Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mr. Obama: American Voters Are Not Children

News flash to Sen. Obama, American voters are not children. We do not need to be reminded that keeping our tires inflated will save on gas. To think that simply inflating our tires will save us from high gas prices is ludicrous. To think if every driver would check and properly inflate our tires every time we drive our cars would solve our dependence on foreign oil is childish in itself.

American voters have it right, drill at home and get off foreign oil. Relax the bureaucracy surrounding oil and refineries. Stop all of the frivolous lawsuits and let the oil companies drill for oil and recover the oil from shale. Make it easier for companies to expand and build new refineries.

Obama, call on the Speaker and Majority Leaders to call both houses back in session and solve the problem by allowing a vote to expand new drilling. Blaming the shortage of oil and high gas prices on the American consumers and automobiles is a bogus argument. As I have said before, all of the products we use in America must be transported by air, land, or sea. The vast majority of our transportation needs is accomplished with diesel fuel. Nothing we do in the next 30-50 years will change this fact. Trucks, trains, or heavy construction vehicles cannot be replaced with new unproven technology at the drop of a hat. The government (taxpayer) or private business cannot afford to switch all their equipment from diesel to electric or alternative fuels hoping they will be efficient and as productive as their current equipment. Transportation in America is something you cannot gamble with.

America is not Europe. Little electric scooters and cars may be fine for some parts of Europe but they will be a dismal failure in America. Normal Americans have too far to commute to be able to depend on this type of technology. It will be decades before private business like service stations will be able to provide all of the different alternative fuels that are being presented as an alternative to gas. Putting in new and safe equipment to store these fuels are both time consuming and expensive. Each new alternative fuel requires its own storage system and its own means of distributing it from its storage tank to the vehicle. With this in mind it should be obvious that we will not see a change in our driving needs anytime soon.

In the mean time we must depend on low cost fuel, if we are to survive as a world power. The American voter is not the problem, politicians and the 'save the planet crowd' have forced us to become dependent on the goodwill of foreign countries for far too long. It is time we did what should have been done 30 years ago, become a self sufficient country that relies on no one except ourselves. Call back both Houses and do what 75% of Americans are demanding, VOTE ON USING OUR OWN OIL.

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