Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Obama Failed

by Ronnie Spangler

There are many reasons why Barack Obama failed as President. The fundamental reason, he forgot the basic tenants of the office. Uphold the Constitution of the United States, do what is best for the country not what is best for one group or party, protect American citizens at home and abroad and be honest do not lie to the American people.

The job description for community organizers is the complete opposite of the office of the President. Community organizer's primary goal is to force government and employers to accept their demands for change that is in the self interest of the group they represent. The majority of demands from groups like ACORN relate to government provided housing, health care and education. They are not concerned with the overall effect it will have on the economy or the country. For this reason they continue to demand more and more until finally there is nothing left to demand.

When President Obama took office he thought he could lead the country the way he led as a community organizer. Because his party had control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate he could have anything he wanted without taking a leading role. When it came to Stimulus, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid gave him what he wanted without restrictions. He then turned the spending over to Vice President Biden and the Department of Energy with a major emphasis on Green Energy. On Health Care, he left it entirely to Pelosi and Reid with the understanding they could pass it first and read it later.

Many believe that instead of upholding the Constitution he has violated it by circumventing the Congress with his continued use of executive orders. From Don't Ask Don't Tell to Defense of Marriage Act to Libya to Immigration and Homeland Security President Obama has ignored the wishes of Congress.

In respect to Homeland Security our southern border and what has happened with the Border patrol has been President Obama's biggest blunder. In 2009 Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas Jr. was ambushed beaten and murdered with his own weapon by five illegals that had snuck into the country with the sole purpose of robbing an agent of his night-vision equipment. Initially five were apprehended in Mexico by Mexican authorities. They still had agent Rosas' weapon in their possession. The FBI interviewed a 16 year old who told them how everyone was involved in the murder. A deal was struck and only the 16 year old plead guilty. The media ultimately forgot the case and little has been said about it since. Under pressure from a few people that still remember it DOJ is now prosecuting 2 more in San Diego but have asked the court to keep the hearing closed and records sealed.

Another agent Brian Terry was murdered with weapons provided by our government to Mexican Drug Cartels during the flawed Fast and Furious program. President Obama and Eric Holder did everything they could to cover up the failed policy and now say it was a program that began during the Bush Administration. This is an absolute lie. Agent Terry was murdered in 2010 and to this date no one has been brought to justice.

The most recent and biggest lie to come from the White House has been the Benghazi Libya terrorist attack that resulted in the murder of Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans. President Obama and his Administration has lied to America from the very beginning and is still trying to cover up who was responsible for Ambassador Susan Rice going on national television saying it was not a terrorist attack.

The economy is still in deep trouble, the Middle East is about to explode, Al Qaeda is regaining ground in Iraq, Libya, Syria and in most of the African continent yet the President until this week was saying, " bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run." Only partly right, Al Qaeda is not on the run. They are attacking our Embassies and killing our people.