Saturday, October 13, 2007

The following is an excerpt from my book Final Conflict The Last American Journal of Eddie Johnson. I wrote it in 2006 but I believe it will be true for some time to come.

Traveling Down This Rocky Trail

As we travel down this rocky trail,
Will our leaders succeed or fail?
Will our country finally unite?
And follow our leader in this fight.
Will we travel all alone?
Will we fall on every stone?
Will God look down with sorrow and say?

"If only they could remember how to pray.
I heard you in your hour of need,
But they were simply prayers of greed.
You asked that I should lead the way,
But failed to hear the words I say.
To hear these words you must repent,
Then open your hearts to the son I sent.
Your faith in me and my son
will lead your way to act as one.
Open up your heart and mind
Guidance, comfort and peace on earth
You will find.
I heard your children weep and pray
Still your nation looked away.
Now you wander if I'm gone,
and if you're on this path alone.
If you place your faith in me
The answer's here for you to see."

May God Continue To Bless The USA

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