Friday, May 29, 2009

North Korea, China, America and Obama

by Ron Spangler

With all of the threats and acts of war coming out of North Korea how will America, China and Obama react.

The answer is yet to be seen, but we can predict. Does anyone really believe North Korea is acting entirely on their own? Here is a country that depends solely on China for their very existence. It was not North Korea that pushed the American forces back to the 38th parallel during the Korean War, it was China. It was not solely North Korea that America negotiated with and reached a truce agreement during the long drawn out peace talks, it was China.

North Korea does nothing without China, so why does China allow them to create havoc in the world. They are testing Obama and America's influence in the world. China has never given up on the idea of reconciling Taiwan to the mainland, by force if need be. They tested Bush, now they are testing Obama.

Today they have a much better hand to play than they did during the Bush Administration. They basically own our economy and believe they can control Obama by simply threatening to force America into bankruptcy at any time. Could they, yes.

They have already voiced interest in dropping the dollar in the world market and replacing it with the yuan. The result would be an instant collapse of the dollar and the American market. Like a good puppet master China will use North Korea to test Obama and America's resolve to use military action if our allies are threatened. If North Korea renews military actions against South Korea and Obama appears to be weak, China will give Taiwan an ultimatum. Rejoin the mainland peacefully or be invaded. This time they will be serious.

China has not been quietly tripling its Naval and overall military strength over the last decade for no reason. They have not bought up America just because they thought they would prosper and become good friends with us. To the contrary they knew the only way they could ever gain influence in American foreign policy would be if in some way they could have influence in our economy. Now they believe America is so far in debt to them, we would never challenge them in their own ideas of foreign policy and how the world should look. Maybe they are right.

No matter how much the American media (CNN, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, or Times) tries to build up the American economy by siting a turn around in the market, China and the American consumer see the truth. With higher unemployment, inflation and a weakening dollar the only thing that is keeping America from falling off the economic cliff is the price of oil. Now that is beginning to rise higher and higher.

So here is State_of_America's prediction for the near future.

Oil prices will continue to rise. Resulting in higher gas prices, higher transportation costs, higher prices for every consumer product, less consumer spending, higher unemployment and the economy falling deeper into the depression that the media refuses to recognize.

North Korea will test America and Obama with limited military attacks either at sea or with covert acts within South Korea.

China will act to reconcile Taiwan with the mainland.

China, Russia and Iran will join in an agreement stating an attack on one will be considered an attack on all.

North Korea will enter an alliance with Iran providing assistance with their quest for missile and nuclear power.

Obama will react by addressing the United Nations and trying to rally the western allies to assist America in stopping the obvious signs of aggression. China and Russia will react by devaluing the dollar and removing it as the global reserve currency.

Due to the economic devastation in the western nations caused by the total collapse of the dollar, our allies will be reluctant to take on this powerhouse trio. The way President Obama has treated our long time allies will also have a unhealthy effect on his cries for help. Britain will be the first to remind Obama how he embarrassed their queen and their country by going along with France and not inviting the queen to participate in the 65th D-Day Commemorations

Israel will react by reminding President Obama about his working behind the scenes to placate Iran at their expense. In the end the Western World will feel betrayed by Obama and worried about whether he can really be trusted.

American support for Obama will finally begin to wain and come to an end once he reinstates the draft. This however will be too little too late. With his naive belief that he is destined for greatness and is the savior for the free world another World War is inevitable. Israel feeling they are faced with total destruction and genocide by Iran will attack Iran's nuclear facilities sparking WWIII.

This is what America and the world is facing in the very near future. State_of_America believes this will become reality within the next few months and reach its peak by the summer of 2010.

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  1. Obama is the worst president that America has ever had.