Monday, August 27, 2007

And Then There Were Two

Today the Attorney General (but more important, long time friend and cabinet member) Roberto Gonzales resigned as the Attorney General and like Karl Rove the Democrats and liberal press, including CNN and MSNBC, gloated. There is not many original Bush friends and supporters left in key positions in the White House or as Cabinet Members, Vice President Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice are the next prominent targets for the Democratic Congress.

In my book, I set up a scenario of the Democrats taking control of the Congress in 2007 and trying to impeach the President. When their effort fails they try to isolate the President and weaken him by going after his close friends, cabinet members and advisers. By holding hearing after hearing the friends, advisers, and Cabinet members begin to resign. Even though Congress could find nothing illegal in the decisions or official acts these people performed, the pressure and constant attack on their reputation was more than they could bare.

Since before the 2006 election was held, there has been a constant attack from the Democrat Party and Liberal media to destroy this Administration. They are slowly accomplishing their goal. That goal is to win not only the White House in 2008 but also an absolute majority in both the House and Senate. The sad thing about this strategy is it's working. The American people are getting tired of hearing the negative news from Washington and are starting to turn off everything concerning Washington D.C. So who is next, Rice, Cheney, Chertoff, or Gates.

I have to give the Democrats and liberal media credit for this strategy. Even though I believe they are on the borderline of treasonous acts during a time of war, the constant attacks and misinformation has kept the publics' eyes off the miserable job the Democrats have done since gaining control of the House and Senate. They have also been able to hide illegal acts of fellow Congressmen and slow down criminal investigations of Democrats, remember the $95,000 hid in the Congressman's freezer. (It was an FBI sting.) How about the documents stolen from the National Archives, Sandy Berger ring a bell. In a move to halt the investigation Berger gave up his license to practice law in D.C. Now we will never know what documents he stole and destroyed. Did they relate to how the Clinton Administration handled or mis-handled Al Qaeda?

On my Internet radio show yesterday a young man called in asking for help starting his own radio show. He said he and his friend wanted to do a show for teenagers that was more positive and less negative. I agreed there is too much negative news and talk on the air but I believe he missed the point. The sole purpose for all the negative news and talk by the politicians and liberal media is to win in '08. The American people must open their eyes keep informed and in touch with their representatives to let them know we will not tolerate their self serving acts as Congressmen and Senators. If the polls are right (I don't trust or like polls) this Congress has the lowest approval rating in history and that is appropriate for the way they have totally disregarded the American people and the interest of our country during this time of war.

So what is next under the Democrat Get Bush At All Cost Strategy. Stay tuned and a word of caution for Secretary Rice, watch your back.

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