Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In My Father's Time

In my father's time
words used to mean much more
than just some talk behind a door.
Words of pride they all agreed,
were words like God, Country and Family.
Now as we live in a world of crime,
How I wish for my father's time.

They fought their war til victory's end
Returned back home to begin again.
They never asked to be repaid
for all the lives they may have saved.
They sacrificed and went to history,
the fathers that kept our nation free.

They never questioned is this right
they simply joined in freedom's fight.
They held their heads up on high,
whenever Old Glory should happened by.
They taught their kids to understand,
how much these words mean to man.
Sons followed in their father's way,
others were lost and began to stray.

Today America must unite,
and join together in this fight.
For all our fathers that came before,
Our faith in God, America and Family we must restore.

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