Friday, November 13, 2009

United States Under Siege More Terror Attacks Before 2010 Elections

by Ron Spangler

It is clear to everyone except the Obama Administration and his supporters that the Ft Hood murders were committed by a Al Qaeda leaning terrorist. CNN, MSNBC and the main stream network news media have done and continue to do everything possible to set up a defense for the terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan. Unfortunately the Army seems to be following suit of the left wing media. From the very beginning the spin was put out that the terrorist was suffering from a mental disorder and even suggested that he somehow suffered from PTSD that he miraculously caught from soldiers returning home from war. The media and this Administration must believe the American people are the dumbest people on earth. They must believe they can say or do anything and the people will fall in line like little sheep.

The truth, as every American knows but some may not want to admit, is this is the 1st successful terror attack on American soil since 9/11/2001. The facts are clear even though this Administration doesn't want to admit it. This President is so afraid of losing the left wing base of the Democrat Party he will say or do anything to please them. His latest approach to a decision on Afghanistan is another example of cowering to the left wing anti-war crowd in his party. After 8 meetings he has again decided to make no decision while our troops continue to die.

People are wondering why he is taking so long to make a decision. All kinds of excuses supporting this delay are being brought forward by his supporters. The prevalent theory for the latest delay is he is being prudent in questioning the leadership in the Afghan government. His supporters tell us the President doesn't want the world to look at the United States as a country that supports corruption in Afghanistan. Meanwhile the Taliban is getting stronger and Al Qaeda is continuing to recruit. The latest feel good news coming from the Obama network sheep is Al Qaeda has been decimated in numbers. They are telling us that it is widely accepted that Al Qaeda only has about 100 members still active in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I suspect the next thing we hear will be, Since there are so few Al Qaeda members left we do not need a conventional Army to deal will them. Instead we can work in concert with Pakistan using limited forces to destroy the remainder of Al Qaeda. In short the military war is over and we have entered a new police action phase with Pakistan to bring the true criminals of the 9/11 attacks to justice. So the Obama con continues and our troops keep dieing.

Could it be that President Obama is waiting and hoping that Generals McChrystal and Petraeus will become so disillusioned and disgusted that they will retire? Could the President be looking and waiting for a reason to replace the generals with generals he can more easily control and manipulate? Could he be looking for replacement generals that are less popular and easier to throw under his bus? Could it be the President is looking for generals that he can successfully blame for losing a war and take the political pressure off of the President? Could it be the President has turned this war into nothing more than politics as usual?

The result of Obama's weakness as a Commander In Chief will be Obama losing a war that he declared to be not only his war but a war of necessity. He said this was a war the United States must win. He said Afghanistan and what happened in Afghanistan was of paramount interest to the United States and our being able to win the war on terror. He has since decided not to call it a war on terror since it might inflame some in our community. His weakness to recognize terrorist or terrorist attacks in or against the United States will result in more terrorist attacks and Al Qaeda being more successful in their recruiting efforts.

The future for the world under a weakened Obama led United States looks very grim. As I see it the next few years may well decide whether mankind survives another century or succumbs to the end of time theories running rampant on the internet.

Just like we will never know with absolute certainty what happens to us in life after death or if there is really a life after death, we cannot with absolute certainty predict the future. The question of life after death will be answered for each individual upon our deaths, the future will be decided by the decisions or indecision's our leaders make today.

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