Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Families Playing Games Together Again

Made popular by tailgaters this game is catching on across the country. Any age can play and tournaments are popping up around America. Not only for outdoor entertainment it can now be played indoors too.

The name of the game ? Cornhole or Corn Toss.

Not only popular at family reunions it has become a priority for company picnics and tournaments are being held at state fairs. Read Columbus Dispatch Article

As a local custom builder and player I can attest to how the game is catching on throughout the south. This is a perfect way to get the family outdoors and away from the TV and computer games. The whole family can enjoy fun times together. Can be taken on picnics, camping or any occasion. Not just for tailgaters anymore.

Watch the video to learn more:

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Speculators Return To Oil Market

by Ron Spangler

As Congress debates a plan to save the financial markets on wall street, it appears speculators are leaving the stock market and returning to the commodities market especially in the oil market. After it was announced the oil market was under investigation and some speculators were found to be illegally manipulating the market, they retreated to the stock market and began short selling. As a result the price of oil began to fall. This was by no means the sole reason for the drop in the price of crude oil but it did play a role.

Now while Congress is busy with the Paulson bailout plan and short selling has been temporarily banned, speculators have returned to oil and the result is ever increasing prices for a barrel of oil. Since the current crisis began the price of oil has steadily increased from a low of $91 to the current $120. Most people will attribute the increase on hurricane Ike and the disruption of the supply of oil from the Gulf Coast area. They will also point to OPEC's decision to cut production. I would argue both have played a minor role in the increase for the simple reason that America's demand for oil has decreased dramatically.

The real culprit is nothing more than greed. Across the Southeast there have been increased complaints of price gouging at the pumps. As soon as hurricane Ike landed the price at the pump went as high as a dollar more per gallon. The reason given at the time was speculation that we would see gas shortages nationwide. Contrary to some media reports it didn't happen. Some gas stations have posted signs they are out of regular unleaded gas but are selling higher grade gas at you guessed it, ridiculously higher prices. Reports are coming out that these stations are really closing their lower grade less expensive pumps not because of a shortage but instead they are holding back in order to push the sale of their more expensive fuel. Employees have reported they were told to shut down their less expensive fuel pumps even though the storage tanks were full. As State Attorney Generals around the Southeast and Midwest started investigating these claims the price of fuel went down and overnight stations that didn't have regular unleaded miraculously received delivery and began selling the less expensive gas. Like short sellers and speculators these people succumbed to the greatest sin of all, human greed.

Speculators and unscrupulous business people have no respect for what is in the best interest of the country, instead they are guided by their own self interest. Their daily quest for more and more dollars have blinded them as to the effect their greed is having on the everyday citizen and their country. As Congress debates the Treasury Secretary's plan to save us from the upcoming disaster they must back away from party partisanship and for once consider what is best for the country. They must finally do something to free us from foreign oil, like passing a real energy bill that will allow drilling without all of the restrictions and limitations. They and the regulators of the markets must keep an eye out for the greedy speculator and CEOs that have little or no concern for their country. Our future depends on what this congress does in the next couple of days. If they continue on as a Do Nothing Congress concerned only with winning an election, then our future is grim at best.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dems Using Fear To Win An Election

Author: Ron Spangler

It was Harry Reid that said, "The war is lost."

It was Barack Obama that said, "The surge will not work."

It was John McCain that said, "I would rather lose an election than lose a war."

It was Nancy Pelosi that said, "No offshore drilling."

It is John McCain saying, "Drill and drill Now."

It was FDR that said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

It is the Dems today saying, "Be afraid, be very afraid."

It seems today the Dems are saying, "I would rather destroy America than lose an election."

The State of America is still at the critical level, one step away from recession. The market is in turmoil but not in chaos. Compared to other countries our production rate, unemployment rate, our overall economic growth rate and low inflation are things to be envied. Like the rest of the world our economy is slowing down and will continue to slow until after the November election. Small business is continuing on but with all the talk coming from the media, driving fear into the hearts of the consumers, retail sales will continue to drop. If this continues our economy will fall into a recession or worse.

At the time Roosevelt made his famous speech America and the world was in far greater danger than anything we are facing today. Listening to the Democrats and the media you would never guess this to be true. Very few people understand or pay attention to the stock market or the commodities market in America. This is true of the media anchors and commentators and the majority of politicians. These people count on stock brokers, so called market experts, and business people to tell them what is wrong or right with our economy and the markets. Sometimes these experts are wrong and the people that invest in the market lose money. When this happens like it has this week, the media goes crazy and warns the country that the world may be coming to an end.

When everyone was able to buy a home and the government was spending money on the Woodstock Museum and the Bridge to Nowhere, the commentators and news anchors laughed and called it politics as usual. It didn't bother them because they were making money not only from their high paying positions but also from a market that was continuing to rise. Now that the same people are losing money they are out for blood and blame, mostly aimed at the President and Republicans. This is playing right into the Democratic play book. Scare the voter bad enough and convince them it is only the Republicans to blame and we will win the election. It may work.

If people would reflect back on some of the things that this country has gone through over the last eight years they may have a different outlook on our future. Not only did we face 9/11 but this country has faced devastating hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires and yes market manipulation and bad business schemes by unscrupulous greedy people that destroyed investors retirements. With every disaster America and our economy continued along, the world did not come to an end. Today is no different, the world will not end and America will survive. The only way we will lose is if we the voters decide that our lives are over and we fall into a depression deep enough to elect a person President that is nothing more than a puppet for the Far Left of his party.

Democrats hate the fact that they lost the Presidential election twice and have vowed not to lose it again, no matter what. They have been running for office ever since November 2006. In 2007 this 'Do Nothing Congress' saw what was happening not only at Fannie/Freddie but on Wall Street. They decided they would rather see the economy fall into hard times and give them a platform to run on rather than take action and prevent the turmoil we are facing today. Congressional leaders took no action and oversight committees and regulators failed to rein in a runaway market. This was no accident on the part of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Now they say there are no Democrats at fault and only the President and Republicans are at fault. This is absurd.

Using fear and uncertainty the Democrats may get what they want in November. The only problem is they may inherit something that the three amigos Obama, Pelosi and Reid are ill equipped to handle. As we speak Russia is making a move on the oil in the Arctic by laying claim to most of the known oil reserves that are there. Nancy and Harry have passed scam bills in Congress for new drilling offshore. Do to all of the limitations they know their bills will not help free us from foreign oil. They still refuse to allow us to go after our own natural gas. Will they stand up to Russia or will we become dependent on Russia for our oil and natural gas?

The three amigos and other Democratic Party leaders are smart. They understand that fear and depression begets fear and depression. They know that if they play the blame game right and convince the American public it is all the fault of the President and the Republicans the voters will roll the dice on Obama. They are ready to gamble the future of America and do or say whatever it takes to win this election. If fear and depression leads to another depression then that is the price they are willing to pay. Recessions and Depressions do not hurt the politicians that have made their millions and hid them away for rainy days. In their world winning is not everything, its the only thing. Their greed for power and absolute hatred of George Bush has driven them into a psychotic state of mind. Their vision of the world has become completely obscured by the thought of gaining absolute power of the country. The power that was given to this Congress in 2006 has not just corrupted this Congress, the power has corrupted them absolutely.

If Americans continues to listen to the media and its glass half empty reporting then we may find the glass empty in 2009. If we look at the situation and decide to gamble on America instead of Wall Street and the media, we may avoid a disastrous four years with the three amigos. It is up to the American voter.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hilliary Towing Obama Line

Author: Ron Spangler

With all of the rumors floating around the Obama campaign that Hilliary will soon replace Joe Biden on the Democrat ticket, it seems Hilliary is towing the Obama line. While most of the media is downplaying her recent dissing of the Jewish community by refusing to appear at their rally, simply because Sarah Palin was also invited, some in the media did run it this morning. The rally was in protest to Ahmadinejad appearing at the UN, his position on Israel and his quest for nuclear weapons. After 1st agreeing to appear and speak at the rally Hilliary backed out after hearing Sarah Palin had also been invited and was going to speak. The two were not scheduled to appear together so people are wandering what really was behind her decision to cancel.

Some in the Obama campaign and most of the Hollywood crowd, of which Obama made his latest appearance at a cost of $30,000 per person, are pushing Obama to find a way to drop Biden and add Hilliary to the ticket. Some supporters in the Obama campaign are upset and tell me Obama and Biden are considering different ways to do this. They are telling me that a decision is forthcoming, hopefully before the Vice Presidential debate.

One scenario will be Biden making a public announcement that he must step down for family reasons, but he will be campaigning as frequently as possible for Sen Obama. This will open the door for Hilliary to reluctantly but gracefully answer the call of her country in the most important campaign of our lives.

With Hilliary backing out today and past speeches of Biden, "Hilliary is more qualified than me for vice president", it is not out of the realm of possibility that Obama's floundering campaign may try this. Hilliary's decision to back out of the rally may backfire with the Jewish community. It is no secret the Jewish community has for the most part always supported the Democrats, now many in the community feel her decision to be a slap in the face. Looking back at all of the people Obama has thrown off his bus when things are starting to get tough, it is highly possible what I'm being told could come to pass. Don't feel bad for Biden if this happens. He will be all for it since Obama has promised him a cabinet level position of his choice. Once Jan 20th comes around Biden's family problems will be resolved. The question remains whether or not the American voter will see it as a scam to answer the Sarah Palin threat.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

America Modern Day Zorro

Author: Ron Spangler

Growing up one of my favorite mythical characters was Zorro. His battle to protect the poor peasants of California from the repression of the upper class and tyrannical rule of the Spanish governors was something I could relate to. His weapons included his sense of fair play, love for his country and the oppressed people of California, his ability to deceive the tyrants and gain valuable knowledge on ways to defeat them and free the people from poverty and oppression, his courage and strength to continue the fight even when it looked hopeless, and finally his sword that he used to protect the weak and combat his enemies.

Today we have a real life man, not a myth, that has much of the same characteristics as my childhood hero Zorro. Like Zorro he was raised in an economically blessed family steeped in a tradition of service to country. His ancestors had a long history of serving in the military and putting their country first. Like our mythical Zorro, this gave our modern day Zorro the opportunity to obtain higher level education not always available to the lower class citizens. Both men learned from the upper class but identified more with the average citizen than they did with the powerful and privileged that ruled the country. While living their lives they experienced atrocities that would shape the rest of their lives and awakened a hidden strength that would allow them to fight against evil, injustice and tyranny without seeking glorification or celebrity treatment for the battles they would fight.

The weapons of our modern day Zorro are much the same as the mythical Zorro. His ability to walk amongst the rich and powerful even though they suspect him of not being on their side, using his position to learn the weaknesses of the powerful and the corrupt in order to bring them down, his unwavering dedication to country and sense of fair play for the American people, his sense of honor and placing America first, and finally his courage to stand alone fighting for what he knows in his heart to be the right decision for his country and the citizens he has sworn to protect.

In his military days his weapon was a Navy jet, today his weapon is his position as a US Senator, tomorrow it will be the Office of the President. Our modern day Zorro? Who else but John McCain.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

US Economy Who Is Really At Fault

Author: Ron Spangler

Throughout American history it has always been easy to blame our presidents for everything that could possibly go wrong in America and for that matter around the world. The reason we blame our presidents is because we believe one man has total control of the nation. We somehow think our presidents have the ability to look into the future and make new laws that will prevent new catastrophes from ever occurring. We forget unless the president has total control of everything our Congress does, he cannot make any new laws. The one area the President has the most power in is conducting foreign policy and even here when it comes to treaties and war he has his limitations.

In today's election climate everything known to man has been blamed on one man, President Bush. Senator Obama has said Bush is at fault for invading Iraq and consequentially fighting a loosing war that has made America less safe. Senator Obama has blamed President Bush for mishandling everything in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. Senator Obama has blamed President Bush for the downturn in the American economy. And now Senator Obama is trying to scare the American people into believing Senator McCain is some kind of clone of President Bush.

Here are some facts:

Every Ally and our American Congress believed Hussein had to be replaced and voted to forcibly remove his regime. Obama had the luxury of not being in the Senate at the time and did not have to vote. Considering his record of voting over 90% in concurrence with his party we have to wonder if he would have voted yes like most of his party or went against the popular decision at the time and voted no. During his Democratic Primaries, at the time he was belittling Sen Clinton for her vote on the war, he was quoted as saying:

"I think what people might point to is our different assessments of the war in Iraq," Obama said at the time, "although I’m always careful to say that I was not in the Senate, so perhaps the reason I thought it was such a bad idea was that I didn't have the benefit of U.S. intelligence."

Was the war mishandled, probably so. Just like President Lincoln had to find his General Grant, President Bush had to find his General Patraeus. What makes Senator Obama think he is smarter than the generals we train to fight our wars, now I know, it must be all of the intense military training and experience he has had fighting in past wars.

Has the war ended in Iraq, no. Are we winning in Iraq, yes. Will Al Qaeda try to make another comeback with spectacular attacks in Iraq in order to sway our Nov elections, probably. Will Obama use it to say, "See I was right. The war is lost, we must reduce our forces and leave the fighting to the Iraqis." The answers is yes he will.

After hurricane Katrina Senator Obama and the media blamed everything that went wrong in New Orleans on President Bush. In Senator Obama's world the President has total control of every governor and mayor in America. At the time, Obama seemed to think all state and local decisions were made at the federal level by the President. He somehow thought the President personally ran every department of the government and all decisions including where to stage buses that would be used for evacuations. With the last two hurricanes Obama has refused to congratulate President Bush on how well these disasters have been handled or admit that with different governors and mayors we sometimes have a completely different outcome to similar disasters.

Senator Obama has now began to use a line from President Reagan's first presidential campaign. Obama is asking, "Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?" For the first six years most Americans would answer yes. Since the 2006 election the economy started a slow decent and with the sharp increases in the price of energy over the last year and the housing market bubble bursting, most Americans have experienced hard times making ends meet. Until oil hit $140 a barrel and gas prices went over $4.00 a gallon the unemployment rate was under 6%. With the cost of fuel effecting everything the results have been;
a) industry has cut back
b) consumers cannot afford to spend money on nonessential products and
c) the unemployment rate went over 6%.

During this time the Congress has been controlled by Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Starting in 2007 the president asked Congress to open up America to more drilling and free ourselves from foreign oil. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and most in Congress said no. They said we know where the oil is and we have given 68 million acres, drill there. The experts told Congress there is not enough oil in these leases to make it worth drilling for, let us drill off the coast in the same area Cuba and China are getting ready to drill. Congress is still saying no. As their position became more unpopular Democrats started to rebel against their leaders. Nancy Pelosi told them, "that's OK let me take the blame for not allowing a vote on drilling. I will be re-elected you will get re-elected and we still will not allow drilling." After Senator Obama started to drop in the polls over his position on oil, he now embraces "limited drilling" and Pelosi says she will allow some bills to come before the House. Now they are working on a bill in the Senate but neither will have a chance before the Congress adjourns.

The effects of this Democrat controlled and led "Do Nothing Congress" are now being seen in our economy. For two years they have made a lot of promises but stood by and watched as our economy began its decent into dangerous territory. For two years they criticized and blamed the President for everything, yet they have not sent one Bill to the President that addresses the real issue, the cost of energy. As the speculators bail out of the oil market, due to investigations of market manipulation and cutbacks in demand for oil, the price of oil has fallen below $96 a barrel. With the recent hurricane Ike greed has resurfaced in the form of gasoline price gouging and Congress, Pelosi and Reid remain silent. The refineries were undamaged but gasoline in the Southeast and along the East coast have sky rocketed overnight. The media and some governors say its due to companies speculating there will be gas shortages later on. Meanwhile these companies are seeing higher and higher profits from these price increases and the consumer is getting hosed. President Bush has warned price gouging will be prosecuted and placed getting the refineries back on line a top priority.

The question Senator Obama should be asking is will Americans be better off with a Pelosi, Reid, Obama government rather than with a McCain/Palin government. In November the American voter will answer this question and this "Do Nothing Congress" may be in for a big surprise. Two years of doing nothing but trying to run and win another election has worn very thin with the American public.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

What Alaska Has To Offer

Author: Ron Spangler

One of the many responsibilities of governors is to bring revenue to their state. It can be everything from new industry to tourism. Governor Palin has done an exceptional job but fortunately for her, Alaska has a great deal to offer that many Americans are not aware of. I found a great link that might help to inform anyone that is considering what Alaska might have to offer.

Things to Do

Alaska is BIG! When planning your trip allow enough time for the region(s) you want to see and the things you want to do. All you need to do is determine what type of activities and adventures top your must do list and choose the region(s) that offer those experiences. Alaska offers the following and more:


Wildlife Viewing

Adventure & Ecotourism


Restaurants & Nightlife



If you are interested in finding out more about Alaska I suggest you go to: Discover Alaska

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Sarah Palin As Seen On Nightline

In the following interview of Sarah Palin as aired on 'Nightline' notice it is the same interview with Charlie Gibson (Part 2) without the heavy handed editing. Maybe it is because they were moving around outside and heavy editing would have been too obvious.

Now compare this to the earlier Part 1 Gibson vs Palin interview.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

ABC Charlie Gibson Sinks To New Low

ABC Charlie Gibson sank to a new low with the first Palen interview. ABC's decision to deliberately over edit the Vice Presidential Nominee's answers were below any fair and balanced standards of reporting.

Time after time during the question and answer period Sarah Palen's answers were heavily edited and cut short. Watching the video the viewer was left wandering what was the rest of the answer to Charlie's question. Sarah's lips were moving but no sound was coming out.

Scoring this interview I would have to score it Palen 1, Gibson 0. If this is the type of interviews we will see from the rest of the media in the future, maybe we should just call it off and head to the ballot box today.

I cannot understand what was going on the the editor's mind or why Charlie Gibson would allow someone to cut her answers in mid sentence. I have watched a lot of interviews of candidates and cannot remember watching a candidate talk without the words coming out. The only thing I can surmise from such heavy handed editing is Charlie did not like the complete answer that Sarah Palen gave for his questions.

This can only be seen as a terrible interview of which Sarah Palen won hands down.

Due to comments about this interview and what I saw, here is the video as aired on ABC World News

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

American Presidents and the Age Factor

With all of the discussion and constant reminder of Senator McCain's age, I did a little research on the question of past American Presidents and the age factor. I found something I thought was interesting when it comes to the question of how age determines whether or not a candidate can be elected, if he is perceived to be old.

According to the US 12th Census 1891-1900 report, the life expectancy for the average American was 48 yrs old for males and 51 for females.

By 1950 it had increased to 65.6 for men and 71.1 for women. Ref:
Lone Star College - Kingwood

For 2004 the average age was 75.2 men and 80.4 women. Ref: U.S. Census Bureau 2008 Statistical Abstract

From the 1st President George Washington to the 25t President William McKinley each have been at or above the average life expectancy for that particular period in time. Their average age at the time they took office was 55. This meant they were 6 yrs older than the average life expectancy and considered old for their time. This is a statistic, Ref: United States Presidents by age

The fact is for the first 25 Presidents every one was above the average life expectancy at the time they took office.

It wasn't until the election of Herbert Hoover in 1929 that the situation turned around. Hoover was 54 yrs old when he was sworn in and the life expectancy for men was 58.1 After Hoover every President, except Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan, have been below the average life expectancy for men. Harry Truman assumed office at the age of 60 yrs 11 months 4 days in 1945 after the death of Franklin Roosevelt. The average life expectancy at the time was 60.8 Ronald Reagan was 69 years 11 months 14 days in 1981 and the life expectancy was 69.9

Due to the increase in the average life expectancy for the average American, today its projected to reach 75.5 for men and 81.4 for women by 2010, the average age for Presidents at the time they take office is well below the average life expectancy age. Since Hoover it has averaged out to be 54.5 at the age of taking office.

So looking at all of these numbers, what does it tell us. For me it says most of our past Presidents could be considered old at the time they were sworn into office. It tells me, in comparison with life expectancy at the time of their presidency only John Kennedy and Bill Clinton could be considered young. It says age cannot be a factor since we have had some pretty good Presidents that many would have considered old at the time. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and Reagan were all considered old at the time.

Maybe we had a different outlook at the time these men were elected. Maybe we had a totally different respect for older people. Maybe we thought with a little age came a lot of experience and knowledge. Maybe we should return to those days.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Visiting Our Southern Borders

by Ron Spangler
After visiting our Southern Borders and speaking with agents fresh out of the academy and agents with ten or more years service, I have a new perspective of our Border Patrol. Like most of the agents that have served for ten or more years the new agents feel they are serving their country the same as if they were serving in the military or any other law enforcement organization. They are exactly right.

Being older I can still remember how Americans looked down on our Border Patrol as nothing more than under payed security guys with the sole missions of harassing migrant workers and confiscating fruits and vegetables from law abiding citizens traveling between Arizona and California. Unfortunately some Americans today still view our agents not as Federal Law Enforcement agents fully trained in Federal Law but see them more as a security force with no law enforcement responsibility. A large portion of Americans are misinformed about the primary mission of the Border Patrol. Since the attacks on 9/11 the Border Patrol has become our primary defense from terrorists entering our country along our borders. Along with this new mission has come the responsibility of understanding and enforcing our laws and procedures in both Federal and Civil apprehensions of wanted suspects trying to enter or exit the United States. Not one agent that I spoke to harbored an ill will or hatred for any illegal that was trying to enter the US for a purely economical reason. On the other hand they are extremely dedicated to stopping the flow of drugs, illegal weapons, human smuggling and any terrorist trying to cross our borders.

While it may sound funny, I have had people ask me if agents are allowed to carry guns. When I explained that Border Patrol Agents have much of the same responsibilities and authority as the FBI, ATF, DEA, or the Federal Marshals Service people seemed shocked. Maybe with the increased numbers of young men and women joining the Border Patrol, people will have a better understanding of what they do every day and every night year end and year out. Having a better understanding for some of the things agents see and do may have an impact on how they are treated when they are accused of some horrendous act like shooting a drug smuggler or accidentally hitting illegals hiding in the brush in the middle of the desert.

We hear a lot about cases like;
Father Of Girl Killed by Border Patrol Truck Sues but we hear very little about anything else.

In the case of the little girl getting killed, the lawyers and media want to leave out the fact that the father was hiding his little girl in the bushes. The agent was pursuing a group of people suspected of being smugglers or possible terrorists. The trucks they drive off road in the desert must set high off the ground and sometimes impairs the vision of the agent, especially when people are hiding trying to avoid detection. While our hearts go out for the loss of life of such a young innocent child, I would ask who is really in the wrong. Is it the parent that placed the child in the dangerous situation or the agent that was trying to do his duty. I would remind people that all of these agents are Americans with families too.

While I was on the border here are some stories you didn't see in the national media:

Tucson Sector Border Patrol Agents Deliver Baby

Border Patrol agents assigned to the Naco Station found 20 illegal aliens in a remote area of the Coronado National Forest. Before the group could be transported to the Naco Station, one of the women stated that she was pregnant and that her water had broken. Before Emergency Medical Service personnel could arrive, the woman gave birth. Border Patrol agents at the scene assisted with delivering the child and provided medical assistance. EMS arrived and transported the woman and child. Border Patrol agents are all certified as First Responders prior to graduating from the Border Patrol Academy. Through July 31, Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents have rescued 382 individuals.

Furniture Stuffed with Drugs in Arizona
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers foiled a sophisticated smuggling attempt at the Naco port of entry yesterday when they discovered 1,595 packages of marijuana hidden inside wooden entertainment centers coming from Mexico. Estimated street value of the seized drugs is more than $2.7 million. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for further investigation.

Border Patrol Agents Find Deceased Man in Desert

Border Patrol agents were tracking a group of four individuals who had made an illegal entry into the United States by walking across the border through the open desert. With assistance of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine pilots, Border Patrol agents arrested an illegal alien who was spotted running in the desert in the general vicinity.

After Border Patrol agents apprehended the individual he told agents of a second person who was suffering from heat related illness and guided agents back to the victim’s location. Agents were able to locate the second man, who was unresponsive. The Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue team was quickly activated but was unable to resuscitate the individual.

While on scene with the victim the remaining two aliens from the original group surrendered to agents trying to revive the victim. It was determined that the surviving three individuals were illegal aliens and were subsequently detained. All were given water then transported to the El Centro Border Patrol Station for processing.

During processing, it was learned that the suspected smuggler guide was among the three individuals that were rescued and is now being held at the Imperial County jail.

Border Patrol Arrests Armed Human Smugglers

Tucson Station agents arrested a U.S. citizen and four illegal aliens, three of whom were concealed in the trunk of the vehicle. In this incident, as the driver exited the vehicle, a loaded 9mm pistol was discovered under the seat.

All individuals were taken into custody and transported to the Tucson Station for further processing. The U.S. citizen driver was arrested for alien smuggling and endangerment.

Border Patrol agents from the Douglas Station, stopped two female U.S. citizens on Highway 191 approximately 38 miles north of the border. While questioning the driver agents noticed a handgun lying by the side of the driver and movement under a pile of blankets in the rear seat area. Agents then discovered two illegal aliens hiding on the floor board under the pile blankets.

The two U.S. citizen females and the two illegal aliens were placed under arrest. Agents then searched the vehicle and people under custody, discovering drug paraphernalia and a small bottle containing marijuana.

One of the U.S. citizens will be held pending prosecution for alien smuggling with endangerment.

Border Patrol Agents Assist Injured Dune Enthusiast

Border Patrol agents rendered assistance to a sand dune enthusiast who suffered an accident in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area on Sunday.

About 12:15 p.m., Border Patrol agents were flagged down by a friend of the victim near the Buttercup Valley in the Imperial Sand Dunes. The agents arrived on scene and found that a female United States citizen was on the ground and having difficulty breathing after an apparent ATV accident. Upon further evaluation by a Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue team agent, it was determined that she had possible neck and spinal injuries.

A “Life Flight” medical helicopter was requested and she was flown to the Palm Desert Hospital in California for more advanced medical care.

There are a lot more stories that need to be told, these are only a few. They should be a reminder to the American public that agents are not guarding our borders to harass poor Mexican immigrants but are there to Protect and Serve America.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Nothing To Be Ashamed Of, A LIfe To Be Proud Of

Author: Ron Spangler

This is in response to a blog recently sent to me from a friend, Conservative Politics Today

Being a Vietnam Vet myself, I have always understood how John McCain's experience in Vietnam shaped not only the man but also the rest of his life. In the case of Sen McCain once he had been broken, like so many other POWs before and after him, he had the good fortune of receiving the understanding and support from fellow POWs. After our return home Vietnam Vets had a choice to make. Like every veteran that has seen how disgusting war really is we had to decide whether we would let the bad experiences we had been through destroy the rest of our lives or learn from the experience and try to create a better world for our families and our country.

Most combat veterans do not glorify war or their personal experience in war with the general public or strangers. Upon their return home vets talk to vets, and John McCain was no exception. Most of the time it takes years for vets to open up and speak about their experience, some never do. Over the years I have met and had the privilege to work alongside former POWs. I still remember the images of Vietnam POWs being paraded before cameras signing documents denouncing the war and confessing to all types of criminal acts. Only those POWs can understand how ashamed they are to admit they were broken and forced to say things they never thought they could ever say. They have nothing to be ashamed of, they should have nothing less than our respect and admiration for being able to endure and carry on a respectable life committed to making the world a better place and serving their country first.

John McCain's experience of being broken by his captors is nothing new. Every man or woman has their breaking point and in every war there have been POWs that have reached that breaking point. Our enemies have always used prisoners as propaganda to win a war by demoralizing Americans at home and our troops on the ground. It happened in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Unfortunately our history books no longer teach the younger generation the complete story of why we go to war or how our soldiers are treated by their enemies. By never telling the story of people like John McCain young soldiers entering harms way and people that have never experienced military service or the atrocities of war may find themselves believing they would never break in similar circumstances. Maybe the story of John McCain and fellow prisoners of war will give Americans a better understanding of America and what makes the American people so proud to be Americans.

Through his story average Americans are discovering John McCain is more like us than any Presidential candidate running for office. Every American will face one point in their life that will be their breaking point but more than likely Americans will use this experience to pick themselves up and carry on with a productive and better life. Like John McCain we are not a one size fits all society. We must put our country first and not be beholding to any single political party or person but be beholding to all Americans and America itself. I too have had my difference with Sen McCain, but I have found that he is not only brave enough to go against his party he is also brave enough to listen to the people, change his mind and commit to do the will of the people.

I have spent over two weeks on our southern borders talking with Border Patrol Agents, new graduates of the Border Patrol Academy and citizens living along the border states. The promised commitment to secure our borders is becoming a reality. After speaking with new graduates and seasoned older agents I cannot express enough how proud I am of them for their dedication, sacrifice, belief in serving their country and willingness to pay the ultimate sacrifice for protecting our country. Sen McCain has committed himself to support their efforts and secure our borders, I trust and believe he will see this commitment become a reality.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Campbell Brown Latest Tabloid Journalist

Meet CNN' latest tabloid journalist Alma Dale Campbell Brown. She likes to call herself a respectable journalist but since joining CNN with her own show Election Center 2008 she has become nothing more than a Obama surrogate at best and just another tabloid journalist at their worst.

With her latest attacks on Governor Palen and her lack of knowledge on responsibilities of governors around the country, Campbell Brown's credentials as a unbiased creditable journalist have been burned in the political fires of 2008. Seldom do I get so upset with so called journalist that I would lower myself to respond to some of the incredible stories they try to perpetuate as true journalism onto the American public. The self righteous rantings that have been coming out of this woman's mouth have left me dumb founded. She is nothing more than a female Keith Olbermann.

I wander how she would like people delving into her family history and looking down on her for mistakes her family members have made?

Example: Her father
Louisiana Democratic State Senator, Secretary of State, and Insurance Commissioner James H. Brown Jr was indicted, convicted and served a federal prison sentence for lying to the FBI during a routine investigation in 1999.

How about lying or misleading her fans while she was on NBC News Weekend Today?

Example: Her excuse for leaving NBC was I'm pregnant and I am taking time off to be with my family. The truth was she had already signed on with CNN but her contract was not up with NBC. Brown announced July 22, 2007 on Weekend Today, she would be leaving NBC after 11 years to devote time to her family and expected baby. The next day, CNN confirmed it had hired Brown, and that Brown would start work for CNN in February 2008.

The truth is Campbell Brown has loyalties to nobody but herself and her Democrat Party. She will do and say anything to get Obama elected. She questions how Governor Palen can handle a family and be Vice President yet forgets her child was born in December of 2007 and she started work 2 months later with CNN.

She believes she has a home at CNN but I predict like so many before her, her time with this organization is limited. Maybe her next stop will be MSNBC or The National Enquirer.

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Alaska Rich In Resources Rich In People

Since the announcement of Governor Palen's selection as John McCain's running mate a lot attention has been focussed on the governor's personal life and on Alaska. It is sad that the left wing media and Obama hit men and women like Jack Cafferty, Campbell Brown, and the entire MSNBC staff have decided to attack and destroy governor Palen before the nation has a chance to know anything about the woman. Her biggest sin seems to be that she is a Conservative Republican with five children and has the audacity to think she could be the first woman to be elected Vice President, before a female Democrat has a chance to be elected President. Instead of blaming the Alaskan governor I suggest they blame Barack Obama and the Democrats that selected him over Hilliary Clinton.

This election cycle has become the ugliest election in recent history. It has just been reported that some low life has released Governor Palen's social security number. It wasn't bad enough to attack her family now they are trying to destroy her life and place her very identity in jeopardy. Anyone that has been the victim of identity theft is aware of how dangerous it is when your social security number is stolen.

Will the governor step down and give in to these vicious attacks by Obama supporters? Only time will tell if Governor Palen has the guts to stand up to these cruel and unfair assaults on her family and her honor. I suspect she will act like so many Alaskan residents before her and welcome the fight with open arms.

Alaska and its residents have a long history of meeting adversity and challenges head on. This state is one of the richest states in not only natural resources but human resources. Seward's 'folly' only became a state in 1959. The people of Alaska said at the time, we will be a fully self sufficient state not dependent on the federal government if you allow us to join the United States as a free state. Ever since they were admitted they have been fighting the federal government for control of their state. Alaska is not only rich in oil and natural gas, it is also rich in coal, copper, nickel, platinum, timber, wildlife and fisheries. Due to the federal government and over zealot liberal courts the people of Alaska have been denied their natural resources and any opportunity to develop their state into a self sufficient state capable of standing on their own two feet. The people are resilient and refuse to give in to outside pressure. They have withstood natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and blizzards. They have been ridiculed and looked down on as illiterate backwoods people by some in our own society. This is evident today when you here people like Campbell Brown belittle the state by referring to its small population in comparison to other states.

I have known people in the military that have been lifelong residents of Alaska and I can tell you first hand they are smart, brave, tough people every bit American as any other American in this country. I sincerely hope the governor steps up to the challenges and smears from the far left and Obama supporters. I also hope true Americans that believe in fair play will come to the governor's aid.

I also have news for Campbell Brown, governors do have control and are part of the decision making process for their State National Guard. In her interview of Tucker Bounds she stated General Petraeus and the Pentagon controlled the National Guard, nothing could be farther from the truth. Up and until the National Guard is called upon by the President during a war sanctioned by Congress, the State National Guard is under the control of the respective state and its governor. Unlike the President, the governor as Commander In Chief of their State National Guard can use the national guard for not only disaster relief functions but also law enforcement within their respective state. As witnessed during the recent hurricane Gustaf, governors can loan their State National Guard units to other states and place that unit under the command of the governor for which the unit has been temporarily assigned. These decisions are solely and constitutionally the responsibility of the governors of each individual state.

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