Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scott McClellan From Jerk To Liberal Darling

In the eyes of the Liberal Obama supporting media, after releasing excerpts from his new book Scott McClellan has gone from a typical White House Press Secretary Jerk to a Liberal Darling. In an effort to market and cash in on his book Scott has or will hit all the major Liberal channels including CNN's Wolf Blitzer and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

It wasn't that long ago that the same Liberal media despised and didn't trust Scott McClellan. In his Article in the New York Times published April 23, 2006 David Sanger complains about cameras at the briefing and how all Press Secretaries since Lincoln and "IKE" are too secretive. He implies they are just there to tow the party line and only give out trivial information that people don't care about. He implies McClellan is just another loyal Bush follower that is hiding pertinent information from the media and like all Press Secretaries cannot be trusted.

Today everything has changed with Scott. The only reason for the change is his book. The same Liberal media that didn't trust him when he was the White House Press Secretary suddenly believes everything in his book to be true. People are asking why has Scott suddenly changed from a Bush supporter to another Bush basher. I believe the answer is obvious. He could never write a book supporting President Bush and the war in Iraq if he wanted to get it published and make any money. As an unemployed Ex Press Secretary, no main stream publisher would publish a book supporting this White House without the author agreeing to allow the publisher's editor to make changes the editor and publisher deemed fit. Publishers are in the business to make money. Books written in support of President Bush will not make money or reach the Best Seller's list in today's climate. If the main stream publisher doesn't believe it will make money or it is opposite of the publisher's political ideology, the book will not be published. The only other option for Scott would have been to self publish. For Scott this would not have been an option.

People also ask if what Scott is saying is not true then why would he agree to allow an editor to change his words. It may be a sad fact of life but today people with limited prospects for making a living will sell their sole for the dollar. With some people loyalty and truth can be bought when you have a family to support. Only Scott McClellan and the people that served this White House will ever know the truth about Scott's book. Seeing him on NBC, CNN, MSNBC and the other networks, that are obviously supporting Obama and have for years engaged in Bush bashing, leaves doubt in my mind about Scott's trustworthiness.

In case readers question why I no longer trust the media I have mentioned is simply this. I cannot forget how every night the same media for years had their so-called military experts telling us how we would loose in Iraq and we must pull out. Since the surge has been a success, Iraq is out of the news and the "experts" have been fired. When everyone thought Basrah was a failure they did briefly reappear. Now they are in hiding again. The same media will not admit it but Basrah was a success and Sadre City is on the way to becoming a success. The Central government in Iraq is gaining control and the war is winding down. When NBC, CNN and MSNBC start broadcasting truth, then maybe I could have trust in their broadcasting and Scott McClellan's book.

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  1. A great article == well said. The Pillsbury Dough Boy must be desperate for money.