Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama Just Another Jimmy Carter?

After learning more about the people in Barack Obama's past, I finally understand his commitment to meet with enemies of America and leaders of terrorist states. He has been meeting with and using homegrown enemies of America for a large portion of his political career. I understand his decision to use previous members of the Weather Underground and Pastor Wright to advance his political career, but it doesn't make it right.

The more I hear from Obama leaves me to question, Are we getting ready to elect another Jimmy Carter?

Young voters today have no idea of how bad it was during the Carter years. The media and most college professors gloss over this period in time. Those of us that made the mistake of voting for him remember vividly how weak this man really was and the damage to America's security he caused by backing down to every terrorist organization that challenged us during his presidency.

Since President Carter left office he has traveled the world meeting with every leader that is Anti-American and Anti-Israel. Now he is meeting with the leader of Hamas. An organization that not only America but most of the free world has declared a terrorist organization. Carter's speeches and actions have done nothing but undercut American security and encouraged hatred for both America and Israel form the time he was elected to present date. I fear if we elect Sen Obama we will be revisiting the Carter presidency for the next 4 years. With the world teetering on another world war we better ask ourselves if we can afford another Carter Administration.

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