Friday, May 29, 2009

North Korea, China, America and Obama

by Ron Spangler

With all of the threats and acts of war coming out of North Korea how will America, China and Obama react.

The answer is yet to be seen, but we can predict. Does anyone really believe North Korea is acting entirely on their own? Here is a country that depends solely on China for their very existence. It was not North Korea that pushed the American forces back to the 38th parallel during the Korean War, it was China. It was not solely North Korea that America negotiated with and reached a truce agreement during the long drawn out peace talks, it was China.

North Korea does nothing without China, so why does China allow them to create havoc in the world. They are testing Obama and America's influence in the world. China has never given up on the idea of reconciling Taiwan to the mainland, by force if need be. They tested Bush, now they are testing Obama.

Today they have a much better hand to play than they did during the Bush Administration. They basically own our economy and believe they can control Obama by simply threatening to force America into bankruptcy at any time. Could they, yes.

They have already voiced interest in dropping the dollar in the world market and replacing it with the yuan. The result would be an instant collapse of the dollar and the American market. Like a good puppet master China will use North Korea to test Obama and America's resolve to use military action if our allies are threatened. If North Korea renews military actions against South Korea and Obama appears to be weak, China will give Taiwan an ultimatum. Rejoin the mainland peacefully or be invaded. This time they will be serious.

China has not been quietly tripling its Naval and overall military strength over the last decade for no reason. They have not bought up America just because they thought they would prosper and become good friends with us. To the contrary they knew the only way they could ever gain influence in American foreign policy would be if in some way they could have influence in our economy. Now they believe America is so far in debt to them, we would never challenge them in their own ideas of foreign policy and how the world should look. Maybe they are right.

No matter how much the American media (CNN, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, or Times) tries to build up the American economy by siting a turn around in the market, China and the American consumer see the truth. With higher unemployment, inflation and a weakening dollar the only thing that is keeping America from falling off the economic cliff is the price of oil. Now that is beginning to rise higher and higher.

So here is State_of_America's prediction for the near future.

Oil prices will continue to rise. Resulting in higher gas prices, higher transportation costs, higher prices for every consumer product, less consumer spending, higher unemployment and the economy falling deeper into the depression that the media refuses to recognize.

North Korea will test America and Obama with limited military attacks either at sea or with covert acts within South Korea.

China will act to reconcile Taiwan with the mainland.

China, Russia and Iran will join in an agreement stating an attack on one will be considered an attack on all.

North Korea will enter an alliance with Iran providing assistance with their quest for missile and nuclear power.

Obama will react by addressing the United Nations and trying to rally the western allies to assist America in stopping the obvious signs of aggression. China and Russia will react by devaluing the dollar and removing it as the global reserve currency.

Due to the economic devastation in the western nations caused by the total collapse of the dollar, our allies will be reluctant to take on this powerhouse trio. The way President Obama has treated our long time allies will also have a unhealthy effect on his cries for help. Britain will be the first to remind Obama how he embarrassed their queen and their country by going along with France and not inviting the queen to participate in the 65th D-Day Commemorations

Israel will react by reminding President Obama about his working behind the scenes to placate Iran at their expense. In the end the Western World will feel betrayed by Obama and worried about whether he can really be trusted.

American support for Obama will finally begin to wain and come to an end once he reinstates the draft. This however will be too little too late. With his naive belief that he is destined for greatness and is the savior for the free world another World War is inevitable. Israel feeling they are faced with total destruction and genocide by Iran will attack Iran's nuclear facilities sparking WWIII.

This is what America and the world is facing in the very near future. State_of_America believes this will become reality within the next few months and reach its peak by the summer of 2010.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

President Obama Buyers Remorse

by Ron Spangler

It is clear today there are a growing number of Obama supporters experiencing buyer's remorse. With every flip flop he makes his supporters become more and more disappointed and bewildered with their messiah.

It amazes me that it has taken so long for some of his supporters to recognize that President Obama is nothing more than a self interested career politician. He, along with Pelosi, Reid, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and the rest of the career politicians in the House and Senate, have done everything in their power to destroy America. Their reasons for following a path of total destruction of the American economy and in effect America, are many. The main reasons are simply greed and arrogance.

All of these people have fallen victim to one of the seven sins that will in the end destroy them. With their ever increasing greed for more power and control of the world they are beginning to self destruct. The really sad thing about the fall of the Obama dynasty? It will lead to the fall of America.

Because they have such an unbelievable amount of arrogance, their lack of common sense and stupidity has finally come to light. Unfortunately the media and hard core Obama supporters will never admit we are in danger of loosing the America our forefathers envisioned. Obama supporters will say we have already lost that America and it was the fault of the Bush Administration. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The actual truth is hard to digest for the hard core Obama supporters, but here it is.

We are no longer in a recession, we are in another depression that will only get worse as each day, week and month passes by. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the April 2009 unemployment rate reached 8.9 percent. The media has widely reported it but they also like to include the caveat that this number reflects a decrease from what was expected. The reality is the number continues to increase and if every unemployed person in America were truly counted, the number would be in the double digits. Businesses are failing and consumers are not buying. The American public is scared and getting angrier by the minute. Families are starting to fall apart due to the ever increasing economic pressure that is being forced upon them. The government is spending far more than they will ever receive in tax dollars without drastically increasing taxes. As they increase taxes more companies will lay off more people and the government will spend more in unemployment compensation. Their answer of printing more money and dumping more and more dollars into the market place is the recipe for inflation and the next Great Depression.

Unlike working people that see harder times coming their way and try to save as much as they can, this Administration and Congress continue to spend outrageous amounts of money making the dollar worthless to other countries around the world. The end result will be bankruptcy for America. This is nothing new, witness the former Soviet Union. They more than any other country in recent history proved that a central government having total control of the economy and involvement in running private industry is a disaster in the making and doomed to failure.

Why are they doing this? Are they really that stupid? The answer is yes and no. In their greed for more power and their arrogance in believing they have the answer for every question known to mankind, they think they can bring America to the edge of self destruction and at the very last moment pull her back as a better and more powerful nation. A nation consisting of a one party rule with the government running everything and having the answers for all the problems the world encounters. If you believe in this philosophy or idea then it is not stupid to believe you can make it happen. If you are so arrogant that you honestly believe you have the answers for, or the government is the answer to, all of the questions and problems facing the world then this is the natural path to follow.

If on the other hand you look back in history you will believe this idea to be stupid. Why, because you will find this is nothing new. Other world leaders have followed this path and led their countries to a complete and disastrous failure.

In the 20th century alone Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and others believed in and followed this path. All of these people had one thing in common. They believed they had the answers to everything and they should control the thoughts and minds of the people they were leading. They did not believe in an individual's right to succeed or fail. They did not believe in an individual's right to question the path their government was taking. They did believe the people were too stupid to understand what was in the best interest of the country or the economy and well being of their nation. All or most of these leaders came to power during or after the Great Depression when most of the world was facing an economic collapse. They promised their people better times and a better way of life. By taking control of the market and nationalizing all of the industries, they had a short term success in turning around their economies. They built roads, bridges, city buildings, automobiles and in the case of Germany the biggest industry was military equipment. Everyone in one way or another worked for the government.

The problem with this type of Totalitarian or Socialist society is it never works. People want their right to succeed or fail. We want our right to question our government. We want to decide what path our country is taking and yes how much money our government is spending. We want to decide what our government spends our tax dollars on. We want to decide how much we our taxed and what should and should not be taxed. We want our representatives to read and know, so they can explain to us, the bills and laws they are passing in Congress. We want the media to be free from government influence and tell us the truth about what our elected officials are doing in our names. In other words we want to be the free and independent people that controls our government, not the people that are controlled by the government. We want the government and America that our forefathers envisioned.

Have the flip flops been too little, or is it too late for President Obama and his cohorts to change the future of America? I believe it is both too late and due to their unbelievable arrogance the question of right or wrong path has never entered their minds.

Can we the American people change our future and take control of a government that is hell bent on turning America into another Socialist failed state? Maybe. It all depends on us. Will we continue to stand in awl of a single individual because the media has ordained him to be the brightest, most intelligent and charismatic person in the world? Will we send a message through our elected officials telling Washington to stop the spending, stop the nationalization of private companies and industry, get out of the auto industry, drop the taxes and allow companies to compete, tell the rest of the world we are Americans and we are not that concerned about how you think we should treat terrorist, and finally we must send the message to reject the idea that we gave Washington a mandate to destroy America.

If Americans do not come together and act fast to get our message out, by the elections in 2010 it will be too late. With the looming bankruptcy facing GM (it will happen) and the astronomical inflation due to flooding the economy with cheap dollars the Depression we are feeling now will seem minor. The dollar will loose its AAA rating and the world market will turn away from a weak and devalued dollar. China, Iran and Russia will become economic partners and emerge as the new leaders of the world. In the end the western world will be facing another decision, fight to remain free or surrender to a new world order.

It is time to tell President Obama and Washington to stop being the puppet to their master George Soros and his billionaire friends. It is time to cut the strings and be the President and Congressmen who believe in a humble small government and recognize the American people are better prepared to run our economy than Washington. President Obama is a politician that makes his decisions more on polls and focus groups than anything else. It is time Americans let him know through his polling numbers that we do not like what we see and he must change course. In his interview on C-Span he finally admitted America is broke. This he cannot blame solely on the Bush Administration.

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