Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Civil Revolt Message To The President

From YouTube

This message to the President should be shown to every politician running for office. The country is on the verge of another revolution. We will not destroy our country through violence but with our votes this government will be replaced with honest people that will follow the Constitution and respect the Republic.

Please watch:

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Arizona The Next Alamo

by Ron Spangler

The entire state of Arizona has become the modern day version of the Texas mission, the Alamo. We all learned how the Alamo came under siege when Texans tried to resist the tyrannical rule of the Mexican government under President Santa Anna. Americans were outraged and showed support for Texans with men, weapons, and money to help Texans fight for their freedom. Today Arizona has come under siege by not only illegal immigration and drug smugglers, but since passage of the new law they are under siege by the Obama administration and their own fellow Americans.

At a hearing before the Homeland Security Commission Secretary Napolitano had the nerve to publicly lie to the commission. She told the committee her department and this Administration had increased the budget, manpower and overall support for the Border Patrol along our southern borders more in the last 15 months than at anytime in recent history. This is a flat out lie.

She failed to point out that her Department directed the transfer of Border Patrol personnel from our southern borders to the northern borders where the threat to our nation is greatly reduced. She failed to mention that through attrition the numbers of border agents will be reduced over the next 4 years. She failed to mention that in order to increase technology at our ports of entry she cut the budget for Border Patrol agents along our southern borders. This is what has led to the decline in apprehensions not what she said, (paraphrase) "a reduction in the numbers of illegals attempting to cross our southern borders."

People have already forgotten the 2 Border Patrol Agents that were killed in less than a 2 year period along our Southern Border. Both were killed by illegals that fled back into Mexico. The National Media failed to fully investigate the killings and the actions taken by Homeland Security or the Department of Justice. Instead the killings quietly fell off the American News Media's radar. Evidently killing of our Border Patrol Agents is not as important as Arizona's attempt to stop criminal activity by passing state laws that mirrors federal law.

Napolitano tried to paint a picture of our southern border as a less violent place than is currently being reported by the media. This is hypocrisy to the highest degree. Like President Obama, Napolitano says one thing but in reality does just the opposite. In her statement she said they have increased the number of canine units along our border to better curtail smuggling of money and weapons heading south. In reality the Border Patrol, in an effort to save money, has been directed to change their practice of boarding their dogs with their handlers and set up a system where the dogs are kept in one kennel in each sector.

The handlers will no longer have complete control of the dogs they have trained with and they will no longer be allowed to drive their vehicles home. This and the fact that overtime pay for canine handlers and other agents has been eliminated will save money, but it will also result in less time agents will have to complete their missions. In the case of canine units the Border Patrol follows the same procedures as every law enforcement agency in the country. To create a working bond with their handlers the dogs stay with the handler both on and off duty. To save time handlers are provided individual vehicles to transport their partner canines to and from their areas of responsibility. If this new policy is enacted the handler will have to travel from his home to the kennel to pick up not only his partner but also a vehicle. After inspecting the vehicle for any damage that could have happened prior to the handler's acceptance of the vehicle, he then must pick up his partner. Before leaving the kennel he must inspect the canine's kennel and clean it if the canine has soiled it overnight.

After leaving the kennel the handler must report to his area headquarters for shift muster. It is only after all this has been accomplished can the canine unit report to his area of responsibility to look for illegal drugs or other items being smuggled in or out of the country. What all of this simply means is the handler will have less time to perform his actual mission and will in the end allow more drugs and other illegal smuggling activities to go undetected. Remember the handler can no longer work past his normal 8 hr shift so everything from picking up his canine and vehicle to returning them to their staging areas must be completed within their respective shifts.

Isn't it time Secretary Napolitano and this Administration begins to be honest with the American people and Congress? What is going on in Arizona is proof of how little concern this Administration has for the explosion of violence along our border states. This Administration has proven they are part of the far left open border crowd. Like other rank and file government employees Border Patrol Agents cannot comment on what is really happening within their agency. Retribution by higher ups including Homeland Security would be swift and costly. For this reason concerned citizens must educate themselves on what is truly going on in our government and along our southern borders. The time has come that we can no longer believe anything coming out of the mouths of Homeland Security or the politicians.

As we once supported our Texas friends at the Alamo it is time to support our friends at the new Alamo called Arizona. If we do not stand with them they will surely meet the same fate as the Arizona of Pear Harbor.

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