Wednesday, May 28, 2008

President lies Candidates Misspeak

Does it bother the American voter or the supporters of the candidates that when the President says something that turns out to be false its a lie, but when the Candidates say something thats false its "Misspeak". There was a time when a lie was a lie.

Since the 2004 election the media and Bush haters have not missed a beat to call President Bush a liar anytime he would misspeak, regardless of how trivial it may have been. They have worked tirelessly to search every statement to find any mistake and point it out to the public. Keith Olbermman has built his career around Bush bashing and now he is continuing it by Clinton and McCain bashing. According to Obama supporters Clinton, Bush and McCain lie but Obama only misspeaks.

The truth as to whether it is a lie or simply to misspeak depends on the circumstance surrounding the statement. If a President makes a statement that is untrue with the sole intentions of swaying the publics attention, its a lie. If he does it answering a question and its because he didn't understand the question its something different. This should be the same for the candidates.

In the case of Hillary and the "Bosnia", "NAFTA", "Northern Ireland", "Joining the Marines" and "Supporting the 2nd Amendment" statements the media called them all lies.

With Hillary on Bosnia, Northern Ireland and the 2nd Amendment I believe it was a lie intended to win votes. On NAFTA and trying to join the Marines only she knows the real truth.

McCain has been hit by the media for "Lying" about his Baghdad trip, Romney and infidelity.

With McCain and Iraq he is the only one that has been right. The media doesn't say it but the situation in Iraq is the war is about over and will end up a victory for America. The Iraqi military surprised everyone including our own military with their action in Basrah and now their moving into Sadre City. The Central government has gained control and proven their military can and will fight. If things continuing at this pace in Iraq, by the time the next President is sworn in the war will be all but over for America. Like South Korea, Japan and Germany we may have to keep forces there as a deterrent from any attacks from Al Qaeda or Iran but our military will not be the first line of defense.

With Obama statements on "Auschwitz", "Rev. Wright" and "Meeting with foreign Dictators" according to the media all are "He Misspoke".

The truth about Obama is he should have known about Auschwitz. It involved his family and he was a college professor or so we have been told. His intention was clear. He wants to win the Jewish and Military Veterans votes in the fall election by showing his families patriotism during WWII. His "Rev Wright" statements were merely damage control for his 20 year association with Reverend Wright. His "Meeting With Our Enemies" statement was his effort to win the far left portion of the Democratic Party.

If Sen Obama is elected President will the media continue to consider his false statements to be "Misspoken Statements" or lies?

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