Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dems Using Fear To Win An Election

Author: Ron Spangler

It was Harry Reid that said, "The war is lost."

It was Barack Obama that said, "The surge will not work."

It was John McCain that said, "I would rather lose an election than lose a war."

It was Nancy Pelosi that said, "No offshore drilling."

It is John McCain saying, "Drill and drill Now."

It was FDR that said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

It is the Dems today saying, "Be afraid, be very afraid."

It seems today the Dems are saying, "I would rather destroy America than lose an election."

The State of America is still at the critical level, one step away from recession. The market is in turmoil but not in chaos. Compared to other countries our production rate, unemployment rate, our overall economic growth rate and low inflation are things to be envied. Like the rest of the world our economy is slowing down and will continue to slow until after the November election. Small business is continuing on but with all the talk coming from the media, driving fear into the hearts of the consumers, retail sales will continue to drop. If this continues our economy will fall into a recession or worse.

At the time Roosevelt made his famous speech America and the world was in far greater danger than anything we are facing today. Listening to the Democrats and the media you would never guess this to be true. Very few people understand or pay attention to the stock market or the commodities market in America. This is true of the media anchors and commentators and the majority of politicians. These people count on stock brokers, so called market experts, and business people to tell them what is wrong or right with our economy and the markets. Sometimes these experts are wrong and the people that invest in the market lose money. When this happens like it has this week, the media goes crazy and warns the country that the world may be coming to an end.

When everyone was able to buy a home and the government was spending money on the Woodstock Museum and the Bridge to Nowhere, the commentators and news anchors laughed and called it politics as usual. It didn't bother them because they were making money not only from their high paying positions but also from a market that was continuing to rise. Now that the same people are losing money they are out for blood and blame, mostly aimed at the President and Republicans. This is playing right into the Democratic play book. Scare the voter bad enough and convince them it is only the Republicans to blame and we will win the election. It may work.

If people would reflect back on some of the things that this country has gone through over the last eight years they may have a different outlook on our future. Not only did we face 9/11 but this country has faced devastating hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires and yes market manipulation and bad business schemes by unscrupulous greedy people that destroyed investors retirements. With every disaster America and our economy continued along, the world did not come to an end. Today is no different, the world will not end and America will survive. The only way we will lose is if we the voters decide that our lives are over and we fall into a depression deep enough to elect a person President that is nothing more than a puppet for the Far Left of his party.

Democrats hate the fact that they lost the Presidential election twice and have vowed not to lose it again, no matter what. They have been running for office ever since November 2006. In 2007 this 'Do Nothing Congress' saw what was happening not only at Fannie/Freddie but on Wall Street. They decided they would rather see the economy fall into hard times and give them a platform to run on rather than take action and prevent the turmoil we are facing today. Congressional leaders took no action and oversight committees and regulators failed to rein in a runaway market. This was no accident on the part of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Now they say there are no Democrats at fault and only the President and Republicans are at fault. This is absurd.

Using fear and uncertainty the Democrats may get what they want in November. The only problem is they may inherit something that the three amigos Obama, Pelosi and Reid are ill equipped to handle. As we speak Russia is making a move on the oil in the Arctic by laying claim to most of the known oil reserves that are there. Nancy and Harry have passed scam bills in Congress for new drilling offshore. Do to all of the limitations they know their bills will not help free us from foreign oil. They still refuse to allow us to go after our own natural gas. Will they stand up to Russia or will we become dependent on Russia for our oil and natural gas?

The three amigos and other Democratic Party leaders are smart. They understand that fear and depression begets fear and depression. They know that if they play the blame game right and convince the American public it is all the fault of the President and the Republicans the voters will roll the dice on Obama. They are ready to gamble the future of America and do or say whatever it takes to win this election. If fear and depression leads to another depression then that is the price they are willing to pay. Recessions and Depressions do not hurt the politicians that have made their millions and hid them away for rainy days. In their world winning is not everything, its the only thing. Their greed for power and absolute hatred of George Bush has driven them into a psychotic state of mind. Their vision of the world has become completely obscured by the thought of gaining absolute power of the country. The power that was given to this Congress in 2006 has not just corrupted this Congress, the power has corrupted them absolutely.

If Americans continues to listen to the media and its glass half empty reporting then we may find the glass empty in 2009. If we look at the situation and decide to gamble on America instead of Wall Street and the media, we may avoid a disastrous four years with the three amigos. It is up to the American voter.

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