Monday, October 22, 2007

56 Men

by Ronnie Spangler

We that sign this writ for relief
Do affirm and attest to our common belief.
To all mankind Our Creator bestowed
Seeds of freedom to plant, water and hoe.

And from these seeds a Nation will rise,
Not one that lives through hate and lies,
But one that sees through God’s own eyes.

As one young boy stood all alone,
With nothing more than sling and stone,
We free men stand today
And state our will to never stray.
We will fight if we must,
For its with God we place our trust.

Now as we let our names be known,
We do not believe we stand alone.
For all mankind desires to be free,
and spared from one man’s tyranny.

As we venture forth our plight
Be it known we will unite.
To destroy evil when we can,
Or except God’s will and understand.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Soviet Union Resurrection?

Among other things in my book written in 2006, I predicted Vladimir Putin would not only retain control of Russia but consolidate the office of President and Prime Minister. With recent reports coming out of Russia I wonder if a book of fiction is becoming reality.

Excerpt from my book ".....the offices of President and Prime Minister were combined into the current Supreme Command Chairman position with Vladimir Putin continuing as head of state. Reminiscent of the old Soviet Union, Chairman Putin sealed the borders, resurrected the KGB, nationalized all forms of media and passed new legislation......."

With recent reports in the news on statements made by Mr Putin, plus his visit to Iran, I have to wonder if we are witnessing the reemergence of the Soviet Union. If we are how will it effect events in the Middle East and around the world?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In My Father's Time

In my father's time
words used to mean much more
than just some talk behind a door.
Words of pride they all agreed,
were words like God, Country and Family.
Now as we live in a world of crime,
How I wish for my father's time.

They fought their war til victory's end
Returned back home to begin again.
They never asked to be repaid
for all the lives they may have saved.
They sacrificed and went to history,
the fathers that kept our nation free.

They never questioned is this right
they simply joined in freedom's fight.
They held their heads up on high,
whenever Old Glory should happened by.
They taught their kids to understand,
how much these words mean to man.
Sons followed in their father's way,
others were lost and began to stray.

Today America must unite,
and join together in this fight.
For all our fathers that came before,
Our faith in God, America and Family we must restore.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The following is an excerpt from my book Final Conflict The Last American Journal of Eddie Johnson. I wrote it in 2006 but I believe it will be true for some time to come.

Traveling Down This Rocky Trail

As we travel down this rocky trail,
Will our leaders succeed or fail?
Will our country finally unite?
And follow our leader in this fight.
Will we travel all alone?
Will we fall on every stone?
Will God look down with sorrow and say?

"If only they could remember how to pray.
I heard you in your hour of need,
But they were simply prayers of greed.
You asked that I should lead the way,
But failed to hear the words I say.
To hear these words you must repent,
Then open your hearts to the son I sent.
Your faith in me and my son
will lead your way to act as one.
Open up your heart and mind
Guidance, comfort and peace on earth
You will find.
I heard your children weep and pray
Still your nation looked away.
Now you wander if I'm gone,
and if you're on this path alone.
If you place your faith in me
The answer's here for you to see."

May God Continue To Bless The USA

Thursday, October 11, 2007

America- Could Our Military be Safer in Iraq

Below is the FBI's table of reported crimes in America covering the same period of time we have been in Iraq up to 2006;

Looking at the numbers and considering Americans are not fighting one another within our own borders, ask yourself just how bad is it going in Iraq.

Year Violent Crime/ Murder / Rape/ / Robbery/// Assault
2003 /1,383,676/ / 16,528// 93,883//414,235 ///859,030
2004 /1,360,088// 16,148// 95,089// 401,470 ///847,381
2005 /1,390,745// 16,740// 94,347// 417,438 /// 862,220
2006 /1,417,745// 17,034// 92,455// 447,403 /// 860,853
Total /5,552,254 //66,450//375,774//1,680,546//3,429,484

Remember these are only reported number of cases in the US. For a variety of reasons there are a large number of rapes, robberies, murders and other violent crimes that never get reported. So is it really safer in America and are we really doing so bad in Iraq? In a supposedly war free safe America why do we have over 66 thousand Americans murdered, over 375 thousand reported rapes, over 1 1/2 million robberies and over 3 million assaults? No, looking at the 2 situations I don't think we are doing all that bad in Iraq.