Sunday, August 12, 2007

Who's More Dangerous, Far Left or Al Qaeda

Just Curious; After listening to the Democrat Presidential Debates and hearing some of the weird double talk coming from the Dems, example:

pull out of Iraq/send troops to Darfur,

we've lost in Iraq and the Taliban is getting stronger in Afghanistan/attack Pakistan (our ally) to kill bin Laden,

the Iraqi government is wrong for taking the month of Aug off to return to their homes (some of whom fear assination everytime they leave home for work)/US Congress ON Recess From Aug To Sept (sounds like elementary school),

stop the fighting in Iraq sit down and talk with Tehran and negotiate peace/use nuclear weapons if need be to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear bomb.

this is Bush's war he messed it up/we have all the answers to fight and win war

Iraq is a civil war/we will need to redeploy our troops out of Iraq leaving just enough to fight Al Qaeda and the insurgents

"IF GEORGE BUSH DOES NOT END THIS WAR I WILL"/we cannot pull out of Iraq all at once, we must leave troops there to protect against Al Qaeda and to protect our new Embassy.

So the question is: who is more dangerous, people that say different things to different folks simply to win an election (and at the same time encouraging our enemies) or people who say the same thing over and over, Death To America and Israel. Are they, More dangerous? Less dangerous? Or, Equally dangerous?

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