Sunday, May 25, 2008

If Liberals Win The Election

Maxine Walters has made it clear what will happen if Liberal Democrats backed by Warren Buffet, George Soros and the rest of the Democracy Alliance members win the White House and Congress in the fall elections. Listen in her own words:

You didn't see much coverage on this purely Socialist statement on CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other Democracy Alliance owned media networks. The word Socialist was the word she was looking for but realized too late that saying it in front of the cameras would not sit well with true freedom loving Americans. I now understand why Sen Obama and other Liberal members of the House and Senate are so willing to talk with Venezuela President Hugo Chavez. The con man of Venezuela would be the perfect con artist to teach the Democrats how to make Americans accept nationalizing American oil companies as the 1st step to nationalizing every American company. This is just another example, although not intentional, of how some of the American Billionaires are working to gain control of the government and turn it into a Socialist America. I can only imagine the loud groan that came from the billionaires in the Democracy Alliance group when Maxine let the truth finally slip out.

This self described "leftist, liberal organization" is one of the most dangerous groups in America. We may never know who their supporters and members are but we do know you must be a committed left wing far left liberal millionaire to join this billionaire club. They will not admit in their vision statement their true intentions but Maxine Walters has made it clear to me. "Change" will be moving America away from the United States of America to the "United Socialist States of America". In their eyes if they have to destroy America in order to save her, that will be perfectly acceptable. After all a weak or floundering economy doesn't hurt the wealthy nearly as much as it does the average voter.

Agenda of our new Democratic led government:

1. Nationalize the Healthcare system
2. Nationalize the Oil Industry
3. Nationalize the Transportation system
4. Nationalize the Aircraft Industry
5. Nationalize all Electric and Gas companies into the Energy Department
6. Nationalize the Auto Industry
7. Nationalize the Media and Press
8. Nationalize all of the Food an Restaurant Industries
9. Nationalize the Unions
10 Nationalize America

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