Monday, August 20, 2007

So How Much Did She Really Care

So how much did the illegal that hid in the church for over a year fighting deportation really care about her son?

She came here once illegally and was deported.

She came back illegally a second time, used a phony social security number and was deported.

Came back illegally a third time, had a kid and used the kid as a ploy for citizenship.

No one knows who or where the father is. After a year she finally got deported but only after leaving the "church" to publicly protest American laws. She was given the opportunity to take her son with her, she said "No" and left him with the so-called pastor and his wife.

My question to all the parents out there, especially mothers, "How many of you would leave your children behind, not knowing when or if you will ever get to see them again?"

Remember she has relatives in Mexico but none in America.

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