Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alaska Rich In Resources Rich In People

Since the announcement of Governor Palen's selection as John McCain's running mate a lot attention has been focussed on the governor's personal life and on Alaska. It is sad that the left wing media and Obama hit men and women like Jack Cafferty, Campbell Brown, and the entire MSNBC staff have decided to attack and destroy governor Palen before the nation has a chance to know anything about the woman. Her biggest sin seems to be that she is a Conservative Republican with five children and has the audacity to think she could be the first woman to be elected Vice President, before a female Democrat has a chance to be elected President. Instead of blaming the Alaskan governor I suggest they blame Barack Obama and the Democrats that selected him over Hilliary Clinton.

This election cycle has become the ugliest election in recent history. It has just been reported that some low life has released Governor Palen's social security number. It wasn't bad enough to attack her family now they are trying to destroy her life and place her very identity in jeopardy. Anyone that has been the victim of identity theft is aware of how dangerous it is when your social security number is stolen.

Will the governor step down and give in to these vicious attacks by Obama supporters? Only time will tell if Governor Palen has the guts to stand up to these cruel and unfair assaults on her family and her honor. I suspect she will act like so many Alaskan residents before her and welcome the fight with open arms.

Alaska and its residents have a long history of meeting adversity and challenges head on. This state is one of the richest states in not only natural resources but human resources. Seward's 'folly' only became a state in 1959. The people of Alaska said at the time, we will be a fully self sufficient state not dependent on the federal government if you allow us to join the United States as a free state. Ever since they were admitted they have been fighting the federal government for control of their state. Alaska is not only rich in oil and natural gas, it is also rich in coal, copper, nickel, platinum, timber, wildlife and fisheries. Due to the federal government and over zealot liberal courts the people of Alaska have been denied their natural resources and any opportunity to develop their state into a self sufficient state capable of standing on their own two feet. The people are resilient and refuse to give in to outside pressure. They have withstood natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and blizzards. They have been ridiculed and looked down on as illiterate backwoods people by some in our own society. This is evident today when you here people like Campbell Brown belittle the state by referring to its small population in comparison to other states.

I have known people in the military that have been lifelong residents of Alaska and I can tell you first hand they are smart, brave, tough people every bit American as any other American in this country. I sincerely hope the governor steps up to the challenges and smears from the far left and Obama supporters. I also hope true Americans that believe in fair play will come to the governor's aid.

I also have news for Campbell Brown, governors do have control and are part of the decision making process for their State National Guard. In her interview of Tucker Bounds she stated General Petraeus and the Pentagon controlled the National Guard, nothing could be farther from the truth. Up and until the National Guard is called upon by the President during a war sanctioned by Congress, the State National Guard is under the control of the respective state and its governor. Unlike the President, the governor as Commander In Chief of their State National Guard can use the national guard for not only disaster relief functions but also law enforcement within their respective state. As witnessed during the recent hurricane Gustaf, governors can loan their State National Guard units to other states and place that unit under the command of the governor for which the unit has been temporarily assigned. These decisions are solely and constitutionally the responsibility of the governors of each individual state.

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