Sunday, June 15, 2008

Congress Stop Scamming Start Drilling

Message to Congress, Stop Scamming and Start Drilling. It is time the environmentalist and global warming fanatics begin to back off. With millions of Americans living below the poverty level we can no longer wait for science and technology to come to the rescue. Our economy and the world's economy is petroleum based. In one way or another everything we produce or manufacture is tied to petroleum.

For the last 50 years, countries around the world have studied ways to break their dependence on oil. The research into solar, wind and electric is nothing new. Now we have all types of scams running around the Internet and wild announcements of concept cars that can get between 50-100 mpg or (in the case of electric) up to 100 miles between recharging of the batteries. All of these concepts are 20-30years away and depend on too many variables to be trusted. If any country or company could come up with vehicles that were dependable, safe and consumer friendly that country or company would become the most powerful entity overnight.

For the past 40 years battery companies have been researching ways to be the first to patent a new battery that will make electric vehicles viable. The result has been dismal to say the least. Their failures are not due to a lack of effort, if they ever succeed they will own the market, but their failures are due to a lack of science and technology. Like the discussion on global warming the world of science and technology is divided on finding an answer to the problems we face. The simple truth is there are things in this world mankind has never been able to understand. Weather, nature and alternative energy are things that have divided the world of science for decades and I don't see anything changing in the near future. We are still divided as to whether man arrived on earth from Darwin's theory of evolution or God's hands.

Since the 60s there have been countless attempts to build vehicles that run off solar power and alternative fuels. Electric and steam powered vehicles were some of the earliest vehicles to be offered to the public. They all failed in comparison to the combustion engine. Today we are betting our future on alternative fuels like ethanol, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), bio-diesel and even water. While these efforts in research and development should continue, we have reached the point where Congress must step in and admit we must open the wells and restart our own domestic drilling. The technology for drilling oil is safe and can be done far more rapidly than waiting for the world of science and technology to catch up. Since drilling began in the Gulf Coast we have not experienced a major oil leak. Even with the Katrina disaster no oil rigs suffered significant damage resulting in leaks.

Some 'Greenies' are hoping the price of gas in America will reach the $7-$8 range forcing Americans to turn in their gas guzzlers and environmentally unfriendly vehicles for more modern, environmentally safe and efficient cars. This will not solve our problem. Relying on the manufacturers mpg sticker on a vehicle is misleading. In the real world of driving, the consumer will not achieve the same gas mileage demonstrated on the sticker. The CAFE reached by the manufacturer is done under controlled standards and ideal situations. Everything from the driver, weather, traffic, vehicle maintenance, road condition and speed, to the amount of weight in the vehicle will reduce the actual miles per gallon the consumer will achieve. With electric vehicles these variables plus the terrain with drastically reduce the miles you can travel before recharging the batteries. When the price does reach the $7 a gallon mark and I see a 'Greenie' or some environmentalist sitting broke down beside the rode with his environmentally safe vehicle, please do not expect me to stop and please do not complain when the price of a loaf of bread is $6.

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