Sunday, December 27, 2009

President Obama Terrorist Not A Threat

by Ron Spangler

If it wasn't clear to President Obama supporters in the past it is clear today, when it comes to terrorist attacks President Obama is a weak leader.

Unlike President Bush this president has decided to take a low key leadership role when America is under attack. Since the Christmas day attack President Obama has made zero public appearances. Rather than appearing on camera to reassure the public that everything is under control the president has decided to work out in the gym and play golf while vacationing in Hawaii.

This is to be expected of President Obama. After all, after the Fort Hood killings this administration refused to classify and prosecute the attack as a terrorist attack. In the most recent attack that was thwarted only by the fact that the explosive device failed to explode and the passengers taking swift action President Obama and some in the media have been reluctant to make the connection of the suspect to Al Qaeda. It is perfectly clear to most people that this was carried out by Al Qaeda out of Yemen.

The president may think his nonappearance will be more reassuring but it will most likely have the opposite effect. It also will send the message to other terrorist that President Obama is not President Bush and will not take these terrorist attempts seriously. This is reminiscent of the Clinton Administration of the 90s'. Attack after attack was treated as a criminal act and never given the full benefit of a terrorist threat or act of war. To most Americans this is the wrong direction for this president to be taking and is nothing less than a sign of weak leadership skills.

It is Sunday the second day since the Christmas terrorist failed attempt to bring down a U S plane and kill innocent civilians over a U S city. The president has decided to send his cabinet people to all of the talk show circuits instead of addressing the situation himself. Evidently resident Obama is worried that without his teleprompter he might say the wrong thing, thereby opening himself up to public ridicule. With his performance rating dropping like a large rock the president must be more concerned about his political standings than the security of the country.

If this sounds like a harsh critical review of the president's handling of the recent terrorist attack, then I have done my job. Since President Obama has taken office this is clearly the second terrorist attack whether the president believes it or not. We all know the president has worked really hard on his domestic agenda and needs to recharge before the next fight over health care but nothing including health care is more important than our country coming under attack by agents of Al Qaeda. It is bad enough we have murderers of Federal Agents and Marines sitting in Mexico while this Administration does nothing, it is absolutely intolerable and inexcusable for the country to come under attack and the president say nothing for two or three days.

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  1. thats not the only problem
    if you do the math it took 2.5 hours before bho was notified
    i guess he cant be bothered by a "3am" call