Sunday, August 5, 2007

Questions For Our Congress

I'm a Vietnam era old Marine with experience in Vietnam. Does this give me the right to tell our military in Afghanistan or Iraq how to fight their war or tactics they should use to defeat Al Qaeda or other terrorist type insurgents? The answer is no for me and I believe it should be no for everyone having no experience in these countries or fighting this type of enemy.

To all the Senators that think you know better than our military that is on the ground, please explain to me how did you get so smart. Have you been on day or night patrols searching for the enemy in Afghanistan or Iraq? While on these patrols did you speak one on one with the citizens that are turning over names and positions of Al Qaeda members in their area? I suspect the answer is no.

To all of the Senators complaining about not being able to capture or kill Osama. Were any of you on the ground in Afghanistan when the fighting was at its highest point? Were any of you at Toro Bora when bin Laden was supposed to have escaped? Have any of you ever been to the area where he is supposed to be hiding in Pakistan? I suspect the answer is no.

To the Senators that voted for this amendment of surrender. Do you really support the troops? Were you serious when you said you would give them until September before making any decisions on whether things were improving or not improving in Iraq? Do you really believe you can defend Iraq from Iran and Al Qaeda, or protect the Kurds in the north from Turkey, by redeploying our troops either out of Iraq or sitting on the border watching the genocide? Don't you think it would cost more in American lives if we pulled out and within a year have to go back to stop Al Qaeda or Iran from completely taking over and committing absolute genocide and ethnic cleansing for anyone suspected of helping America or the Iraqi government? Do you really care what happens to the young children, women, and older Iraqis that cannot defend themselves? Do you honestly care if 2 million people are slaughtered after the fall of Baghdad? Do you care if after Iraq falls, Iran sets its eyes on Afghanistan? Will you pass a bill mandating the President send our military in to stop the massacres that will surely happen in both countries? Will you support our troops if they go into Pakistan after bin Laden without the Pakistani government approval, risking war with Pakistan? Again I suspect the answer is no.

If the answers are no to all the questions I have posed, again please tell me how you got so smart and where are you getting all of your information, CNN, MSNBC, or Al Jazeera. For me I will trust our military leaders on the ground, until the enlisted tell me different, and I hope the President continues to do the same.

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