Monday, October 22, 2007

56 Men

by Ronnie Spangler

We that sign this writ for relief
Do affirm and attest to our common belief.
To all mankind Our Creator bestowed
Seeds of freedom to plant, water and hoe.

And from these seeds a Nation will rise,
Not one that lives through hate and lies,
But one that sees through God’s own eyes.

As one young boy stood all alone,
With nothing more than sling and stone,
We free men stand today
And state our will to never stray.
We will fight if we must,
For its with God we place our trust.

Now as we let our names be known,
We do not believe we stand alone.
For all mankind desires to be free,
and spared from one man’s tyranny.

As we venture forth our plight
Be it known we will unite.
To destroy evil when we can,
Or except God’s will and understand.

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