Monday, October 27, 2008

Pelosi Reid Obama Spells Dictatorship


by Ron Spangler

With the election just eight days away the question has become, will American voters vote to transform America into a country ran under the dictatorship of a one party government of Pelosi, Reid and Obama or will we continue to have a balanced two party system.

Recent and past comments by Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Barney Frank, Maxine Walters and Joe Biden are comments that carry one common theme. Taken in totality the comments leave little doubt that the Far Left Democrats are determined to control American business and the free market system. This will be Socialism in its truest form and will lead to a stagnant economy that will threaten the freedom and well being of all Americans.

Senator Biden was right about our enemies abroad. They cannot wait until we are totally controlled by the three Amigos and the Democrat Party. Having a young far left and naive President is something they have been praying for ever since Jimmy Carter was defeated by President Reagan. What our founding fathers feared more than anything else was the day that our three separate and distinct parts of government would be controlled by one single party. They knew this would be the same as declaring the President and leader of the party, King. The very thing our founding fathers risked their lives and freedom to defend against could very well happen in 2009.

When American voters step into the booth they would be wise to ask, what type of country do we want to pass on to our children. Are we willing to sit back and watch as Maxine Walters attempts to nationalize the oil companies (her comment)? Are we willing to allow President Obama to "spread the wealth", as he sees fit? Are we willing to take a chance and face a national crisis and challenge from our enemies, because they want to "test the mettle" of Obama, Biden's comments? Do we really want to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, basically controlling free speech? Do we want to see ordinary people investigated and their lives destroyed because they asked their public figures a simple question? In short, are we willing to watch as our country, that so many Americans fought and died to defend, slowly but deliberately turns itself into a Socialist State.

This November Americans will be deciding whether or not we will remain the government of the people, by the people, for the people or will we be the government of King Obama and the Three Amigos.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Testing Obama Metal, Joe Biden

by Ron Spangler

As reported by ABC News

"Mark my words," the Democratic vice presidential nominee warned at the second of his two Seattle fundraisers Sunday. "It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

The report continued:
"We do not have the military capacity, nor have we ever, quite frankly, in the last 20 years, to dictate outcomes," he cautioned. "It's so much more important than that. It's so much more complicated than that. And Barack gets it."

"I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate," Biden said to Emerald City supporters, mentioning the Middle East and Russia as possibilities.

Here is another scenario laid out in "Welcome To The United Socialist States of America"

" Using the economic down turn and public mistrust of Wall Street the nationalization of the banks and markets in America will be swift. Corporate taxes and taxes on all business in America will reach a new all time high. New tariffs will be placed on companies with plants outside of American borders. If companies don't agree to keep their production facilities within the United States and pay the highest corporate tax in the world, they could see their companies nationalized. This New World Order will be the agenda of a President and Congress intent on Socializing America. They will be following the blueprints and book written by George Soros.

Congress will inact the Windfall Profit Tax on oil companies and subsidize the cost of fuel at the pumps. As business reacts to the higher taxes and begin to rebel, Congress will make an example by nationalizing American oil companies and refineries within American borders. As markets around the world continue to have violent reaction to the heavy handed regulations placed upon them by the American Congress, the President will embark upon a new world summit where the markets will be redesigned to fall into the New World Order with George Soros leading the way.

With the world facing another Great Depression and maybe another World War, Europe will capitulate under threats and pressure from Russia, China, Iran and America. The promise of economic stability and world peace will be so great that the idea of a one world economy and monetary system will be a minor price to pay.

In order to reach an economic agreement with the other nations, President Obama will agree to a final solution on the subject of Israel and the Middle East. There will be a timetable agreed to by the Nations involved but neither the agreement or timetable will be made available to the public or Israel. President Obama will be well into his first term before events agreed upon within the agreement begin to take place. Iran pressured by Russia and China will agree to wait until the world's economy has stabilized before acting upon the secret agreement with President Obama.

This is one scenario facing the world and America under the leadership of a President Obama. Whether it is a realistic scenario or not, nobody knows. We do know that "redistribution of wealth" is one of the major tennacles of socialism. We know that Putin is the true power in Russia and he is determined to resurrect the Soviet Union under a Socialist government. We know the leaders in Iran are determined to be a super power in the Middle East and they will not stop until they have gained complete control of the area. They will not rest until they have a nuclear bomb and they are convinced President Obama will not stop them from achieving nuclear capability. We also know China would look upon an Obama Administration as another failed Carter Administration. They know President Obama would never consider a war with China over Taiwan. Negotiations with a country turning away from a capitalist economy to a country embracing socialism are negotiations China has been waiting for."

Was this one of the "at least four or five scenarios" Senator Biden was talking about, only time will tell.


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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama Supporters Talk About Obama


Joe Biden Before VP Selection

Joe Biden Now

Hillary Clinton Then= Obama's Honesty

Hillary Then= Obama's Experience

Bill Clinton Then= Obama's Experience

True Obama Supporters

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The Real Barack Obama Agenda


by Ron Spangler
The Hidden Barack Obama Agenda= One World Order

Redistribute Wealth= Socialism

Illegal Immigration and Drivers License

Sex Education In Schools

Foreign Affairs Meeting With Our Enemies

Surrender In Iraq= The War Is Lost

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CNN; KFC, Watermelon, Donkeys Are Racist


by Ron Spangler
Americans must be very careful not to offend anyone in the black community or risk being outed as a racist. Among other things we cannot in any way associate Barack Obama with a Donkey, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Watermelons. These things including pictures of any or all, have become the exclusive property of the black community. Forget that most people in America and other parts of the world grew up eating chicken or watermelon and donkeys were introduced into America by European and Spanish countries. To be Politically correct, white Americans can no longer speak of these three things using satire or comedy since it would be insensitive towards blacks in America.

This has been decided by CNN and the rest of the Obama supporting media in America. Until the Fairness Doctrine can be reinstated by the next Congress and signed into law by President Obama, it seems the media has decided what people can and cannot say. Just ask Joe The Plumber what can and will happen if you ask Sen Obama the wrong question.

I grew up eating fried chicken, watermelon and and knew a lot of people that owned donkeys, mules, or horses. Some were white people and some were black people. I never knew until today that any of the three belonged to any one race or culture. I would like to thank CNN and all of the Obama supporters for enlightening this poor backwoods boy.

I promise I will never associate myself with anything or anyone that displays a donkey as a symbol of anything other than the black community or culture. Further I will boycott any restaurant that is offering fried chicken or watermelon without acknowledging the African culture.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Knife In The Back


by Ron Spangler
When will Senator McCain learn he cannot trust a Democrat. As he should have learned years ago there are no honest respectable politicians in the Democratic Party, only back stabbers that will do or say anything to win. Want proof? Just today
Georgia congressman John Lewis accused John McCain and Sarah Palin of stoking hate. Basically comparing them to former Alabama Governor, Presidential Candidate and segregationist George Wallace.

I cannot believe there are any intelligent people on the planet that would believe for a minute that John McCain could have an ounce of racism running through his body. McCain is the same man that just recently praised John Lewis and Barack Obama. What does McCain get in return, a cold hard blade in the back. Why did Lewis say:

"Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse."

Lewis went on:

"George Wallace never threw a bomb," Lewis noted. "He never fired a gun, but he created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans who were simply trying to exercise their constitutional rights. Because of this atmosphere of hate, four little girls were killed on Sunday morning when a church was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama."

The reason he is saying such despicable things, he wants Barack to win no matter what.

And where is Barack Obama? His reply to Senator McCain's anger for Lewis's remarks? In Pennsylvania Barack said: "I have always said we owe our gratitude to Senator McCain for his past service. But......"

So whose playing the race card? It has and always will be the media (CNN, MSNBC, and NBC in particular). They don't come right out and make accusations but instead make inferences by posing the questions and constantly debating if McCain supporters or anyone that votes for McCain are hidden racists.

Who else is playing the race card? The Obama campaign and his supporters. Like John Lewis, any attempt at questioning Obama will be dealt with in the swiftest and most effective manner. The swiftest and most direct manner to stop a questioner and place the person on defense is to accuse the person of being racist with the questions. Its a great strategy but it is wearing very thin.

John McCain is the last person you could in any way connect or equate to George Wallace. It is not only absurd, it is below racist to suggest this insane idea. Lewis, Obama the Congressional Black Caucus and the entire leadership of the NAACP owes John McCain an apology. Being in the position of leadership that John Lewis holds only leaves me to believe this is not the rantings of a single man.

One more example of why we cannot trust Barack Obama.

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Dangers Of Voter Registration Fraud


By Ron Spangler
By now most Americans have heard or read something about all of the voter registration fraud going on in American. Most of the political pundits and commentators look at it and say its not important in the election. They would have people believe that our election process at the local level is so secure that even though the dead have been registered and some individuals have registered up to 70 times, they will be caught if they try to vote and their votes will not be counted.

They point to all of the good things ACORN (the biggest culprit behind registration fraud) has accomplished, like registering 1.3 million new voters. They gloss over the fact that ACORN is pushing all new voters to sign up as Democrats and vote for Obama. These pundits and commentators that are passing themselves off to be legitimate journalists overlook the obvious danger in voter registration fraud. Remember a lot of these folks are the same ones that deny Democrats like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Walters, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and yes Barack Obama had anything to do with the current economic crisis.

The most glaring danger of registration fraud results in a form of voter suppression. If you watch news reports and watch the polls, McCain supporters will get the impression it is all over and their votes will be meaningless. With so many new Democrat registrations and so few McCain supporters how in the world could McCain ever win? With this in mind, why should we even bother to vote? According to television reports and all of the polls, Democrats will sweep the election at both the National and Local levels. So why should Republicans and Independent McCain supporters waste their time? Doesn't America deserve what she gets if Obama and the Democrats gain complete control of both the Congress and White House?

These are depressing and defeatists thoughts that could lead many to stay home and not bother to vote. After all if you're a Indianapolis Colts fan and their opponent is leading the game by 21 points with only 5 minutes left, isn't it time to leave the stadium or turn the channel. Maybe not. Ask any NFL fan what can happen in the last 5 minutes of a football game, especially with Peyton Manning and the Colts. Many a day I have been on the edge of my chair ready to change the channel. Unfortunately for me sometimes I did change the channel only to find out after it was over that the Colts stepped up and won the game in the last 2 or 3 minutes. I can't explain the remorse I felt for not hanging in and having faith.

Unlike the clowns on television and experts running the polls I will not give in, give up, or voluntarily surrender America to Obama and the Democrats like the ones that are truly responsible for the economic chaos facing America. Groups like ACORN can do whatever they like to discourage me but it will not happen. Senator McCain may not have it in his DNA to attack a fellow Senator with stories he believes to be untrue or use character assassination to win an election, but he does place the interest of America and the American people above all else. I cannot say the same is true for Senator Obama and the Democratic Party. If McCain supporters act like NFL fans and stay true to their team, never give up and stay involved they cannot lose.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ten Reasons You Might Be A Racist


by Ron Spangler

According to the liberal media there are telltale signs to look for when determining if someone is a racist. This election has become so politically correct you may not know you are a racist until you find out from the Obama supporters that you are in fact a racist. Here are ten ways the media determines if you are a racist:

1) If you use Barack's full name, Barack Hussein Obama, in a sentence.

2) If you question Barack's judgment for not knowing Bill Ayres' background when every other Democrat in Chicago politics did.

3) Asking for a complete investigation of Barack's past association with groups like ACORN, past Weather Underground members, Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Wright and others.

4) Asking Barack for his complete medical record instead of a one page document.

5) Questioning his character for throwing anyone off the Obama bus if he thinks they could in any way become a liability for his quest to become president.

6) Question Barack's honesty for promising the voters everything and anything when he knows with the world economy tanking, he will not be able to deliver on half of what he has promised.

7) Question statements from Michele Obama.

8) Question his knowledge and qualifications to be Commander In Chief.

9) Question his refusal to have direct open debates with unscripted unrehearsed voters in a real town hall setting.

10) Question his background and record, or lack thereof.

Bottom line with most of the media in the tank for Barack Obama and most Americans believing what they see on TV, any opponent of Obama will have a mountain so high that it will be virtually impossible to climb. I wish Senator McCain the best for his brave attempt to beat Barack, but I am afraid he is about to find out the media can inflict much more pain and suffering than the North Vietnamese did during his stay in the Hanoi Hilton.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama Presidency The First Term


by Ron Spangler

If you listen to the pundits and believe the polls, it is increasingly clear Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States. With this in mind I have looked into all of his campaign promises and plans for his first term in office. Throughout his campaign he has made it perfectly clear that he intends to be a two term President. With the current state of our economy I have only looked at what could be the results a first term Obama Administration.

It is unclear if President Bush and his Administration can stop the downward spiral our economy and the market is experiencing. The results of the actions he has taken to calm the markets and free up credit will not be known until after the election. For the sake of argument I have looked into the future with an optimistic view. I have given our economy and markets the benefit of doubt and see President Obama inheriting an economy/market on the rise and the job market showing a modest increase.

After his inauguration and keeping to his campaign promises, President Obama will announce our immediate withdrawal from Iraq starting in February 2009 and ending in August 2010.

He will submit to Congress his tax plan to repeal the Bush tax cuts, institute a windfall profits tax on oil companies, raise corporate tax rates and mandate that all small business with ten or more employees and a gross income level above $250,000, provide health care for their employees.

The immediate results of President Obama's action will be Russia signing a mutual defense agreement with Venezuela allowing Russian missiles to be placed in Venezuela and declaring any attack on Venezuela will be considered an attack on Russia. President Obama will declare this unacceptable,call for a meeting with the Russian President and call for sanctions against Russia if they place missiles on Venezuelan soil.

Iran will call for immediate talks with high level Administration officials to plan for talks between Obama and Ahmadinejad. Obama will agree and send his Secretary of State to Iran to work out the details of their meeting. After the Secretary of State returns, Obama will announce a Camp David Summit will be held and Ahmadinejad' agreement to negotiate his country's plans for nuclear plants in Iran.

Obama will emerge from Camp David and announce Ahmadinejad has agreed to allow limited inspections of their nuclear power plants and they have no intentions of using nuclear weapons against Israel. Iran will also promise to help America in our effort to reduce the increased attacks on our troops in Afghanistan. Of course the inspections will continue to be stalled by Iranian bureaucrats until the dirty little secret comes out that Iran has finally obtained a nuclear weapon from North Korea that is capable of striking Israel. We will also learn that Iran has been secretly arming the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Pakistan. Obama will announce a summit meeting with our European Allies to deal with both the Russian and Iranian threats.

The corporate tax increase will cause large corporations to immediately announce a corporate wide job freeze and an immediate restructuring of all domestic operations. Foreign corporations like Toyota and Honda will reconsider building products in the United States. Most small businesses will not be exempt from the new taxes and insurance mandates because the law will be defined as "Companies with a Gross Income Level below $250,00 are exempt." As small business owners learn they cannot deduct normal business expenditures from their gross income to qualify as a small business they begin to close their companies and file for bankruptcy.

With the increased cost of foreign oil, a double digit unemployment rate, and increased tensions around the world, markets and economies will crash by the summer of 2010. Chaos will return to the Middle East, Russia will move on Georgia and Ukraine, we will retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan and the world will be on the brink of WWIII.

Most people especially Obama supporters will shrug this off as fear mongering or the predictions of a madman. I would ask you to take a close look at the man and explain how, with the world economy and the threats we face from abroad, can Obama keep the promises he has made. To this date he still refuses to admit he will not be able to keep all of these promises. To Obama it is inconceivable to believe Putin or Ahmadinejad would think Obama would be another weak Jimmy Carter. He doesn't understand that to people like this the word negotiate is the same as surrender.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Breaking News: Biden Will Step Down


As I reported in my Sept 17th post Hilliary Towing Obama Line Senator Biden will step down as Senator Obama's running mate. It will happen this week. Obama will make the announcement only hours before or after the Oct 7th Presidential Debate. Hillary Clinton will replace Biden and the expected outcome, from DNC insiders, will be an overwhelming Obama/Clinton jump in the polls.

The scenario that has been decided upon by the Obama strategist and agreed to by Senator Biden is being played out this weekend. The illness of Senator Biden's mother-in-law is nothing new. Senator Biden and his wife of 30 years, Jill Biden, knew Bonnie Jacobs was terminally ill before Senator Biden accepted the position of Senator Obama's running mate. The excuse Senator Biden will give for his decision to step down is simple and will probably work to bring Hillary supporters back to the Obama camp. It will be simply he must step down to help his wife and family deal with the terrible crisis facing their family.

The American public will understand and admire Senator Biden for his decision. Anyone that has lost a family member will understand that Senator Biden will not be able to give the campaign his full attention and would probably hinder Senator Obama's chances of being elected. What voters have not been told is Obama has promised Biden a cabinet level position in an Obama Administration.

The mainstream media will not report nor will they look into whether any deals were made between Obama, Biden and Clinton. They will except at face value the reasons given and heavily criticize anyone that may suggest this was nothing more than another Obama "Change."

Hillary supporters that have been informed of what is about to take place are ecstatic but some DNC insiders that I have talked to are worried. The insiders are afraid people may see this as a gamble that could backfire. They are afraid Biden could make one of his famous gaffs and let it out that a deal was made dependent more on the Vice Presidential debate and less on anything else.

They have pointed out that while they have worked hard to make Senator Biden sound like a caring single father that has worked hard to raise his children and carry on his duties as a U. S. Senator, it has not worked as well as they hoped. Senator Biden's first wife Neilia was killed in an accident on Dec 18, 1972, only six weeks after he was first elected to the Senate. Less than three years later he met his current wife Jill. After meeting Biden, Jill along with other Biden family members helped Senator Biden raise his sons while Joe was fulfilling his duties as a Senator. They were married in 1977 and Jill became a full time mom.

Some in the left wing media attributed the accident to a "drunk driver" but the driver of the truck was cleared of any responsibility for the accident. In the past Senator Biden blamed the accident on the driver of the truck and implied he was drunk at the time. A blood test was taken of the semi driver and it was later determined that Neilia had probably been distracted by the children and pulled out in front of the truck.

Over the years since Senator Biden has been in public office, he has been well known for his many gaffs (lies) and plagiarisms. Now it seems they are finally catching up with him. The media is very forgiving of him because the man simply cannot help himself. The public has accepted it as "Oh, that's just Joe. You really can't believe what he says but he means well." The question is will the voters be as forgiving of Obama and his judgment for first selecting Biden then throwing him off the bus like he has done so many others.

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