Tuesday, May 27, 2008

State of America Postville Iowa Asking For Donations?

After the raid of Agriprocessor in Postville Iowa, the mayor made the following statement asking for donations from Americans across America;

"We encourage residents to return to their homes and move forward as a community together. Anyone wishing to donate funds to the "City of Postville Relief Fund".....

What the Mayor and everyone in Postville is not telling America is the fact that the owners of Agriprocessor and the people of Postville are responsible for the illegal immigration raid. It was common knowledge in Postville that the meat processing plant was in reality operating off of economical slave labor. The investigation really began in 2004 over a fraudulent W-3 Visa. Agriprocessor was part of a scheme to help Chinese immigrants enter the U. S. legally on W-3 Visas as the employer for the immigrant. After ICE found out the immigrants would only work for 2 weeks before heading to San Fransisco and never be heard from again, ICE decided to investigate further. It was during the investigation that complaints of employee abuse by Agriprocessor supervisors became known.

It wasn't difficult for immigration and ICE investigators to find out what was going on in Postville. The initial investigation started out with a security guard answering the Agriprocessor phone and basically telling the officials what was going on, somehow the residents of Postville thought this normal procedure and actually funny. The prevailing wisdom seemed to be, if the community is making money from Agriprocessor and the immigrants, then how could it hurt anyone. Now they know when employers break the law and have to pay the consequence everybody can be hurt, including the businesses that were making money off the under payed and abused illegal immigrants.

There are still illegal immigrants hiding in the St Bridget Church that did not get caught in the Agriprocessor raid. I suspect any money that is donated will go to the illegals to fight deportation. The Postville mayor, ACLU, activist organizations and Postville residents would have you believe ICE was picking solely on Mexican illegals. The truth is of the 390 detained most of them were from Guatemala and are being charged with everything from identity theft to fraudulent use of Social Security numbers. I suspect as the investigation continues the court will find out that some of these people have committed crimes in other parts of the country before ending up in Postville. It is unclear how many people hiding in the church are wanted for similar crimes.

Similar investigations and raids are taking place around the country. Backers of "open borders" are criticizing Homeland Security for the "inhumane treatment" of the immigrants. They never speak of how conditions like the ones that existed in Postville exist all around America. In out of the way small towns around the south employers especially in the meat packing business advertise for low paying jobs in order to suppress wages and hire illegals. While they say Americans will not accept these wages the truth is a large number of Americans are existing on $7.00 to $8.00 an hour. At the time of the Postville Agriprocessor raid employees were being paid $7.25.

How will it end, I don't know.

Will I donate to Postville or feel sorry for their problems, no.

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