Friday, October 2, 2009

Letterman and Other American Celebrities


by Ron Spangler

What has happened to entertainment in America when a audience does not understand when a comedian is being funny, serious, or just plain stupid? David Letterman's revelation of having sex with female CBS employees was serious, stupid and was not funny at all. Somehow his audience could not tell the difference and laughed as if it was just another monologue being delivered by the late night comedian. At the end, they even applauded when he announced he would never speak about it again.

On the set of The View Whoopi Goldberg tried to defend and justify convicted rapist Roman Polanski's action by saying it wasn't "rape-rape". What does that even mean?

At the same time 100 of the most famous Hollywood celebrities signed a petition in support of Roman Polanski. These are some of the same individuals that support Venezuela's Chavez. They also support Iran's right to nuclear power and justify their quest for a nuclear weapon by pointing out that America has nuclear weapons.

It seems in America celebrities live in their own world of what is right and what is wrong. In the case of Letterman one has to wonder how many of these women were married? Did this go on while Letterman was engaged to be married and continue after his March 2009 marriage? Were these women fellow employees of CBS or were they subordinates of David Letterman? If they were subordinates, did his then fiancee and later his wife know or approve of his affairs with his subordinates? What is the difference between Letterman and the politicians he lampoons for cheating on their spouses especially when they have children? Did all of these women willingly consent or was pressure applied relating to their positions at CBS? Is David Letterman really so charming that career employees at CBS are falling all over the place to jump in the sack with David Letterman? How many employees are involved and was any of their jobs in jeopardy if they did not consent to Letterman's request? And the biggest question, will the public continue to support Letterman by laughing and watching his shows?

I don't even know where to begin with Whoopi Goldberg's comment on Roman Polanski not committing "rape-rape." It has to be one if not most stupid things she has ever said. If a 43 year old man supplies alcohol and drugs to a 13 year old girl then has sex with her while she is saying no/stop, it is rape. The act of sodomy against the young girl just shows how depraved the man really is. Whoopi and the other celebrities living in their own little idea of America just don't get it. They rant and rave about how all people are equal and everyone is entitled to the same social justice. Except when one of their own is found to have committed a crime that most Americans feel is extremely heinous. Then they somehow think justice means leniency and understanding should be shown toward the criminal. In their America they believe even the most atrocious sex offender or rapist should receive counseling and allowed to redeem themselves in the public eye. In their fantasy America sex offenders are suffering from a sickness that can be cured with adequate treatment and understanding. It is sad that some in America are supporting their fantasy by supporting them every time we tune in or pay to watch their movies.

What does it say about a society that supports celebrities like Letterman, Goldberg, Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone, Naomi Campbell, and the 100 artist/directors supporting Roman Polanski. All of these people living in their fantasy America have either shown support for our enemies or shown public support for rapists and pedophiles. Because they are celebrities we look the other way and continue to support their world by paying our hard earned dollars watching them on TV or at the movies.

Maybe it is time as a society we take a long hard look at our true America and family values.

Maybe its time we tell our children this is not the values we as Americans and decent people prescribe to.

Maybe its time we show our children there cannot a double standard in America, we must all suffer the consequences of our actions regardless of whether we are rich, poor, celebrities, or common folk.

Maybe its time we tell the world as a free society with American values we will not support people that do not share our common values.

Maybe its time we sent a message to the fantasy world in Hollywood that supporting America does not mean belittling our country while you are traveling abroad. Maybe we should show these people they cannot continue to meet with our enemies and show support for their tyranny and oppression of their own people without the celebrities paying a price at home.

Maybe it is time we look deep into our society and our culture to find that common ground that bound are founding fathers so tightly together. Maybe, just maybe it is time.

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