Friday, September 14, 2007

MOVEON.ORG and Gen Petraeus

Watching the the performance of our Congress during this week's report from General Petraeus has left me with a fair amount of shame for the way some in Congress treat our men and women in the military. It is clear the Democratic party is owned and operated by The front runner for the Presidential campaign in the Democrat Party has not only refused denounce the despicable add ran in the far left Times newspaper, she had the nerve to call the General a liar on a nationally televised hearing. This is a woman, like most in Congress and the Senate, that believe they can visit Iraq for a couple of days, never venture out into the provinces and cities, but somehow learn more from their short isolated visits than the four star commander that is risking his life each and every day he is in Iraq. Who are we as average Americans going to believe more, the men and women that are in the fight every day or the politicians sitting safe in America that care more for their political careers than winning the battle for Iraq? Personally I will put my trust in the men and women in uniform before the politician.

The far left organizations like, code pink and the rest of the far left Democrats spout everyday how much they are in support of our troops, yet they spill more American blood on their hands everytime they encourage our enemies with protests and adds like the one ran in the New York Times. Try to imagine how the soldier in Iraq felt hearing their Commander called a liar by a candidate for President of the United States. After hearing General Patraeus is a liar and traitor should any soldier trust or fight for such a man? If you were wearing the uniform would you risk your life for such a man?

If you were the enemy fighting against America, how would you interpret the words of Senator Clinton? Would this be a sign of encouragement that victory was close at hand? Would you see it as a sign that America was getting ready to cut and run from Iraq? Would you see it as a signal to increase the killing of Americans in order to force the American Congress to cut funding for the war? Would it lead you to believe that if you just increase the killing it will increase the division in America and they will retreat?

These are questions the far left and the Democratic candidates don't consider when they open their mouths. Why don't they consider them? The answer is clear, they simply don't care about the men and women in uniform. They don't care about winning in Iraq. They don't care about the thousands maybe millions of Iraqi babies, children and adults that will be slaughtered if we fail in Iraq. The only thing these people care about is winning in '08. How can the American voter trust anyone that puts their own self interest above the interest of the men and women in uniform during a time of war? In the end they are putting their self interest above the interest of America.

For too long the war in Iraq has been looked at as if it was a game, the politicians have even referred to it using football terminology. Some of the news organizations refer to the change in the President and military strategy of fighting this war as "moving the goal post". This is not a game, it is dead serious with ramifications that far exceed the Cold War. That was a war between two nuclear powers that knew the consequences of using nuclear weapons. This is a religious idealogical war declared on us by fanatics that believe in using all means possible, including nuclear, to achieve their vision of victory.

It is time for the average American to send Congress a message. Stop helping our enemies and really get behind our troops. They have said they can win, let them do it!

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