Monday, August 11, 2008

Azerbaijan or Ukraine Next Russian Target

Looking at the political landscape in the west it should be perfectly clear to Prime Minister Putin that neither NATO or the United States will come to the aid of Georgia. Putin has always been the darling of the Left Wing Liberals of the western world. In their eyes he and Ahmadinejad are the only leaders that have stood up to President Bush. The world understands Putin is the real power in Russia and whatever Putin says becomes law. The Liberals of the West hate President Bush so much that they are siding with Putin in Russia's invasion of Georgia.

Here are some of the Liberal sites supporting Putin:

The Populist Party

Global Research

Prison Planet

The Guardian

These are only a few, there are many more. After reading these articles it is clear the left is willing to see Georgia fall and return to Russia's area of influence. What they don't understand is Georgia is nothing more than a test of NATO and the first stepping stone to an eventual linkup with Iran. Russia and Putin will not stop until they regain control of the former Republics of the old Soviet Union. After some of these countries announced their desire to be part of the European Union and eventually NATO, Russia made it clear they would not allow this to happen.

The only question that remains is who is next, Ukraine or Azerbaijan? The Ukraine made a mistake and announced they will support Georgia and Azerbaijan announced they would like to become full members of NATO. Will Russia turn its attention to Ukraine first, since the Russian fleet is based in the only deep water port off of Ukraine? Or, will Russia turn its attention to Azerbaijan under the pretext they are protecting Armenia?

It is my guess Putin will direct his attention on Azerbaijan. After seeing Georgia fall without NATO coming to their aid, Ukraine will be reluctant to take on Russia. Azerbaijan being smaller than Ukraine and having Iran next door will be more willing to capitulate to Russian aggression. Once the overland link between Russia and Iran has been established Russia will flex its muscle back toward Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine. It is clear to Putin and Ahmadinejad NATO is weak and will not stand in their way. They are also betting the hatred and mistrust for President Bush is so great that the American Congress will not allow United States intervention.

They are assuming 2009 will see a President Obama administration in the White House and diplomatic negotiations will be the only response an Obama administration will attempt.

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