Thursday, February 5, 2009

Recession To Depression

Ron Spangler

In my last post dated Saturday, December 13, 2008, Recession, Inflation, Depression I stated we were already in a Recession.

"Old news, America is in a state of recession. During the national election no politician or media outlet wanted to face the fact. Everyone was too intent on making history and bringing about change in America."

After just 2 weeks with our new President Obama the situation has become worse with each passing day. With the House passing their devastating and Democrat only spending bill, and the Senate following in lockstep by adding a little more and freezing out the Republicans, we are at the threshold of another Great Depression.

I am sad to say that as I write this, I cannot help but feel my previous predictions for what lies ahead is fast approaching reality. I find it hard to believe we cannot learn from past mistakes. The honeymoon for the new President is quickly coming to an end. In fact, this will probably be the shortest honeymoon ever experienced by a United States President. The really sad thing for America is there is nothing that can be done to correct our mistake. You don't get a redo in selecting American Presidents, especially when you have Biden and Pelosi waiting in the wings.

I have to give President Obama credit for selecting Biden as Vice President. No matter how much Obama screws up and no matter how much deeper he drives us into Recession, Biden and Pelosi is certainly not the answer.

So what does America have to look forward to in 2009. With the passage of this Spending Bill and undoubtedly more spending before the summer ends, America like other countries around the world will hit double digit unemployment and most certainly end the year in a deep Depression.

As summer approaches and more Americans become unemployed we will probably witness more violence in our cities and the government will no doubt have the solution. The answer, a total ban on handguns and what the government decides to be assault rifles. Just like FDR did in the Great Depression, President Obama will give great speeches and create another series of New Deals. In the end the majority of Americans will be either government employees or will be receiving government subsidy checks. The country will be divided more between the haves and have not than at any time in history. With so many Americans depending on the government for their income and our government trying to run private business inflation will take over at an all time high. President Obama and Congress will nationalize most of the industries in America and the dollar will collapse. History shows that like FDR and his New Deals, government spending on top of government spending will not bring us out of a Recession.

By 2010 we will be living the same experience our fathers and grandfathers had to endure, another Worldwide Depression. The question is, will it take another World War II, to bring the world out of the 2nd Great Depression.

This does not have to be our future. If Congress and President Obama will only take a step back and look at history. History shows that like FDR and his New Deals, government spending on top of government spending will not bring us out of a Recession. Like FDR found out, the government does not create jobs or run a free economy. FDR tried Socialist programs and the Supreme Court stepped in, hopefully the Federal Courts in America will be up to the challenge of President Obama and a Democrat Congress that is flirting with Socialism today.