everything keeps going the way it is neither Presidential candidate will be able to pull America out of the state we will experience in 2009. All of the optimistic speeches for a brighter and richer future will not change the events that will take place if action isn't taken today.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

1 Arrest 2 Tons of Marijuana Sheriff Joe

What is Sheriff Joe really doing in Maricopa County Az. 1 arrest of illegal yields 2 tons of marijuana. Listen and learn what's really going on.

Arizona Governor vs Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe is being stopped in his tracks trying to enforce the law in his Arizona County. The Arizona Governor Napolitano says it is not true. She thinks she knows how money given to Sheriff Joe to fight illegal immigration can be better spent. Listen to Sheriff Joe and decide for yourself if this is the woman Sen Obama should pick for his running mate.

Congress Stop Scamming Start Drilling

Message to Congress, Stop Scamming and Start Drilling. It is time the environmentalist and global warming fanatics begin to back off. With millions of Americans living below the poverty level we can no longer wait for science and technology to come to the rescue. Our economy and the world's economy is petroleum based. In one way or another everything we produce or manufacture is tied to petroleum.

For the last 50 years, countries around the world have studied ways to break their dependence on oil. The research into solar, wind and electric is nothing new. Now we have all types of scams running around the Internet and wild announcements of concept cars that can get between 50-100 mpg or (in the case of electric) up to 100 miles between recharging of the batteries. All of these concepts are 20-30years away and depend on too many variables to be trusted. If any country or company could come up with vehicles that were dependable, safe and consumer friendly that country or company would become the most powerful entity overnight.

For the past 40 years battery companies have been researching ways to be the first to patent a new battery that will make electric vehicles viable. The result has been dismal to say the least. Their failures are not due to a lack of effort, if they ever succeed they will own the market, but their failures are due to a lack of science and technology. Like the discussion on global warming the world of science and technology is divided on finding an answer to the problems we face. The simple truth is there are things in this world mankind has never been able to understand. Weather, nature and alternative energy are things that have divided the world of science for decades and I don't see anything changing in the near future. We are still divided as to whether man arrived on earth from Darwin's theory of evolution or God's hands.

Since the 60s there have been countless attempts to build vehicles that run off solar power and alternative fuels. Electric and steam powered vehicles were some of the earliest vehicles to be offered to the public. They all failed in comparison to the combustion engine. Today we are betting our future on alternative fuels like ethanol, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), bio-diesel and even water. While these efforts in research and development should continue, we have reached the point where Congress must step in and admit we must open the wells and restart our own domestic drilling. The technology for drilling oil is safe and can be done far more rapidly than waiting for the world of science and technology to catch up. Since drilling began in the Gulf Coast we have not experienced a major oil leak. Even with the Katrina disaster no oil rigs suffered significant damage resulting in leaks.

Some 'Greenies' are hoping the price of gas in America will reach the $7-$8 range forcing Americans to turn in their gas guzzlers and environmentally unfriendly vehicles for more modern, environmentally safe and efficient cars. This will not solve our problem. Relying on the manufacturers mpg sticker on a vehicle is misleading. In the real world of driving, the consumer will not achieve the same gas mileage demonstrated on the sticker. The CAFE reached by the manufacturer is done under controlled standards and ideal situations. Everything from the driver, weather, traffic, vehicle maintenance, road condition and speed, to the amount of weight in the vehicle will reduce the actual miles per gallon the consumer will achieve. With electric vehicles these variables plus the terrain with drastically reduce the miles you can travel before recharging the batteries. When the price does reach the $7 a gallon mark and I see a 'Greenie' or some environmentalist sitting broke down beside the rode with his environmentally safe vehicle, please do not expect me to stop and please do not complain when the price of a loaf of bread is $6.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Election Year History Repeating Itself

The supposed oil crisis today is like returning to days of old, 1979 - 1986. History always has a way of repeating itself and the times we are experiencing today are no different than 20 years ago. The rhetoric and reaction from Congress and the auto industry is the same as we heard and experienced during the '80s.

Everyone blamed OPEC, our dependency on foreign oil, big oil companies and over consumption due to the publics wasteful habits and auto industry's failure to provide more fuel efficient vehicles. The answers back then were to raise the CAFE standards, reduce consumption, institute price controls, ration gas, use of alternative energy sources like solar, wind and alternative fuels for our vehicles, and the 1980 Windfall Profit Tax. Nothing worked until the mid 80s when countries that were not part of OPEC like, Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Nigeria and others started producing more oil and we upped our own production in Texas, Oklahoma and Prudhoe Bay Alaska. We also imported more oil from the North Sea region. The result was an over abundance of oil in the market creating the oil glut. Oil prices tumbled to an all time low. The auto industry experienced a public outcry from their dangerous fuel efficient cars they had introduced in order to satisfy the new CAFE standards. Congress added more and more safety standards forcing the price of cars to skyrocket and the industry responded by taking the cheaper smaller vehicles off the market. The CAFE standards were never met and Congress forgot about them after the oil crisis subsided.

In 1990 President Bush caved into the pressure from environmentalist and court decisions by signing the executive order increasing the ban on offshore drilling. This led to an increased dependence on foreign oil and a loss of American jobs. Over the years Congress has placed more and more restrictions on oil refineries and oil production in the United States. The same old rhetoric is being heard in Congress today by Senators like Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez:

"This administration has proposed one reckless drilling plan after another that threatens our environment and risks harm to New Jersey's economy," Menendez said. "This is unacceptable, and I pledge to do everything in my power to ensure that their plan does not become reality."

This was in response to a 5 year plan lifting restrictions on Offshore drilling. Like in the 80s Congress is relying on technology and the auto industry to bail us out of high gas prices. It didn't work back then and it will not work today. We cannot wait 20-30 years for our 'Jetson' style flying electric cars.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oil Speculators May Face Prison

Rumors and speculation have surfaced that the 6 month investigation by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission believe some oil speculators may face prison. It is rumored the Commission has or is ready to, ask the Department of Justice/FBI to join in the Commission's investigation.

``The key to this is: what is the intent of the trading?'' said Geoffery Aronow a former head of enforcement for the CFTC. ``Is the sole intent to try to move the price of the commodity - - in this case, crude oil? Or does the trading have a reasonable commercial justification?'' May 31, 2008

In this case some investigators are questioning if Obama supporters are investing solely to manipulate the market for political reasons.


Obama No Iraq No Town Hall

Does Obama's recent silence on Iraq visit and his statement on town hall meetings mean the answer to both is no?

One reason he may not wish to visit Iraq is simply it's a no win situation. With all of his previous statements on what a failure the Maliki government and Iraqi military has been, he must worry that he will not be well received. With the recent victories of the Central government and Iraqi military the last thing he can afford is having to say; I was wrong about the government, military and the American military surge. Another problem for him would be the customary greetings of Muslim countries. If the respected leaders he met in Iraq offered to give him the traditional kiss on each cheek how would Obama respond and how would it be received in American politics.

The reason he may decline the Town Hall meetings with McCain is style and not being able to control the situation. Having truly independent voters asking questions that have not been vetted first can be a dangerous thing. Obama does best giving revamped rhetorical speeches from past Democratic candidates and presidents. He simply rewrites them using new words but the tone and message remains the same. In Town Hall meetings you cannot rely on old speeches, voters want real answers to their questions.

Obama believes the Town Hall meeting style debate is too structured. The truth is the Lincoln vs Douglas style debate is entirely structured. Each candidate gives a prepared speech for a set amount of time and is allowed a follow-up speech at the end with no questions. There is a moderator agreed upon by both parties. Voters hear only the speeches the candidates have prepared in advance, voters may as well spend their time going to the candidate's campaign rally.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is Oil Market Beginning to Burst

Like the housing industry is the oil market bubble beginning to burst? With the daily drop in prices and news of the market manipulation investigation it makes you wonder what's ahead for investors. News leaking out that U S imports of foreign oil are down and production of gasoline and diesel at U S refineries are running well below capacity leaves serious questions for investigators. Add to the news that ships are being delayed from offloading could lead to an oil glut in the market have some investors selling off their futures.

Who will be hurt in a mass sell off? Small investors and the banks that are loaning the large portion of funds to investors. Wealthy investors that only pay 6% of the cost per barrel and bower the rest from the investment banks can simply default, leaving the banks to pass on the loss to other customers. Is it time for small investors to divest their funds into other markets before it's too late, maybe.


Oil and The 7 Deadly Sins

What does oil have to do with the 7 Deadly Sins ? Pride for which the other 6 are derived from and Greed are a prime reason for commodities and hedge fund trading. The rich that can invest in others failures which is hedge funds (betting on housing and banking failures resulting in home foreclosures), is Greed. The rich that don't need more money are doing it for Pride being able to say "I'm richer Than You." The ones speculating on commodities are hoping for bad times so the price will increase and they will make more money. Seeing people around the world facing hard times and suffering is the worst type of Greed. Not all people investing in the markets do it out of Greed. Most small investors do it for income no different than working. Gaming the oil market to become rich out of Pride or Greed is using oil to indulge in 2 of the most Deadly Sins.

In "Proverbs" 6:16–19, it is stated that "These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:"

  • A proud look,
  • a lying tongue,
  • and hands that shed innocent blood,
  • A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations,
  • feet that be swift in running to mischief,
  • A false witness that speaketh lies,
  • and he that soweth discord among brethren.


Oil Inventory Up Imports Down Refineries Down

For the past 5 weeks oil inventories have been up and it is expected to rise again this week. At the same time reports are coming out that U S imports of foreign oil are down and production of gasoline and diesel at U S refineries are running at only 86% capacity. Unloading ships delivering oil are deliberately being delayed causing a slowdown in the delivery of crude oil to American refineries. This has forced some oil producing countries to stock pile oil on ships off their coasts, waiting in line for a delivery date. The same report says fuel consumption has steadily decreased due to high gas prices.

In the normal scheme of things when inventories are high, production is at or higher than 90%, crude oil deliveries are waiting offshore and demand has fallen an oil glut is the result. Prices fall at the both the pumps and on the open market. Something strange is happening, supply and demand is not working. There is no natural reason for refineries to be operating at only 86% of capacity. There is no excuse for ports to delay offloading ships with crude oil. This sounds more like price fixing than the normal supply and demand of a Capitalist market.

America is reaching a crisis level with the continued daily price increase at the pumps. Auto industries are falling back to the 1980's strategy of cutting the production of trucks, SUV s and next will be 4 wheel drives and mid-size autos. People are losing their jobs and foreclosures continue.

Other actions around the country are beginning to hit the news:

-Airlines are charging for every bag, raising prices and cutting services

-Airlines are considering charging passengers according to weight

-Local governments are increasing license fees for vehicles, wheel tax

-Local governments are charging school and surge charge taxes, to cover fuel price increases

-(Some) Local governments are considering extra license plate fees for older less fuel efficient vehicles

-(Some) Local governments are trying to pass obesity tax on fast food restaurants

-Restaurants are trying to charge extra for people they consider overweight

-Green taxes are being considered, the more energy (electricity, natural gas, etc.) a customer consumes the higher the tax

-Cheap dangerous imports from China are up (consumers cannot afford American made/produced products)

-The number of Americans selling their blood for gas and food are increasing daily.

We cannot wait for the promised change in '09 with a new president. This Congress had better do something, instead of spending on pork barrel projects and playing politics, or it will be too late for the next president. Like Nero's Rome, America is slowly burning.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

GM Follows Ford: Been Here Before

GM announced they will follow Ford down the same road we have traveled before. With sales down and heat up, from the politicians and environmentalist to raise the CAFE standards, both have announced they will suspend manufacturing of SUVs and cut productions of PU trucks. This is nothing new, we went through the same scenario in the 1980's after the second oil crisis. The first crisis was the 1973-1974 embargo and the second was the 1979 Iranian revolution. After the government in Iran lost control and our Embassy was taken over in Tehran, oil production from OPEC was down and became unreliable.

The auto industry shifted from large automobiles to smaller more compact cars and trucks. This was done to satisfy the new 27.5 mpg CAFE that was passed by Congress. The American auto industry also had to compete with imports to America. Companies that had built smaller vehicles that worked well in their own countries began to be very popular in America. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda and Yugo found a new market in the U S. The big three countered with their own versions of small fuel efficient vehicles. Unfortunately the CAFE standards were never met and the small engines that worked well in the smaller countries would not stand up to the daily transportation needs of Americans.

Along with some American brands most of the models offered eventually failed. The Mazda rotary engine, Yugo and most 4 cylinder engines fell out of favor with most Americans that lived outside of our major cities. American cars like : Pinto, Vega, Escort, Omni, Aspen, Skylark and others that were equipped with 4 cylinder engines also fell out of favor.

The oil crisis in '73 and '79 not only effected the auto industry it effected everything with the rise in fuel prices at the pumps. The government reacted with conservation, rationing of gas, tax breaks for using alternative energy sources like Solar and Wind, new home construction responded with totally electric homes, and industry was given tax breaks for research into alternative fuels. Universities around the country were given government grants to research alternative fuels, renewable sources of energy, and an alternative to the combustion engine. The Federal Government also restricted the speed limit on interstates to 55 mph.

Not much has changed today than in the 1980-1989 period. CAFE standards have really not been met. Most vehicles on the road today don't meet the 27.5 mpg required in the 1980's. We increased the size of our engines to V-6 and V-8 to satisfy the needs of American motorist and added electronic gadgets and emissions controls to satisfy the environmentalist. What did change is we started buying oil from countries other than OPEC. While we are still dependent on them countries like Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, and others started increasing production and brought the price down.

Traveling down the same road we traveled before will not help us today. It will only bring about more Pintos, Vegas, and Yugos. Congress will hold hearings, raise the CAFE standards, preach conservation, spend, spend, spend tax payer money but never allow drilling off shore for are own oil.

Monday, June 2, 2008

How Obama Can Beat McCain

Here is a perfect way Sen Obama can beat Sen McCain in the fall election before the Denver Convention even starts.

According to a recent Gallop Poll survey "
Americans Favor Meeting With U. S. Enemies"
"Six in 10 think it's a good idea to meet with President of Iran"

Over the week of July 4th Sen Obama should meet with not only Ahmadinejad, but also include Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Hamas Leader Khaled Mashaal, and Hezbollah Leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Meet them in a neutral country visited by many members of Congress like Speaker Pelosi, say Syria. Sen Obama can work out a deal with Mashaal and Nasrallah to recognize a 1 year cease fire with Israel, no more rockets or suicide bombings and return all Israeli soldiers. In return he will convince Israel to release all Palestinians Israel is holding prisoner.

With Ahmadinejad and Chavez, all Obama needs to do is get them to agree to produce more oil for the American market and have Ahmadinejad promise his nuclear plants are for peaceful purposes only. In return all Obama has to do is promise a closer more understanding relationship with the U. S. and guarantee we will pull all of our forces in Iraq out and will never return.

On his trip home he can meet with Fidel and Raul Castro. He could get an agreement with Raul to consider opening travel restrictions in return for Sen Obama promising to lift American sanctions on Cuba. A simple letter of agreement to hold meaningful negotiations in the future would satisfy most Americans.

If Sen Obama starts his preparations now, he can have these meetings the 1st week of July and have the Presidential election sowed up before Aug. These are all knowledgeable men willing to negotiate in good faith with the next President. With Sen Obama's power of persuasion he should have no problem negotiating with these leaders.

Obama Democracy Alliance and Oil

In an earlier post State_of _America: Using Oil To Sway Elections I question if some of our billionaires could really be manipulating the market in an effort to sway the elections in Sen Obama's favor. Now we hear the Federal Trade Commission is investigating the market for possible manipulation of oil prices. In another post, FTC: Oil Market Manipulation, I raised doubts that the government would be capable of finding a smoking gun. Should the government take a hard look at the Democracy Alliance group's donor-members, some of whom are?:

-George Soros, and possible members or donors (the list is mostly private): Jim Rogers, Victor Niederhoffer and Stanley Druckenmiller

-Board Directors:

-Rob McKay
-Anna Burger
-Drummond Pike
-William Budinger
-Robert Dugger
-Al Dwoskin
-Gail Furman
-Robert Johnson
-Steven Phillips
-Charles Rodgers
-Deborah Sagner
-Michael Vachon
-Rob Stein

Other public known donor-members are:

Peter B. Lewis
Herb and Marion Sandler
Tim Gill
Rachel Pritzker Hunter
Gara LaMarche
Guy Saperstein
Rob Reiner
Herb Miller
David A. Friedman
Ann S. Bowers
Albert C. Yates
Davidi Gilo
Mark Buell

Like Soros some of these people are the richest people in America, invest in commodities and hedge funds, and are Obama supporters. It is no secret that George Soros will do anything to see a Democrat win the White House. The question is, would he go so far as to destroy America economically so he could see her rebuilt in accordance with his Open Society beliefs?

None of the people I mention in this post may be doing anything illegal, they may only be guilty of following the ideals and advice of people like George Soros and Robert Dugger, of the Tudor Foundation a global funds management company participating in major debt, equity, currency, and commodity markets worldwide.

With prices going up on everything because the price of fuel is steadily increasing, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Manipulating and gaming the market to effect the overall economy is nothing new. To do it in an effort to sway an election is nothing short of treason against your country. If Americans care about America now would be the time to sell your oil futures and re-invest in America.