Thursday, November 8, 2007

Support America, Back To Basics

With the Christmas season coming up, isn't it time we as American parents and grandparents return to the basic idea of Christmas. With all of the recent recalls of Chinese products it should be apparent that buying products from China may put our loved ones health at risk. Regardless of how cheap these products are and how much we would love to make our kids happy with their favorite Xmas toy, the risk of buying from a country we cannot rust is just too great. No toy is worth risking our children's health.

It is my firm belief its time we got back to the basics of Christmas and American values. In the beginning the reason for Christmas was the celebration of the birth of Jesus. It was also meant to be a time for recommitting our love for family and friends. Somehow with the commercialization of Xmas we have put more significance on giving presents to make our children happy for the day, than we have on the reasons for celebrating Christmas. This time of celebration has always been considered as much of an American value as the American Constitution itself. In past wars, major battles have been halted to observe this very important day. Combatants didn't worry about buying gifts, instead they prayed for peace and celebrated the birth of Jesus by committing their trust in god.

By making a resolution to decommercialize Christmas this year, we can begin to return America to some its core values and avoid the risk to our children. Would not buying toys from China hurt our economy, maybe. But ask yourself what is more important, teaching our children moral values and reducing their risk to dangerous imported products or spending money that you may or may not be able to afford simply to make someone happy for one day.

I would suggest parents sit down with their children and explain the true meaning of Christmas and that buying expensive gifts and toys was never part of the Christmas celebration. Children must be taught that our love for one another cannot be bought with money or gifts. How many packages you have under the tree is not a test for how much someone loves you. A thousand dollar gift for a rich kid will bring the same smile as a handcrafted sweater from a poor mother to her child. As parents and grandparents it is only natural to want a better life for your kids and grandkids, but maybe we should re-evaluate how we were raised. We may find out that it really wasn't as bad as we remember it. Maybe the values our parents and grandparents tried to instill on us were simply forgotten with time.

Remember when there were just a few inexpensive gifts under the tree?
Remember when the gifts we were given were sometimes made at home by a loved one?
Remember when families chipped in to celebrate Xmas dinner at a loved one's home?
Remember when adults, children and friends set around singing carols?
Remember when schools sponsored the Christmas Carol Play and all parents and friends were invited to watch?
Remember when family traditions were passed from generation to generation?
Remember when neighbors got together and walked the neighborhood singing Xmas carols?
Remember when Merry Christmas and God Bless meant something in America?

With all the threats facing our family, economy and country a threat to our children from China is a threat we can do without. Maybe it's time we look back at the values of our greatest generation with a little more respect and admiration. Maybe it's time we got back to the basics of America.

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