Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Isolate Obama Take Back America 2010

by Ron Spangler

President Obama has made it clear. The way he has chosen to rebuild the country is force the population into a total state of depression and government dependence. This will allow the next great United States President to come to the aid of the country and lead the country, and the world, to a state of utopia with peace and prosperity to all mankind. This is the delusional mindset of President Obama and his secret Czar government.

It seems there is only one commentator on the cable networks that is coming close to admitting the true desires of President Obama. Glenn Beck has done a lot to bring light on this shadow government but he hasn't yet come around to admitting that Obama wants to follow in the Mao Tse-tung. He has shown all of the the close associations with members of the Czar government to Mao but he has not linked Obama to any direct quotes or statements of Obama supporting Mao. This in no way means Obama doesn't believe in the teachings of one of the greatest mass murderers of the twentieth century.

Americans are experiencing buyers' remorse as we watch the total destruction of the American way of life. This President and Congress are determined to rebuild America according to Obama and the Socialist way of thinking. It is no secret that the far left of the Democrat Party has always had a tie to Mao and the Marxist idea of communism. They may not understand the total concept of Marxist ideology but they like the fundamental idea of redistribution of wealth by giving the government complete control of the markets and business. They fail to see how repressive this form of government can be on the population they govern. They dismiss the torturous and genocidal acts committed by people like Mao Tse-tung, Stalin , Pol Pot, Lenin and other dictators that followed Marxist communism or Socialism. To a certain degree all of these murderers have something in common with some of the world's greatest con artist. They were all able to manipulate enough people into following them to overthrow their government and rebuild it under a complete communist or socialist doctrine.

President Obama has turned out to be the greatest con artist of the 20th and 21st centuries. He will also have the honor of being the President that destroyed America. Looking at Obama one can see the perfect confidence man by the way he manipulates people and is able to keep himself a safe distance away from anything that could be controversial. He is also great in cutting ties with any of his followers without encountering the wrath of the followers he has discarded along the way.

Throughout history we have always had confidence artist. Some common names for them are flim flam, grifter, shyster, hustler and sham artist. When it comes to manipulation and conning the media President Obama has far exceeded anyone in the past. He is a master at his game but like all great cons sooner or later the people being conned finally see reality.

One of the biggest misconception about the perfect con is that the con man is in it only for the money. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Money is only a means to the end for those that want to gain power and change the world. The biggest con games practiced in any society is practiced by unscrupulous politicians.

In America we believe in "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." We believe this means limited government intrusion into are personal lives. We know it means we have the right to decide how we live, where we live, and the path we will take in the pursuit of our individual idea of happiness. To Americans it means we tell the government how they should govern. We do not allow the government or the President alone dictate to us how much liberty we can enjoy. The con we are witnessing today is a President and a party preaching these concepts in public while they are ripping these ideas into shreds behind closed doors and in the darkness of their shadow government.

To perfect his con the President has fabricated one crisis after another and in his effort to solve these crisis he has spent America to the brink of bankruptcy. Since we are not quite there he must create another crisis that will shove us over the edge and then he can gain support for his grab for absolute power. FoxNews has been asking the tough questions like why and reporting on some of the things that are being done behind closed doors. For this President Obama has declared war on their network and is secretly working on a plan to bail out or take over failing newspapers in America. By doing this he can control the media and continue to consolidate power behind America's back. After he accomplishes taking over print media he will turn his attention to the internet. All of this is being done at breakneck speed. He must succeed in creating enough despair in America so the voter will turn to the government and President Obama to save them from financial ruin. Having the population completely dependent on government is key to his plan to fundamentally transform America into a Socialist state.

All is not hopeless and all is not doom and gloom. America has been through some very rough times in the past and has always come out the better for it. We still have our Constitution and our will to be free. When Americans come together and make their voices heard in Congress our Congressmen and Senators will listen just from the simple threat of being voted out of office. By calling, sending letters and emails to our representatives in Washington letting them know we are sick and tired of everything they are trying to do behind our backs we can make a difference. By voting the majority of Obama's supporters out of the House and Senate we can isolate him and stop his mad dash for power. With enough support a new Congress can force the President to rescind and repeal most of the laws that have been passed and that could possibly bring America to her knees.

Now is the time like no other for Americans to make their voices heard throughout the halls government. We cannot continue to buy into this con that is be perpetuated on us. We have the power and the government only has the power we relinquish them. It is time to stand up, unite and tell Washington we are not blind. We see what you are doing and we will stop you.

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