Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Campbell Brown Latest Tabloid Journalist

Meet CNN' latest tabloid journalist Alma Dale Campbell Brown. She likes to call herself a respectable journalist but since joining CNN with her own show Election Center 2008 she has become nothing more than a Obama surrogate at best and just another tabloid journalist at their worst.

With her latest attacks on Governor Palen and her lack of knowledge on responsibilities of governors around the country, Campbell Brown's credentials as a unbiased creditable journalist have been burned in the political fires of 2008. Seldom do I get so upset with so called journalist that I would lower myself to respond to some of the incredible stories they try to perpetuate as true journalism onto the American public. The self righteous rantings that have been coming out of this woman's mouth have left me dumb founded. She is nothing more than a female Keith Olbermann.

I wander how she would like people delving into her family history and looking down on her for mistakes her family members have made?

Example: Her father
Louisiana Democratic State Senator, Secretary of State, and Insurance Commissioner James H. Brown Jr was indicted, convicted and served a federal prison sentence for lying to the FBI during a routine investigation in 1999.

How about lying or misleading her fans while she was on NBC News Weekend Today?

Example: Her excuse for leaving NBC was I'm pregnant and I am taking time off to be with my family. The truth was she had already signed on with CNN but her contract was not up with NBC. Brown announced July 22, 2007 on Weekend Today, she would be leaving NBC after 11 years to devote time to her family and expected baby. The next day, CNN confirmed it had hired Brown, and that Brown would start work for CNN in February 2008.

The truth is Campbell Brown has loyalties to nobody but herself and her Democrat Party. She will do and say anything to get Obama elected. She questions how Governor Palen can handle a family and be Vice President yet forgets her child was born in December of 2007 and she started work 2 months later with CNN.

She believes she has a home at CNN but I predict like so many before her, her time with this organization is limited. Maybe her next stop will be MSNBC or The National Enquirer.

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