Tuesday, September 16, 2008

America Modern Day Zorro

Author: Ron Spangler

Growing up one of my favorite mythical characters was Zorro. His battle to protect the poor peasants of California from the repression of the upper class and tyrannical rule of the Spanish governors was something I could relate to. His weapons included his sense of fair play, love for his country and the oppressed people of California, his ability to deceive the tyrants and gain valuable knowledge on ways to defeat them and free the people from poverty and oppression, his courage and strength to continue the fight even when it looked hopeless, and finally his sword that he used to protect the weak and combat his enemies.

Today we have a real life man, not a myth, that has much of the same characteristics as my childhood hero Zorro. Like Zorro he was raised in an economically blessed family steeped in a tradition of service to country. His ancestors had a long history of serving in the military and putting their country first. Like our mythical Zorro, this gave our modern day Zorro the opportunity to obtain higher level education not always available to the lower class citizens. Both men learned from the upper class but identified more with the average citizen than they did with the powerful and privileged that ruled the country. While living their lives they experienced atrocities that would shape the rest of their lives and awakened a hidden strength that would allow them to fight against evil, injustice and tyranny without seeking glorification or celebrity treatment for the battles they would fight.

The weapons of our modern day Zorro are much the same as the mythical Zorro. His ability to walk amongst the rich and powerful even though they suspect him of not being on their side, using his position to learn the weaknesses of the powerful and the corrupt in order to bring them down, his unwavering dedication to country and sense of fair play for the American people, his sense of honor and placing America first, and finally his courage to stand alone fighting for what he knows in his heart to be the right decision for his country and the citizens he has sworn to protect.

In his military days his weapon was a Navy jet, today his weapon is his position as a US Senator, tomorrow it will be the Office of the President. Our modern day Zorro? Who else but John McCain.

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