Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Obama, Delusional and Mentally Incompetent

by Ron Spangler

After the Christmas day attack on board flight 253 some serious questions are beginning to surface about the United States President. Before the attack people praised Barack Obama as highly intelligent, articulate and a constitutional scholar. The biggest question his critics could muster was if he had Socialist intentions for the United States. With his actions and statements since Christmas more serious questions must be raised.

Does Barack Obama have a mental disorder that will not allow him to face reality?

Is he in a delusional state of mind that restricts his ability to separate facts from fantasies?

Is he mentally incompetent and unable to distinguish the difference between our friends and enemies?

These are questions I never thought I would ask about any President of the United States but these are desperate and scary times. If we look at the world the way it really is and look at the world the way Barack Obama sees it, something is clearly wrong. The United States economy is still on the edge of destruction and unemployment is still at a record high but Barack sees it coming back strong and the worst being behind us. With the high unemployment and consumer spending down, government tax revenue is dwindling. Normal people would stop borrowing and spending but Barack Obama believes we should borrow and spend more. He goes to China, our biggest debtor, with hat in hand asking for more loans. They scold him on excessive spending and the falling value of the dollar. He returns home speaking about reaching a mutual understanding and economic agreement between the two nations. In the meantime China publicly ridicules him and warns they may agree to drop the dollar as the world reserve currency. Obama refuses to hear the warnings and criticism and decides to force through a health care plan that may cripple the United States for generations to come.

He believes in Global Warming and sees the world being destroyed if the nations of the world do not follow his lead and advice. Scientist disagree on the cause and even if mankind can make a difference but he doesn't hear the opposition and refuses to listen to dissenters of the Global Warming theory. He goes to Copenhagen promising to come back with an agreement that will change the way mankind deals with the effects of global warming. Again China refuses to discuss the matter by sending a low level minister that has no authority to broker any agreements with anyone. Obama representing the United States at the highest level did not see this as an insult but returned home with a fantasy story about agreeing to have future talks to agree on something. It made no sense but some in the media bent over backwards to clean it up.

After taking office the first thing he did was order the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Military Prison. He had no plan but in his mind it was simple, if I say it will be done then it will be done. He told America and the world it would be closed within a year and then he walked away from it. In March he decided the War On Terror was over and using Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano started calling terrorist, extremist instead. Terrorist attacks became man made disasters. He went to South America and met Venezuela President Chavez during the Summit of the Americas where Chavez clapped him on the back and gave him a book. Obama never understood it to be an insult but rather an opportunity to settle past disagreements between the United States and Chavez. At the first opportunity Chavez blasted the United States and ridiculed Obama calling him another Bush.

After the Fort Hood terror attack by Maj Hasan, Obama went to a previously scheduled event hosted by the Department of Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs. After being introduced he jubilantly recognized the staffers and laughingly gave a "shout out" to "Dr Joe Medicine Crow, that Congressional Medal of Honor Winner." It took three minutes into his speech for him to say anything about the Fort Hood shootings. When he did he called it a "horrible incident". In the days and weeks that followed he still would not call it a terrorist act, even though the rest of the country recognized it as an act of terror.

After the terror attack on flight 253 it took over two hours for the President to be notified. Three days after the attack and only after Janet Napolitano made a fool out of herself on the weekend news shows, Obama finally broke his silence. In his speech he never recognized it as an Al Qaeda directed act of terror, instead he called it an "extremist act" and "incident of one lone extremist". It was perfectly clear to everyone including most of the media it was a terrorist attack directed by Al Qaeda in Yemen.

It was after Obama's speech that Al Qaeda in Yemen posted a statement claiming responsibility and warning of more attacks to follow. Obama gave a second speech partially defending Napolitano by saying after the attack the system worked to stop anymore potential attacks from occurring. He did say the system failed and ordered a review on his desk within two days. He still never referred to it as an act of terror and called the Al Qaeda connected terrorist an extremist. In both speeches it was clear from the expression on his face, President Obama didn't understand what was going on and didn't really believe what he was saying.

President Obama is still considering returning some of the GITMO prisoners to Yemen even though two of the previous detainees were returned to Yemen and now are leaders of Al Qaeda in Yemen. His determination to treat both acts of terror as criminal acts has most of the country bewildered.

Whether President Obama is suffering from some form of a delusional break down from reality or is just in a state of denial is something a qualified psychologist will have to determine. The question some Americans are beginning to ask:

Does President Obama have the mental stability or is he competent enough to remain as Commander In Chief during a time of war?

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