Sunday, August 3, 2014

Israel Not The Only Country With Tunnel Problems

by Ronnie Spangler

With the Israel vs Hamas conflict receiving 24/7 coverage on CNN you would think Israel is the only country in the world that has to worry about tunnels. Not so fast.

As the picture clearly shows we have our own problems right here at home. Most people hear about the occasional tunnel coming from Mexico to America by way of San Diego. This tunnel being inspected by a U. S. Border Patrol agent was in Nogales, Az. This is not the first or last tunnel to be found and destroyed in Az. This happens in every state bordering US and Mexico.

While it is true these tunnels are dug and used by Mexican drug cartels for illegal drug trafficking nothing stops them from smuggling terrorist wishing to bring harm to Americans. The only thing that deters them from using them in this way is the fear of retaliation if a terrorist attack was ever traced back to them. Bad business practice.


Could what is happening along the Gaza Strip ever happen along our borders? Only time will tell.

Did Queen Of Liberals Call America Insignificant?

by Ronnie Spangler

Congressman Tom Marino learned a valuable lesson when speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives. Be careful who you anger. Question anything the previous Congress did or did not do during the Democrat control and leadership of the Queen of Liberals and you will immediately feel the wrath of the wicked witch of the west, Nancy Pelosi.

What was it that set the Queen off and forced her to forget decorum or working with the opposition? A simple thing called the truth. Rep. Marino had the nerve to point out that during the Queen and Democrat reign over the House, Senate and White House nothing significant was accomplished to secure our southern borders or stop the flow of illegal immigration. Rep Marino pointed to facts and truths that are undeniable. Unfortunately facts or truth leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of Liberals like Nancy Pelosi and, let's not forget her number 2 liberal, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The majority of news networks specifically ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC will pay little or no attention to this altercation on the House floor. After all, its not like anyone shook their head in opposition or called someone a liar even when the accusation was later proven to be true. This is not the first nor will it be the last time Rep Pelosi has acted or said something that was totally inappropriate and the media has remained silent. Remember her recent comment on CNN when she repeated Qatar claim that Hamas is a humanitarian organization?

With all the crisis facing America and the world one may think these networks are justified in their non coverage of actions or statements being made by some people in Congress. The problem with this thinking is any claim of fair or impartial reporting is lost and our trust in a free press becomes a thing of the past. I am not saying there was ever a time that America could trust the press 100% to be impartial or even correct in their reporting. From the very beginning of the free press in America first reports have almost always been wrong. Today with 24/7 coverage it has gotten worse.

What the media has failed to understand or be willing to admit is the disdain and underlying elitist attitude that Liberals like Nancy Pelosi hold against Republicans and the people they represent. When she told Rep Marino he was "insignificant" she was also saying the people he represents are insignificant. Does she believe the people of the 10th District of Pennsylvania are small, unimportant, contemptible people? That is the definition of insignificant.

Watch the unedited video of what transpired between Nancy Pelosi and Tom Marino. Specifically at the end of Rep Marino speech on the floor when Rep Pelosi disrupted the House business by crossing over and confronting Rep Marino.