Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Obama, Delusional and Mentally Incompetent

by Ron Spangler

After the Christmas day attack on board flight 253 some serious questions are beginning to surface about the United States President. Before the attack people praised Barack Obama as highly intelligent, articulate and a constitutional scholar. The biggest question his critics could muster was if he had Socialist intentions for the United States. With his actions and statements since Christmas more serious questions must be raised.

Does Barack Obama have a mental disorder that will not allow him to face reality?

Is he in a delusional state of mind that restricts his ability to separate facts from fantasies?

Is he mentally incompetent and unable to distinguish the difference between our friends and enemies?

These are questions I never thought I would ask about any President of the United States but these are desperate and scary times. If we look at the world the way it really is and look at the world the way Barack Obama sees it, something is clearly wrong. The United States economy is still on the edge of destruction and unemployment is still at a record high but Barack sees it coming back strong and the worst being behind us. With the high unemployment and consumer spending down, government tax revenue is dwindling. Normal people would stop borrowing and spending but Barack Obama believes we should borrow and spend more. He goes to China, our biggest debtor, with hat in hand asking for more loans. They scold him on excessive spending and the falling value of the dollar. He returns home speaking about reaching a mutual understanding and economic agreement between the two nations. In the meantime China publicly ridicules him and warns they may agree to drop the dollar as the world reserve currency. Obama refuses to hear the warnings and criticism and decides to force through a health care plan that may cripple the United States for generations to come.

He believes in Global Warming and sees the world being destroyed if the nations of the world do not follow his lead and advice. Scientist disagree on the cause and even if mankind can make a difference but he doesn't hear the opposition and refuses to listen to dissenters of the Global Warming theory. He goes to Copenhagen promising to come back with an agreement that will change the way mankind deals with the effects of global warming. Again China refuses to discuss the matter by sending a low level minister that has no authority to broker any agreements with anyone. Obama representing the United States at the highest level did not see this as an insult but returned home with a fantasy story about agreeing to have future talks to agree on something. It made no sense but some in the media bent over backwards to clean it up.

After taking office the first thing he did was order the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Military Prison. He had no plan but in his mind it was simple, if I say it will be done then it will be done. He told America and the world it would be closed within a year and then he walked away from it. In March he decided the War On Terror was over and using Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano started calling terrorist, extremist instead. Terrorist attacks became man made disasters. He went to South America and met Venezuela President Chavez during the Summit of the Americas where Chavez clapped him on the back and gave him a book. Obama never understood it to be an insult but rather an opportunity to settle past disagreements between the United States and Chavez. At the first opportunity Chavez blasted the United States and ridiculed Obama calling him another Bush.

After the Fort Hood terror attack by Maj Hasan, Obama went to a previously scheduled event hosted by the Department of Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs. After being introduced he jubilantly recognized the staffers and laughingly gave a "shout out" to "Dr Joe Medicine Crow, that Congressional Medal of Honor Winner." It took three minutes into his speech for him to say anything about the Fort Hood shootings. When he did he called it a "horrible incident". In the days and weeks that followed he still would not call it a terrorist act, even though the rest of the country recognized it as an act of terror.

After the terror attack on flight 253 it took over two hours for the President to be notified. Three days after the attack and only after Janet Napolitano made a fool out of herself on the weekend news shows, Obama finally broke his silence. In his speech he never recognized it as an Al Qaeda directed act of terror, instead he called it an "extremist act" and "incident of one lone extremist". It was perfectly clear to everyone including most of the media it was a terrorist attack directed by Al Qaeda in Yemen.

It was after Obama's speech that Al Qaeda in Yemen posted a statement claiming responsibility and warning of more attacks to follow. Obama gave a second speech partially defending Napolitano by saying after the attack the system worked to stop anymore potential attacks from occurring. He did say the system failed and ordered a review on his desk within two days. He still never referred to it as an act of terror and called the Al Qaeda connected terrorist an extremist. In both speeches it was clear from the expression on his face, President Obama didn't understand what was going on and didn't really believe what he was saying.

President Obama is still considering returning some of the GITMO prisoners to Yemen even though two of the previous detainees were returned to Yemen and now are leaders of Al Qaeda in Yemen. His determination to treat both acts of terror as criminal acts has most of the country bewildered.

Whether President Obama is suffering from some form of a delusional break down from reality or is just in a state of denial is something a qualified psychologist will have to determine. The question some Americans are beginning to ask:

Does President Obama have the mental stability or is he competent enough to remain as Commander In Chief during a time of war?

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

President Obama Terrorist Not A Threat

by Ron Spangler

If it wasn't clear to President Obama supporters in the past it is clear today, when it comes to terrorist attacks President Obama is a weak leader.

Unlike President Bush this president has decided to take a low key leadership role when America is under attack. Since the Christmas day attack President Obama has made zero public appearances. Rather than appearing on camera to reassure the public that everything is under control the president has decided to work out in the gym and play golf while vacationing in Hawaii.

This is to be expected of President Obama. After all, after the Fort Hood killings this administration refused to classify and prosecute the attack as a terrorist attack. In the most recent attack that was thwarted only by the fact that the explosive device failed to explode and the passengers taking swift action President Obama and some in the media have been reluctant to make the connection of the suspect to Al Qaeda. It is perfectly clear to most people that this was carried out by Al Qaeda out of Yemen.

The president may think his nonappearance will be more reassuring but it will most likely have the opposite effect. It also will send the message to other terrorist that President Obama is not President Bush and will not take these terrorist attempts seriously. This is reminiscent of the Clinton Administration of the 90s'. Attack after attack was treated as a criminal act and never given the full benefit of a terrorist threat or act of war. To most Americans this is the wrong direction for this president to be taking and is nothing less than a sign of weak leadership skills.

It is Sunday the second day since the Christmas terrorist failed attempt to bring down a U S plane and kill innocent civilians over a U S city. The president has decided to send his cabinet people to all of the talk show circuits instead of addressing the situation himself. Evidently resident Obama is worried that without his teleprompter he might say the wrong thing, thereby opening himself up to public ridicule. With his performance rating dropping like a large rock the president must be more concerned about his political standings than the security of the country.

If this sounds like a harsh critical review of the president's handling of the recent terrorist attack, then I have done my job. Since President Obama has taken office this is clearly the second terrorist attack whether the president believes it or not. We all know the president has worked really hard on his domestic agenda and needs to recharge before the next fight over health care but nothing including health care is more important than our country coming under attack by agents of Al Qaeda. It is bad enough we have murderers of Federal Agents and Marines sitting in Mexico while this Administration does nothing, it is absolutely intolerable and inexcusable for the country to come under attack and the president say nothing for two or three days.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

And Obama Said Unto Them

by Ron Spangler

The great and wondrous leader Barack Obama called upon his followers to gather in front of their televisions and said unto them, "Follow me for we are on the brink of a great disaster the like of which we have not seen since the Great Depression. Open your wallets and your children' wallets and I will save you from walking off the precipice that is before you." His followers without question opened their wallets and bankrupt their children for decades to come because the magnificent one said, "Do not fear for I am in charge and I will lead you to the land of prosperity." This was the great disaster known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

As unemployment began to rise the all knowing leader Barack Obama called upon his followers and said unto them, "Follow me for I am the all knowing and wise leader that shall smite the wicked ways of the bankers and Wall Street Fat Cats that have destroyed our economy. I will force them to take your money and thereby gain control of all of the decisions they make, for only I am wise enough to make those decisions." Again his followers fell to their knees and praised the wise and all knowing Obama, feeling blessed that they finally had a leader worth following.

Next the glorious leader called upon his gathering of followers and said unto them, "Follow me for I am the glorious all knowing leader that must take over the automotive industry in America. I will use your money to buy up stock and bail out the failing companies and I will be able to control all of their future decisions for I am the all wise and glorious Barack Obama." Again the gathering bowed and praised the all knowing savior Barack Obama.

Again the glorious savior of the west called upon his followers to gather before him and said unto them, "I am the great all knowing wise man that you have chosen to lead you into the prosperous land of the future. Now I find doubters amongst my people. Now I tell you we are at a time of great crisis and something must be done. As I have led you out of the great recession our future is now threatened by the great Health Care debate. I am the wise one and I have the answer. I have given great bribes to and even committed extortion against my Democrat Disciples in Congress. They will pass a Health Care Bill giving me more power and taxing you more. This must be done now for we are standing on the edge of a great cliff but I shall lead us away and back into the land of prosperity."

As his followers looked up the great majority saw the all knowing and glorious leader looking more like the Emperor with no clothes. The words coming from the great one seemed hollow and similar to the failed promises they had heard before.

Sensing his followers had fallen in numbers the great one decided to take his message to the world, for they must surely still believe him to be the great savior from the west.

With arrogance and pride at his side he soared forth on the mighty wings of Air Force One. He landed with great expectations and promises of good tidings to all nations that would listen to his glorious words of wisdom.

As he stood upon his mound and looked down upon the Nations of the World that had gathered at the Mount Of Copenhagen, he said unto them, "Listen and follow me for I am the Savior From The West, the One and Only Barack Obama. All of you Nations of great wealth and prosperity give up your monies and treasures, bankrupt your countries so that you can give your wealth to the less fortunate countries in Africa and the Middle East. Follow my lead for I have already suckered my country into doing this very thing I ask of you. The earth is warming and the climate is changing and if you do not do as I ask we are all doomed. We must stop the carbon emissions and reverse global warming before the Poles melt and the Oceans rise. I am the great Obama, listen and follow or you all shall perish."

And the great multitudes of Nations arose and said unto the Great One, "Uh not so fast bub. This ain't America and you ain't so great."

"What's in this for us", said the smaller Nations?

"What's in it for me", said China?

And Obama said unto the smaller Nations, "I'll give you money."

The smaller Nations said, "Ok, how about $30 Billion."

Obama said unto China, "Please, pretty please I'll give you money."

And China said, "Don't be stupid. You're going to borrow money from us just to give it back to us with interest, boy is this guy stupid or what. Look Barack we own you and therefore we have to save you from yourself. No deal the meeting is over."

With this the great one returned to his bankrupt nation of fewer and fewer followers and said unto those few that would listen, "I have returned and bring you great promises from the rest of the world. I have achieved unprecedented promises from world leaders to think about cutting their carbon emissions and all it will cost you is another $30 Billion to begin with. We may give up some more jobs, but I have saved the world from global warming and climate change for I am the great all knowing Barack Obama. So it has been written, let it be done."

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A World of Changing Science

by Ron Spangler

We live in a world of ever changing science. By its very nature and definition science must continue to change as new generations evolve. This is why our schools are constantly ordering new text books and requiring our children to embrace new theories put forth by scientist more advanced in technology than their predecessors. Unfortunately for mankind this really means that science can never be completely settled. Theories will always remain theories and proven facts by one generation will be rebuked by the next.

There are some facts in life that cannot be rebuked and will always be a constant truth. When man reaches the point that he believes he is as smart or smarter than our creator then that man is doomed to fail. When a Nation becomes so arrogant that they choose science and a few scientific theories as the answer to all of the world's problems, then that Nation is doomed to fail. No Nation that believes it is more knowledgeable or powerful than our creator can withstand the wrath of our creator.

The people of Babylon decided they were as smart or smarter than the creator and decided to build the Tower of Babel reaching into Heaven. They soon learned they were not as smart as they thought they were. They became confused and could not complete their goal because like it or not there are some things in life that mankind will never be able to accomplish. Entering the gates of Heaven without permission in our earthly bodies is one thing science will never accomplish. Challenging our creator without suffering the consequence of our actions is another.

Arrogance and having the sense that we are always smarter than the previous generation has been a fault that has plagued mankind since the very beginning of time itself. Scientific scholars and teachers once believed time had no beginning and therefore could have no end. Now they teach with absolute certainty the age of the earth and the universe. They also claim the Big Bang Theory along with Global Warming or Climate Change are both settled science.

I can't help but wonder what the next 1 or 2 generations will have to say about these settled sciences. One hundred years from now I can say with somewhat certainty that I will not be around to find out the answer but I can't help but wonder.

What does any of this have to do with the United States economy or the challenges facing the world today ? Being led by Leaders that are the most arrogant Leaders in modern history, we are becoming that arrogant Nation and World that is destined to fail. This President, Congress and Leaders around the world that believe they can solve all of our problems by throwing more money at the problem will destroy their economies. Leaders like President Obama and this Democrat controlled Congress that put all of their faith in science and technology will find themselves in the same position as the people of Babylon, dazed and confused when their faith in science and technology fails to become a reality. Leaders that believe they will survive the final battle as the most righteous are the most arrogant and dangerous leaders in the world. No man can forecast the end of time and no man can know the true destiny of mankind.

What can we as simple people do to stop the madness of the world? We must ask questions of our leaders. We must challenge our leaders when we believe they are wrong. And most importantly, we must replace our leaders when they do not listen to the people they represent.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Shopping

by Ron Spangler

Holiday shopping this year will in all likelihood remain low for most retailers. With the real unemployment rate hitting a record high of 18% most Americans will be looking for value and less high end consumer products. The major retailers will be concentrating on kids low cost plastic products from China as their number one source for the holiday spending spree. With consumers having very little confidence in the jobs market or the long term future of their particular financial situation they are saving more and spending less.

There will be those that will be buying higher ticket price electronics like big screen televisions and some in the media will highlight these sales as a sign the economy is back and consumer confidence is up. This will be a mistake. Retailers have already reduced the price of items like this and will without a doubt reduce them further. Retailers know the average family will be reluctant to buy one item for $600.00 when they can spend $100.00 on each member of a family of 4 and have more Christmas presents under the tree. With this in mind retailers have increased their inventories of items that are less than $20.00 in an effort to boost sales over the holidays.

The one area the media is overlooking during this period is online sales of crafts made in America and sold directly from the person making the item to the consumer. Long time online stores like Etsy.com usually see a increase in sales every holiday season. This may be the year they exceed normal seasonal sales records. This site is well known for high quality low cost American made items with a vast category to choose from. Americans are demanding more for their money and are looking for things that will last long after Christmas day. With all of the recalls that have been announced lately American consumers are becoming leery of cheep imports and turning away from the throw away disposable products that flooded the American markets for the last 10 to 15 years.

If you look at this period of time you will notice that everything from electronics to construction products have made with a built in life expectancy. When the product reaches the end of its life expectancy it became far cheaper to throw it away than the cost of having it repaired. In the case of electronics like televisions, stereos, cell phones, computer game systems and more, the consumer will be lucky to find anyone capable of repairing the item simply because the parts are obsolete shortly after the item leaves the manufacturer.

In today's atmosphere people are turning away from this mindset and are looking to the past. They are beginning to look for American products that will last from generation to generation and can be passed down from one family to the next. At one time in our not so distant past we called these products family heirlooms. Craft sites like Etsy pride themselves in this type of consumer products. As sites like this receive more market and media attention I believe more Americans will be buying more products online than they ever purchased in the past. If you are a consumer looking for quality, value and products made in America by individual American craftsmen and women (including artists) I would encourage you to shop online at craft sites like Etsy.


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Monday, November 16, 2009

ACLU Celebrates Victory

by Ron Spangler

With Eric Holder's recent announcement that terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) would be tried in federal court in New York, the ACLU and KSM experienced a day of nationwide celebration and jubilation. The majority of the country disagrees with this decision but our President has shown he has very little regards for what the majority of Americans think. After all the majority of Americans are people that do one of the following (if not all) they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations. Not my words, these belong to President Obama during his run for president.

Through his policies and decision making process the president has made it clear he will bring change not only to the country but he will change American society into a more peaceful and conciliatory society. He will do this regardless of the Constitution or unpopularity from gun carrying, bible thumping, bitter tea party fanatics that just don't understand that he is doing what is best for the country and the world. If he could only get the people to understand that first you must destroy in order to rebuild, then his goal for a better country would be easier to achieve. Pelosi, Reid, Franks, Schumer, Walters, Boxer, Durbin and the rest of the Democrats understand the theory of rebuilding America like the mythological Egyptian Phoenix, its the majority that don't know the story or understand the Obama strategy or philosophy.

Maybe the American Civil Liberties Union and KSM understand this theory and are quietly thanking the president for granting their wishes. Since KSM was first captured they have been working to have his trial moved to New York. In their minds there could be no more of a fitting place than New York to give them access to the world stage. They believe it is the perfect venue to put George Bush and the United States on trial for all of the past atrocities committed during the illegal War On Terror. They better than anyone understand our American system and the American media. They know for the next five years they will be able to publicly humiliate the past Administration and the actions of America following the 9/11 attacks.

The President must know and understand how divisive the news coming from these court proceedings will be for the country. Instead of pulling the country together his decision has deepened the divide that already exist in the country. By continuing to make decisions like this he will eventually tear the country apart and hasten our self destruction very similar to the way the Phoenix consumed itself by fire and later returned from its ashes. Whether we return a better nation or not will be determined in the future, meanwhile it is only fitting that KSM and the ACLU publicly acknowledge and thank President Obama for his wise decisions.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

President Obama Smarter Than A 5th Grader

by Ron Spangler

President Obama doesn't have to appear on the television program Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader for us to determine the answer. His actions and decisions on matters that effect the future of the country speak for themselves. Just about everything he has done has been wrong and had the opposite effect on our economy, our position as a world leader and now the security of the nation.

In typical Obama fashion he has again decided to get out of Washington D C when tough questions need to be answered or unpopular decisions from his Administration are about to be released to the media. He has again delayed his decision on whether to send reinforcements to Afghanistan while he spends 9 days running around the world. In Japan he came very close to apologizing again for the U S using the Atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII to end the war. It came out during a televised news conference and if the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister's eyes could speak they might have said, This is not the time or place to reopen old wounds.

At the same news conference Obama answered a question about the decision to try the mastermind of 9/11 and 4 other terrorist in New York instead of Guantanamo Bay by a Military Tribunal. The news was released only after President Obama landed in Japan. Every Constitutional lawyer and scholar agree this is good for the defense but bad for the prosecution of these terrorist. Most of the evidence that could be used to lead to a successful prosecution in a Military Court will not be allowed in Federal Court. The trials will last for months if not years and too much information of methods and procedures involving National Security and the way we gather information will be given to the very terrorist we are trying to stop.

I may be wrong but I think a fifth grader would be smarter than this President. Think about it, if a thief told you I'm going to break into your home while you're gone but I don't know the best way to get in without getting caught. Would you give him a diagram of your home and all of the security measures and techniques you have installed to prevent his breaking in, of course not. So why has the President decided to take a chance of letting these terrorist escape justice or give Al Qaeda and other terrorist some of our most sensitive information on measures and techniques for fighting terrorism, a 5th grader would be smarter.

President Obama is having a hard time understanding why some of his supporters and most Independents that voted for him are experiencing buyer's remorse. This is being reflected in his job approval rating and his popular rating. People are beginning to see the mistake they made by not taking in the fact that this President had no experience in leadership and had never made a decision that had a significant effect on a large number of people. He had zero experience with the military, National Security matters, or foreign diplomacy. Other than reading books he had never been responsible for budgetary matters involving large sums of taxpayer dollars. Most important he had never been put into a situation that could have life changing consequences for the people that trusted him. Most significant for Independents, President Obama has shown himself to be too far left and possibly leading us into a Socialist style government. All of these facts were brought out during the campaigns but they were all overlooked or dismissed due to his gift for charming a crowd and his Hollywood showmanship.

These are only a few reasons why voters are experiencing buyers remorse and shows without a doubt this President is not smarter than a 5th grader. It doesn't take a smart child to manipulate his parents and it doesn't take a smart con to manipulate a crowd. I am certain while he is running around the world the next few days he will supply more evidence to support our findings.

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United States Under Siege More Terror Attacks Before 2010 Elections

by Ron Spangler

It is clear to everyone except the Obama Administration and his supporters that the Ft Hood murders were committed by a Al Qaeda leaning terrorist. CNN, MSNBC and the main stream network news media have done and continue to do everything possible to set up a defense for the terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan. Unfortunately the Army seems to be following suit of the left wing media. From the very beginning the spin was put out that the terrorist was suffering from a mental disorder and even suggested that he somehow suffered from PTSD that he miraculously caught from soldiers returning home from war. The media and this Administration must believe the American people are the dumbest people on earth. They must believe they can say or do anything and the people will fall in line like little sheep.

The truth, as every American knows but some may not want to admit, is this is the 1st successful terror attack on American soil since 9/11/2001. The facts are clear even though this Administration doesn't want to admit it. This President is so afraid of losing the left wing base of the Democrat Party he will say or do anything to please them. His latest approach to a decision on Afghanistan is another example of cowering to the left wing anti-war crowd in his party. After 8 meetings he has again decided to make no decision while our troops continue to die.

People are wondering why he is taking so long to make a decision. All kinds of excuses supporting this delay are being brought forward by his supporters. The prevalent theory for the latest delay is he is being prudent in questioning the leadership in the Afghan government. His supporters tell us the President doesn't want the world to look at the United States as a country that supports corruption in Afghanistan. Meanwhile the Taliban is getting stronger and Al Qaeda is continuing to recruit. The latest feel good news coming from the Obama network sheep is Al Qaeda has been decimated in numbers. They are telling us that it is widely accepted that Al Qaeda only has about 100 members still active in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I suspect the next thing we hear will be, Since there are so few Al Qaeda members left we do not need a conventional Army to deal will them. Instead we can work in concert with Pakistan using limited forces to destroy the remainder of Al Qaeda. In short the military war is over and we have entered a new police action phase with Pakistan to bring the true criminals of the 9/11 attacks to justice. So the Obama con continues and our troops keep dieing.

Could it be that President Obama is waiting and hoping that Generals McChrystal and Petraeus will become so disillusioned and disgusted that they will retire? Could the President be looking and waiting for a reason to replace the generals with generals he can more easily control and manipulate? Could he be looking for replacement generals that are less popular and easier to throw under his bus? Could it be the President is looking for generals that he can successfully blame for losing a war and take the political pressure off of the President? Could it be the President has turned this war into nothing more than politics as usual?

The result of Obama's weakness as a Commander In Chief will be Obama losing a war that he declared to be not only his war but a war of necessity. He said this was a war the United States must win. He said Afghanistan and what happened in Afghanistan was of paramount interest to the United States and our being able to win the war on terror. He has since decided not to call it a war on terror since it might inflame some in our community. His weakness to recognize terrorist or terrorist attacks in or against the United States will result in more terrorist attacks and Al Qaeda being more successful in their recruiting efforts.

The future for the world under a weakened Obama led United States looks very grim. As I see it the next few years may well decide whether mankind survives another century or succumbs to the end of time theories running rampant on the internet.

Just like we will never know with absolute certainty what happens to us in life after death or if there is really a life after death, we cannot with absolute certainty predict the future. The question of life after death will be answered for each individual upon our deaths, the future will be decided by the decisions or indecision's our leaders make today.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Main Street Tired Of Wall Street Experts

by Ron Spangler

Not a day goes by that some Wall Street market expert or some other media expert doesn't come on television and tell us how the economy is improving. CNBC is the ultimate optimist of our economy and the markets. They have a logical reason for every bump in the road, be it up or down. Every man or woman that appears on their network is an expert and knows exactly how the markets will react regardless of the situation. The problem with the experts analysis is it is always hindsight analysis and as we all know hindsight is always 20/20.

With real unemployment at a staggering 17.5% Main Street doesn't care that the DOW has gone over 10 thousand. We do care that oil is steadily climbing toward $100 a barrel and other prices for commodities that we depend on are also increasing. With millions upon millions of people out of work rising oil and other commodities simply means higher prices for every consumer. The experts don't seem to understand that if you don't have a job the market means nothing. Maybe they don't get it because they are some of the very few left with jobs that will allow them to invest in the DOW or commodities market. Either the CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, anchors and business analysts are no better than the old time traveling salesman or used car dealer, or they have bought into President Obama's con that the economy is improving and happy days are around the corner.

During the 2006 Mid Term elections the Democrats blasted President Bush over the economy and Iraq. Every time he said the fundamentals of our economy were strong the Democrats scorned and ridiculed him for being out of touch, even though unemployment was running at 4.7%. The Democrats constantly complained the unemployment rate was still too high and wages were too low. They insisted the President and the Republicans were out of touch with Main Street and kept talking down the economy. After the Democrats took control of the House and the Senate they continued on with their drunken spending spree and refused to do anything about the housing bubble or rising oil prices. In 2008 after the oil prices reached $150 a barrel, gas prices hit $5.00 a gallon and the housing bubble burst the Democrats blamed President Bush and the Republicans in Congress. We were told if they had the 60 vote filibuster proof Senate and a few more Democrats in the House they could fix the economy and create more jobs. We gave them more Democrats in the House and enough in the Senate to break any attempts to filibuster a bill. Ten months after the President took office we are in worse shape than we were in 2007.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. The president is saying much of the same as President Bush said in 2007. President Obama now says "the fundamentals are basically sound" but we hear no scorn or ridicule from the very same people that were the loudest in 2007 and 2008. What is different besides gas prices are lower than 2008 but beginning to rise, unemployment has skyrocketed, foreclosures are starting to creep back up, the deficit has increased, the government has spent trillions with little to nothing to show for it, the dollar has reached a record low and our children's children are so far in debt they will be lucky to be able to afford federally subsidized housing or cars of the future? The answer is President Obama won and he is a Democrat with a Democrat controlled Congress. The media has been given notice, play along or be treated the same as FoxNews. It is sad to say but, at the rate we are going the next 2 generations will all be federal employees dependent on the government for everything they consume.

According to all of the so called Wall Street experts, the rest of the world is recovering from the recession while America laggers behind. They have feel good logical explanations for it but they refuse to explain how it effects our position as a trusted world leader. They refuse to face the fact that we are looking weaker and weaker in the eyes of not only our enemies but also our allies. They are watching as we go down the same disastrous road Japan traveled down and the world doesn't understand why we do not remove our blinders. Instead of concentrating on cutting down on our massive spending, working on policies that will help business create jobs, and winning a war the President said was the real central war on terror, the President and Democrats in Congress have decided to spend a massive $1.5 trillion more on health care in the United States. How health care became more important than protecting the country or standing idly by while the unemployment rate continues to rise is beyond my comprehension, maybe I should defer to the Wall Street or media experts.

Maybe in 2010 when the people have the final say about the direction the country has taken, the experts will give us the benefit of their expertize and explain with their 20/20 hindsight how misinformed this government really was. Maybe when the official unemployment rate has reached 15% but in reality it is 28% the experts will admit we shouldn't have raised taxes and passed the Health Care Bill. Maybe when our troops are dieing by the hundreds in Afghanistan because our President did not send reinforcements soon enough the experts will say the President got it wrong. Maybe it is time we stopped listening to the "experts."

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Leader Position Open United States Government

by Ron Spangler

The perception of American voters and other nations around the world toward the United States Government is the United States is currently operating under a weak and indecisive leader. With every day that passes the Congress, Congressional Leaders and the President are showing such a high degree of incompetence that it has Americans and our allies beginning to worry that the country may be slipping into not only economic destruction but also becoming a weak powerless force in foreign policy.

The United States Declaration of Independence declares certain rights to all men to be unalienable and among these rights are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It also states in part... "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

It continues..."when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

The beauty and one of the things that makes our Constitution so greatly admired is the Constitution provides for a way the American people can peaceably change our government when we feel they are no longer representing the people or following the wishes and best interest of the majority of the citizenry. This is the situation facing America today. In some aspects it is not much different than the situation our forefathers faced when they pledged their life and fortunes to the ideas and principles written into the Declaration of Independence. The rights of men and women embedded within the United States Constitution are not rights given to us by the government or the Constitution itself. These rights are as the Declaration of Independence says.. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..." endowed by our Creator. This simply means unless the people voluntarily relinquish these rights they can never be taken away by government.

We the people do not relinquish our God given rights even though the government under the present leadership has demonstrated their willingness to greatly restrict and even eliminate these most basic rights. With our liberties at risk it has once again come to the point where Americans must unite to defend the rights that have been granted by our Creator. To do this we are sending out a call to all Americans. Positions will be opening in 2010 for honest, hard working, patriotic individuals of integrity and high moral standing. We ask that you come forward and be examined by the American people and show your ability to lead this country in the direction that we as Americans prescribe. We will no longer accept grand speeches and promises but will require that applicants demonstrate their abilities to lead and carry out the wishes of the people and what is truly in the best interest of the nation.

On Tuesday November 2, 2010 the Senate will have openings available for 36 duly elected Senators. The House of Representatives will have 435 positions available. Elections of these Senators and Congressmen will decide the leadership positions of the next Congress. Speaker Pelosi will in all likelihood win another term if she can force her version of the Health Care Bill into law. Senator Reid is another question. Since these two positions in the Congress have so much power and persuasion over the office of the President applicants for the Senate and House will be required to pledge their oath to America and the American people and not to the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader.

Positions and Opening Dates of Positions are:

President of the United States
- November 2012 (1) Position

Vice President of the United States
- November 2012 (1) Position

House of Representatives
- November 2, 2010 (435) Positions

Senate - November 2, 2010 (36) Positions

Qualifications for these positions will be the same for each position and every applicant will be scrutinized to the highest degree for the attributes found in our founding fathers. Career politicians that will say or promise anything to be elected need not apply. Persons of liberal persuasion but applying under conservative values need not apply. Persons of conservative persuasion but applying under liberal values need not apply. All applicants will be judged on their past record and not by empty promises or just their word that they are who they say they are.

Minimum requirements for the above positions are:

Strong National Defense,
“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” President Ronald W. Reagan

Energy Independence,
As stated by Ronald Reagan "the economic prosperity of our people is a fundamental part of our environment."
Oil and natural gas that lay beneath our land and off our shores can no longer go untouched because some believe the American people would rather see more regulation, more taxes, and more controls than more energy.

Fiscal Responsibility,
That the people justly view with alarm the reckless extravagance which pervades every department of the Federal Government; that a return to rigid economy and accountability is indispensable to arrest the systematic plunder of the public treasury by favored partisans.

Free Market Solutions,

To preserve the American system of free enterprise, private competition, and equality of opportunity, and to seek its constant betterment in the interests of all.
Encouragement instead of hindrance to legitimate business.
Withdrawal of government from competition with private payrolls.
Elimination of unnecessary and hampering regulations.

Personal Responsibility and Small Federal Governmentt,
There is a real need for the people once more to grasp the fundamental fact that under our system of government they are expected to solve many problems themselves through their municipal and State governments, and to combat the tendency that is all too common to turn to the Federal Government as the easiest and least burdensome method of lightening their own responsibilities.

The priceless heritage of American citizenship is our greatest gift to our friends of foreign birth. Only those who will be loyal to our institutions, who are here in conformity with our laws, and who are in sympathy with our national traditions, ideals, and principles, should be naturalized.

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions please submit your resume' to the American people. We are in desperate need of leaders.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reagan Era Resurrection Warning to Republicans

by Ron Spangler

Political pundits and analyst are all over the place trying to spin the few elections taking place Tuesday November 3, 2009. Depending on who you listen to it is either a referendum on President Obama and the Democrats in Congress or a referendum on the Republican party.

Ronald Reagan did say never speak ill of another Republican but he also said trust but verify. In the case of New York's 23rd Congressional District candidate Republican Dierdre Scozzafava the people have spoken. According to polls they originally trusted her until they had the opportunity to verify. Once it was verified that she was more like the Democrats than she was Republicans the trust was lost and she dropped out of the race. Since Dierdre has formally endorsed the Democratic candidate the verification has been confirmed, she was never a true Republican that believed in the Party's principles.

In the midterm elections taking place in 2010 we may see a repeat of what has happened in the 23rd Congressional District. Americans are fed up with the direction this President and Congress is taking America. The true unemployment rate is closer to 17% than it is the predicted 10% that the economist are predicting. If Congress passes this Health Care Reform Bill with the planned government take over option, Cap and Trade will be right around the corner. Oil prices will double and there will be a voter's revolt throughout the country in 2010. No incumbent will be safe. It happened in Tennessee when politicians tried to pass a state income tax and it can happen around the country.

Politicians running as Independents or on a 3rd Party have never been serious contenders at the national level. The midterm 2010 elections and even the Presidential election in 2012 could be the time of the Independent or 3rd party candidate. If the truth comes out about the true state of America the voters will be appalled and seek vengeance against both parties. As Americans figure out what the Health Care Reform Bill and Energy (Cap and Trade) Bill really mean, they will demand both be swiftly repealed and action be taken to restrict the Federal Government from interfering with the free market with taxpayer bailouts and stimulus money.

Both bills will give the Federal Government unprecedented power to pass laws governing everything we do in our private lives. Under health care they can pass laws penalizing us for, or even restricting us from, eating certain foods, drinking unhealthy drinks, smoking, failing to exercise a certain number of hours a day, driving when we can walk, buying vehicles that don't meet government standards, refusing government mandated vaccines, or visiting health facilities or doctors not approved by the Government Health Care system even if we pay from our own pocket. Remember the government will have access to our complete medical records so they will know what we are doing at all times.

Under the Energy Bill it will not be long until the Government gains complete control of the major American oil companies. With the doubling of the price of gas due to high oil prices, President Obama and Congress will be able to pass the Windfall Profits Tax that will destroy the American companies. This will be the perfect crisis to justify the take over of the oil industry in America. Americans will have no choice but to buy the small under powered death traps that will be built by Government Motors (not a Typo). Since the standards for selling or building vehicles in the United States will be so high and restrictive the competition in the automotive industry will be extremely limited. In this way the government will be able to dictate what and how we drive our vehicles in the United States.

As Americans see this type of scenario playing out they are starting to retaliate against both parties. They are sending a message to Republicans, return to our basic ideas of less government, less spending, less taxation, less entitlements, more jobs, more support for small business, real heath care reform without government takeover, a strong defense and ending the Afghan war with honor and victory. The message is clear if you do not agree to these principles we will create or find another party that does prescribe to these ideas. Disillusioned Independents that voted for Obama are sending the Democrats the same message. As they see Obama waffling on his earlier announced Afghan strategy they are beginning to believe he is weak on defense and dangerously weak in foreign affairs. Everyday more and more Americans are comparing him to Jimmy Carter and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

How can Republicans win in the 2010 midterm elections and have a chance in the 2012 Presidential elections, by returning to their principles and entering into another real contract with America. This contract must be real and achieve their goals by 2012 or there will be a 3rd Party in the Presidential elections that will be Independent Conservatives.

Some of the principles are listed below, feel free to add your own.

1. The Government both Federal and State must accept the Constitution and its Articles as-is and never stray from its meaning and words. The rights of individuals including business cannot be infringed upon without due process in accordance with the Constitution.

2. The Federal Government is restricted from passing any laws if they have not been given the power in accordance with the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. This includes mandating that American citizens participate in any government programs that are not directly related to taxes that are clearly authorized by the Constitution.

3. The Federal Government has a duty and obligation to the American taxpayer to make certain that taxpayer dollars are not being wasted on frivolous programs without public knowledge and consent. The Federal Government will curtail wasteful spending and continue to cut the deficit until it has been eliminated altogether.

4. Taxation on American citizens must be simplified and reduced to the lowest amount that will ensure the taxpayer will never be burdened with debt to the federal government. Corporate tax on American business and all other forms of taxation on American business will be reduced to the lowest amount possible to ensure American business can compete in the global market and encourages American business to keep their business and factories within the United States. To encourage a strong and vibrant American free market Congress will pass no taxes that are punitive or restricts a business from making a lawful profit (Windfall Profits Tax).

5. Realizing the necessity of America to depend more on its own natural resources and less on foreign resources, Congress will pass no laws that will infringe upon the rights of business in the United States to exploit and make available to the general public these natural resources. Any Federal Law that restricts the use or exploration of our natural resources must be revisited and repealed if the law can be shown to be an unfair burden on the industry or the American economy. Recognizing States Rights in accordance with the Constitution the Federal Government will not infringe upon the right of the State to govern the exploration and use of the natural resources within the borders of each state. If a State authorizes a business to explore and make available to the general public the natural resources discovered within the States borders the Federal Government will take no part in restricting the use and exploration of that resource. If the natural resource is found to be on public land the people not the government shall decide if the natural resources can be exploited.

6. In providing for a strong National Defense the President or Congress will not institute military conscription (draft) unless Congress has declared a Declaration of War in accordance with the Constitution. As part of the Federal Government's responsibility to protect America the Congress and President will secure our borders by all means possible. Hiring of illegal immigrants will be forbidden and penalties for hiring illegals will be enforced. Crossing our borders illegally will result in automatic deportation and a lifetime restriction from reentering the United States. Entering after deportation will result in a mandatory prison sentence. Persons that commit or are suspected of committing a murder within the United States and flee to another country must be extradited to face justice in the United States. If a country refuses to extradite the individual the United States will take all appropriate action necessary, including cutting diplomatic relationships, to ensure the person is returned to the United States.

7. Congress must refrain from passing any taxes or laws that may be burdensome on a individual's rights of free speech, religion, or the right to own and bear arms. These are basic rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution and can in no way be infringed upon or discouraged by any Federal or State governments.

8. We must encourage our children to stay in school and demand our schools return to teaching the basic skills and knowledge that our children will need if they are to be successful in life. Before our children are thrown into the progressive science and arts theories we must first make certain they can read and understand the English language. They must be knowledgeable in math, American and World history, and able to write legibly without depending on computers, calculators, or other forms of modern technology. As part of history we should be teaching our children about religion and how it effected the history of America. If we are going to continue to teach the theory of evolution we must also teach them about the alternative theory of the intelligent design.

Goals that must be met by the new Congress:

1. If the Health Care Plan as written is passed into law Congress must actively work to repeal and reform this law by the next election cycle of 2012.

2. If a Energy Bill (Cap and Trade) is passed it must be repealed within the first year of the new Congress.

3. Taxes on individuals and business must be reduced within the 1st year of the new Congress.

4. New tax laws must be written permanently reducing the amount of taxes and simplifying the tax code before the 2012 election cycle.

5. The Federal Government must reduce the size of government agencies by eliminating any program or agency that is redundant or outdated.

6. Congress through its oversight committees will demand the Execute Branch be forthright and open about all of the appointments the President has made in its so called Czar positions.

7. Congress will return the auto industry to the private sector and work to return all bailout money to the taxpayer.

8. Congress will work to freeze all spending not directly related to supporting a Strong National Defense and a budget small enough to operate the government without adding to the deficit.

9. Congress will immediately begin to institute new laws that will reduce the debt and create incentives for American business to remain in the United States and create new jobs.

10. Congress will immediately reduce the amount of bureaucracy surrounding the exploration and exploitation of natural resources in the United States. Resources found on public lands will be open for exploration and government restrictions will be reduced to allow exploration and exploitation within 2 yrs from the time a application by private industry has been submitted to the Federal Government.

These are a few steps that must be taken to restore the United States to the once powerful and most respected country on earth. If a candidate in the 2010 midterm elections will commit to these simple principles and goals the country can change course and return to the direction our founding fathers had in mind.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

John Kerry Taliban Best Friend

by Ron Spangler

Talking to my neighbors and friends who are in the military and have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, some have served 2 and 3 deployments, one thing is very clear, moral for our military in Afghanistan is at an all time low. It is not the mission or the thought that they could lose this war and suffer defeat at the hands of the Taliban but rather they are starting to feel like the politicians will repeat their cut and run strategy of Vietnam. They are worried the President will continue to waiver back and forth. They worry this will give the Taliban time to consolidate their strength and numbers in all parts of Afghanistan. They know this will make the chance for a complete victory by our military more difficult and cost more lives.

The military cannot speak publicly on how they feel about President Obama's indecisive way of running the military or the preposterous idea that we can somehow live with the Taliban controlling parts of Afghanistan. If you talk to them one on one as a neighbor or friend you will find they do not believe this will work.

Upon John Kerry's recent return from Afghanistan he put forward the idea that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to let the Taliban control some of the tribal areas around Afghanistan while we devote or time building up the Afghan military and police. Kerry evidently believes the Taliban will be content to run these areas separate from the rest of Afghanistan and allow us to stay in the major provinces building modern cities with schools and a more moderate Islamic ideology. This is absolutely insane and our military knows it best. Either Senator Kerry has no clue of how much hatred the Taliban has for the United States and our allies or he knows and just doesn't want to admit the real enemy in Afghanistan is the Taliban.

What Senator Kerry is saying is not new. President Obama has said something similar in the past, when he talked about "peeling away moderate Taliban." Number one there are no moderate Taliban, either you are Taliban or you are not. Taliban is not simply a political party like we have in the United States. It is a Islamic theocracy that follows the strictest form of Islam and Sharia Law. They will not tolerate any religion, government, or laws that are in conflict with their warped since of governance over the Afghan people. It seems Senator Kerry and President Obama have no compassion or humanitarian concerns for the people, especially the women and children, that they would allow the Taliban to govern. Under this plan they are willing to stand by and watch while the Taliban returns to its old repressive and brutal ways. They are willing to watch while women and young girls are raped and murdered simply because they are less important than the animals owned by everyday Afghans. The President and Senator have forgotten that the Taliban does not believe in or have any respect for Constitutions or Civil Rights, they only believe in Sharia Law and their extreme interpretation of it.

This whole idea of dealing with the Taliban and allowing them to control and thereby govern any part of Afghanistan is eerily reminiscent of the Biden plan in Iraq. If Senator Biden had his way back when similar discussions were going on over Iraq, that country would be partitioned today with the United States acting as the peacekeeper and arbitrator over each of the warring factions. Fortunately his idea never received any real consideration, not because it was simply stupid but because everyone knew it was not feasible. What Senator Kerry is proposing is not that much different from the Biden plan for Iraq. The plan would not work in Iraq and it will not work in Afghanistan.

Some will argue that Senator Kerry never said that his plan was to work with the Taliban or allow them to remain in power in some of the areas around Afghanistan. To some extent this is true, however he did say: "Amazingly, the Taliban actually have ombudsmen to hold their shadow government accountable to the people. The legitimate government of Afghanistan cannot be less accountable than the Taliban, or we cannot be successful." This sounds like praise and it is absolutely not true. To think the Taliban could be held "accountable to the people" is the most naive statement I have ever heard.

Senator Kerry acts like Afghanistan is a country built around cities with modern roads and easy access from the rural areas to the larger towns and cities. He equates it to the United States with local and state governments running their particular state and providing security for it. He forgets that this is a 19th century country with rural areas still living in the 18th century. On one hand he says we must defeat the Taliban but on the other hand he says Al Qaeda is the biggest threat to the United States. He says we must not allow a return of Al Qaeda into Afghanistan but we do not need to increase our military strength. He says we must continue training Afghan military and allow them to gain security for Afghanistan without increasing our military. He says we must concentrate on building up Afghanistan cities, roads, schools and infrastructure thereby winning over Afghan support for a Taliban free Afghanistan without expanding the war inside Afghanistan. He says we should carry out a smaller counter insurgency plan that is more "doable" and "is “good-enough” governance, basic sustainable economic development and Afghan security forces capable enough that we can draw down our forces." This sounds like we only have to halfway win the war. I have never heard of halfway winning a war and I'm certain none of our enemies have this type of mentality. Either you are in a war to win or you are not. If you are not then please don't ask our military to sacrifice their lives for a mission that has no end.

In the end all the lofty goals that Senator Kerry set out in his speech can never be achieved if there is not enough security for the Afghan people. If we continue to allow the Taliban and Al Qaeda to terrorize the population we can never win their hearts and minds. If we do not have enough forces in place to protect the people while we are training Afghan forces, then the Afghan forces will find very little left to protect. Senator Kerry, like most politicians, is talking out of both sides of his mouth and has lost all respect of the military that have served and are now serving in Afghanistan. Kerry, Biden and Obama were all three against the surge in Iraq and they were proven wrong. If President Obama follows the plan of Biden or Kerry they will be proven wrong again. The stakes are too high to play a game out of something as serious as war. If any Commander In Chief loses the respect and support from his military or military commanders then he will surely lose the war. War is war and must be left to the men and women fighting the war. Mixing politics with war only leads to another Vietnam.

General McChrystal, and more importantly my neighbors and friends that are fighting the war, has said we can win this war with more troops. It is past time to stop the politics and support our troops. Even our NATO allies have said they support General McChrystal's plan and some are sending more troops. I cannot understand how our President can have less faith in his own general than our allies have in him. It is no wonder our President and by default the United States is looking weak in the eyes of our enemies and allies.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Obama Health Plan Another TennCare Fiasco

by Ron Spangler

TennCare in Tennessee has been hitting the news more today than at anytime since its conception. Critics of the proposed Government Option for all Americans point to the failure of TennCare to provide a government run program that would insure everyone that did not or could not not be covered by a private insurance company in the state of Tennessee. As a resident of Tennessee I believe the nation as a whole should listen to what people with experience in these government run programs have to say before they accept the proposed government option at face value. Trust but verify should not only apply to your enemies it should apply to all politicians.

Everyone must understand what TennCare is in order to understand how it failed in the past and continues to fail today, yes I said fail today. Tennessee was looking for a way to cut the high cost of heath care and decided to get out from under the Medicaid program. TennCare is basically Tennessee’s version of Medicaid. Contrary to what some people around the country may think, TennCare is still alive in Tennessee. It’s biggest private insurance company that is propping it up is Blue Cross Blue Shield. With the influx of new money being provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act the American taxpayer and Federal Government is the biggest public entity that is keeping the program afloat.

According to Darin Gordon, Tennessee Deputy Commissioner the $1.1 billion in additional federal Medicaid matching aid will help TennCare avoid immediate budget reductions and allow the state to continue the program through December 2010. Another blessing for the state was the change in federal reimbursements. Before the act was passed for every dollar TennCare and ultimately the private insurers spent the federal government spent 65-cents and the state spent 35-cents. Now the federal government spends 75-cents and the state spends 25-cents. This has helped Tennessee since we are no longer facing a mandatory statewide agency reduction of 15% budget cuts for FY 2010. This does not mean TennCare can add any new services to its program, instead they must continue to cut cost by reducing the numbers of people currently covered that the state suspects or can prove are being fraudulently covered under the TennCare Program.

What all of this means is if the Federal Government and past actions of the Tennessee Democratic Governor and State Legislators had not come to the aid of TennCare, the program and the state would have been bankrupt back in 2005. Back then Governor Bredesen removed 170,000 Tennesseans from the TennCare program and reduced benefits and reimbursements to doctors and hospitals to save the program and keep the state from going into bankruptcy. While the efforts of Governor Bredesen, with help from the Federal Government, have succeeded in keeping the program alive fewer and fewer doctors and hospitals will accept TennCare patients. Under the Act, TennCare cannot expand the eligibility for coverage which means fewer Tennesseans can be covered by TennCare. As a result the governor has come up with another government insurance option called Cover Tennessee. This program relies on voluntary partnerships between the state, individuals and employers where each commit to pay one-third of the monthly premium of the low-cost product. With unemployment at 10.5% the program is running into trouble and the state may be facing another 2005 TennCare like crisis. Under both programs very few doctors will accept new patients so most people that are covered by these programs continue to use the emergency rooms for their primary care. By law the emergency rooms cannot turn people away but all they have to do is provide minimal care to stabilize the patient until other care can be found. This often means the patient is released immediately after they have been stabilized or transferred to a substandard medical facility like a nursing home, sometimes referred to as a rehab facility.

The bottom line is Tennessee’s government run experiment has been a dismal failure and if the President’s new Health Care Czar Nancy DeParle refuses to speak out against the public option she will be doing the President and her country a disservice. It is possible that due to the current outbreak of swine flu in Tennessee, both the TennCare and Cover Tennessee programs may go broke by the spring of 2010. It is also possible that if the unemployment rate continues to rise and the pandemic gets worse, Tennessee and other states may be facing another crisis similar to the 2005 budget crisis we faced in Tennessee.

It is unclear what will happen to TennCare if the federal government passes a national government option health care plan. It is clear that Nancy DeParle is going to have a large impact on what the government option looks like. DeParle served as Human Services Commissioner in Tennessee and should be well aware of the TennCare fiasco. Since the President has gone after the private insurance companies it is uncertain they will be part of a plan that is similar to TennCare. In all likelihood the federal government will have to design the program after Medicare. This in fact will be nothing more than a single payer plan. With Medicare already over 30 Trillion Dollars in debt I cannot see how the country can afford it, especially with the economy on the brink of disaster. DeParle knows that TennCare is nothing more than a huge albatross hanging around the necks of Tennesseans and it may get passed on to the rest of the country. If it does heaven help us all.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Isolate Obama Take Back America 2010

by Ron Spangler

President Obama has made it clear. The way he has chosen to rebuild the country is force the population into a total state of depression and government dependence. This will allow the next great United States President to come to the aid of the country and lead the country, and the world, to a state of utopia with peace and prosperity to all mankind. This is the delusional mindset of President Obama and his secret Czar government.

It seems there is only one commentator on the cable networks that is coming close to admitting the true desires of President Obama. Glenn Beck has done a lot to bring light on this shadow government but he hasn't yet come around to admitting that Obama wants to follow in the Mao Tse-tung. He has shown all of the the close associations with members of the Czar government to Mao but he has not linked Obama to any direct quotes or statements of Obama supporting Mao. This in no way means Obama doesn't believe in the teachings of one of the greatest mass murderers of the twentieth century.

Americans are experiencing buyers' remorse as we watch the total destruction of the American way of life. This President and Congress are determined to rebuild America according to Obama and the Socialist way of thinking. It is no secret that the far left of the Democrat Party has always had a tie to Mao and the Marxist idea of communism. They may not understand the total concept of Marxist ideology but they like the fundamental idea of redistribution of wealth by giving the government complete control of the markets and business. They fail to see how repressive this form of government can be on the population they govern. They dismiss the torturous and genocidal acts committed by people like Mao Tse-tung, Stalin , Pol Pot, Lenin and other dictators that followed Marxist communism or Socialism. To a certain degree all of these murderers have something in common with some of the world's greatest con artist. They were all able to manipulate enough people into following them to overthrow their government and rebuild it under a complete communist or socialist doctrine.

President Obama has turned out to be the greatest con artist of the 20th and 21st centuries. He will also have the honor of being the President that destroyed America. Looking at Obama one can see the perfect confidence man by the way he manipulates people and is able to keep himself a safe distance away from anything that could be controversial. He is also great in cutting ties with any of his followers without encountering the wrath of the followers he has discarded along the way.

Throughout history we have always had confidence artist. Some common names for them are flim flam, grifter, shyster, hustler and sham artist. When it comes to manipulation and conning the media President Obama has far exceeded anyone in the past. He is a master at his game but like all great cons sooner or later the people being conned finally see reality.

One of the biggest misconception about the perfect con is that the con man is in it only for the money. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Money is only a means to the end for those that want to gain power and change the world. The biggest con games practiced in any society is practiced by unscrupulous politicians.

In America we believe in "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." We believe this means limited government intrusion into are personal lives. We know it means we have the right to decide how we live, where we live, and the path we will take in the pursuit of our individual idea of happiness. To Americans it means we tell the government how they should govern. We do not allow the government or the President alone dictate to us how much liberty we can enjoy. The con we are witnessing today is a President and a party preaching these concepts in public while they are ripping these ideas into shreds behind closed doors and in the darkness of their shadow government.

To perfect his con the President has fabricated one crisis after another and in his effort to solve these crisis he has spent America to the brink of bankruptcy. Since we are not quite there he must create another crisis that will shove us over the edge and then he can gain support for his grab for absolute power. FoxNews has been asking the tough questions like why and reporting on some of the things that are being done behind closed doors. For this President Obama has declared war on their network and is secretly working on a plan to bail out or take over failing newspapers in America. By doing this he can control the media and continue to consolidate power behind America's back. After he accomplishes taking over print media he will turn his attention to the internet. All of this is being done at breakneck speed. He must succeed in creating enough despair in America so the voter will turn to the government and President Obama to save them from financial ruin. Having the population completely dependent on government is key to his plan to fundamentally transform America into a Socialist state.

All is not hopeless and all is not doom and gloom. America has been through some very rough times in the past and has always come out the better for it. We still have our Constitution and our will to be free. When Americans come together and make their voices heard in Congress our Congressmen and Senators will listen just from the simple threat of being voted out of office. By calling, sending letters and emails to our representatives in Washington letting them know we are sick and tired of everything they are trying to do behind our backs we can make a difference. By voting the majority of Obama's supporters out of the House and Senate we can isolate him and stop his mad dash for power. With enough support a new Congress can force the President to rescind and repeal most of the laws that have been passed and that could possibly bring America to her knees.

Now is the time like no other for Americans to make their voices heard throughout the halls government. We cannot continue to buy into this con that is be perpetuated on us. We have the power and the government only has the power we relinquish them. It is time to stand up, unite and tell Washington we are not blind. We see what you are doing and we will stop you.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Advisers Biden Kerry Means Afghanistan Lost

by Ronnie Spangler

First President Obama had Vice President Biden advising him to reject General McChrystal and fight the war in Afghanistan with a small military footprint. Now we have Senator John Kerry advising the President to continue to delay and thoroughly think through any decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. With advisers like this the war in Afghanistan is destined for failure.

Senator Kerry stated on CNN “It would be entirely irresponsible for the president of the United States to commit more troops to this country, when we don’t even have an election finished and know who the president is and what kind of government we’re working with.” Vice President Biden and others have stated the same sentiment in previous interviews. What they really mean is the present government in Afghanistan may not be a government that will be a puppet to the Obama administration. They may not follow orders coming from the White House and our Democratic led Congress.

The question of whether the Karzai election was ligitiment or not is a totally different issue than the request for more troops. This is the same government we have been working with ever since the overthrow of the Taliban government. The one question Senator Kerry posed and seems to want an answer for "what kind of government we’re working with,” should have been answered back in March when President Obama laid out his first strategy plan for Afghanistan. Their idea of a peeling off and reaching out to moderate elements of the Taliban and making them part of the new government is a disaster waiting to happen. This is nothing new. Even the President said during his campaign that the possibility of breaking away some elements of the Taliban “should be explored,” and he repeated this idea aboard Air Force One during a Times interview. From the New York Times March 7, 2009 article:

"President Obama declared in an interview that the United States was not winning the war in Afghanistan and opened the door to a reconciliation process in which the American military would reach out to moderate elements of the Taliban, much as it did with Sunni militias in Iraq."

This more than anything could explain the delay in making his decision on General McChrystal's request. He is desperately hoping things will turn around with the Taliban like it did with the Sunni militia in Iraq. He is hoping that if he just waits long enough the Taliban will get tired of fighting and another government will form under a new leader that will fight Al Qaeda for us. This will not happen. The Taliban hates America and anyone that does not believe in a puritanical caliphate that neither recognizes nor tolerates forms of Islam divergent from their own. A simpler way of looking at it is if you are not of the true Islamic faith and you do not follow Sharia Law in the most strictest sense, then you must be their enemy.

To some extent the Taliban is similar to the Khmer Rouge that devastated Cambodia. When it came to religion the Khmer Rouge was the complete opposite of the Taliban but, when it came to tactics used to control the population both were ruthless and genocidal. If we want to see a return of the killing fields in Cambodia, only this time in Afghanistan, then all we have to do is pull our troops out and let the Taliban regain control of Afghanistan. For the younger generation that don't know or have not been taught about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge they committed genocide of over a million of their own people after taking control of Cambodia.

Under both systems of rule the population must remain uneducated and women are nothing more than property that can be killed for the simplest of reasons. Any perceived threat to power or in the case of the Taliban any deviation from Sharia law by any individual, can mean instant execution or imprisonment. Under both systems of rule the government controls all aspects of life. The Taliban used the Quran and Sharia law to control the population and the Khmer Rouge used the purist form of communism to control the population. To remain in power neither system of government could allow the population to have any individual rights, freedoms, or to take part in a modern society. Any form of capitalism was and still is strictly forbidden. Modern cities with factories, schools, or modern technology cannot be tolerated since they could be a future threat to the government. In Afghanistan the schools that were permitted were only for boys teaching them Islam and Sharia law. In Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge they were indoctrination schools teaching true Marxist Communism.

With all the talk about how knowledgeable Vice President Biden and Senator Kerry are on foreign affairs, one would think they would advise the President not to consider making deals with members of the Taliban. With Pakistan conducting a all out offense against the Taliban, now would be the perfect time for our NATO forces to do the same. If the Taliban were hit from both the west and east they could be isolated in the mountainous areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan and eventually destroyed. Having to fight on two fronts the Taliban could not hold out for a long period of time. As the Taliban is destroyed so will Al Qaeda be destroyed and we can leave Afghanistan knowing the world will be a little safer without them.

Time may have already ran out for President Obama. If the Pakistani offense is successful the Taliban may be pushed out of Pakistan and back into Afghanistan. If this happens the Taliban can have time to regroup and regain in their strength. Without sufficient forces for General McChrystal to attack and deal the Taliban a fatal blow in the mountainous regions around Afghanistan, they will be able to increase their attacks on NATO forces all around the country. If the President and Vice President believe they can rely on air power and drone aircraft to dislodge the Taliban from these mountainous areas they will find their efforts to have minimal success. By the spring of 2010 their numbers will be sufficient enough to create havoc in every area of Afghanistan. As the attacks increase so will NATO casualties. As the casualty numbers increase our NATO allies will be forced to leave and as public sentiment in America turns against the war Afghanistan will be lost.

The longer the President takes to make a decision and the more Senators that speak out advising the President to go slow, the weaker the President looks. Indecision by any commander leaves the perception of weakness in the eyes of the enemy. This increases the enemy's morale and emboldens them to fight the war longer than they would have fought if they did not see an end in sight. The enemy will begin to believe that if they continue their struggle and their attacks we will become disillusioned and retreat from Afghanistan.

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