Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drone Technology No Longer A Secret

By Ron Spangler

Does the capture of the top secret RQ-170 Drone over Iran spell the beginning of the end for the United States' stealth technology superiority?

Has President Obama relied too much on the Drone weapons system in his overall foreign policy plans?

Was his decision to avoid any attempts to destroy the Drone a mistake?

Will the capture of our top secret stealth Drone have long range ramifications for our air superiority abilities over hostile nations?

The answer to all of these questions is probably yes. It is within reason to believe that within hours after the Drone was captured both China and Russia had their best people heading for Iran to inspect the Drone. It is also reasonable to suspect both countries are capable of reverse engineering the technology to build their own versions of the Drone. Considering it's not uncommon for countries like China and Russia to send their students to the USA to be trained and earn degrees in engineering, is it not logical that they could easily use their knowledge for reverse engineering of our weapons systems?.

After countries like Russia and China have conquered the challenge to reverse engineer our technology the question becomes how long before they are able to come up with a successful defense for that technology. It is clear that they already have some degree of knowledge on how to hack into the guidance and control systems of our drones. How else can the Pentagon explain losing control of the drone and someone directing it to land 100 miles inside Iran without damaging the drone beyond recognition.

If it is true that President Obama refused to destroy the drone out of fear Iran would declare it an act of war, then it will go down as one of the biggest blunders this President has made as Commander In Chief.

Only time will tell how costly this incident will be to the USA, unfortunately I believe it will be very costly. President Obama has made the drone his number one weapon in fighting terrorist and in ways of spying on our enemies. It is unknown how many countries we are spying on and how many continents we have drones flying over. After this I'm certain the number will be reduced and President Obama will have to rethink future drone missions.

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