Thursday, October 11, 2007

America- Could Our Military be Safer in Iraq

Below is the FBI's table of reported crimes in America covering the same period of time we have been in Iraq up to 2006;

Looking at the numbers and considering Americans are not fighting one another within our own borders, ask yourself just how bad is it going in Iraq.

Year Violent Crime/ Murder / Rape/ / Robbery/// Assault
2003 /1,383,676/ / 16,528// 93,883//414,235 ///859,030
2004 /1,360,088// 16,148// 95,089// 401,470 ///847,381
2005 /1,390,745// 16,740// 94,347// 417,438 /// 862,220
2006 /1,417,745// 17,034// 92,455// 447,403 /// 860,853
Total /5,552,254 //66,450//375,774//1,680,546//3,429,484

Remember these are only reported number of cases in the US. For a variety of reasons there are a large number of rapes, robberies, murders and other violent crimes that never get reported. So is it really safer in America and are we really doing so bad in Iraq? In a supposedly war free safe America why do we have over 66 thousand Americans murdered, over 375 thousand reported rapes, over 1 1/2 million robberies and over 3 million assaults? No, looking at the 2 situations I don't think we are doing all that bad in Iraq.

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