Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bush Says Drill, Congress Says No

With 2/3 of Americans saying lift the ban for offshore and domestic drilling Senator McCain and President Bush have come on board. Bush tells Congress to lift the federal moratorium but Congress first said yes to talking about it but are now saying no, we don't want to discuss it right now. Meanwhile some Americans have resorted to selling their blood to buy gas to drive to work.

It makes you wonder how many of our Congressmen/women and Senators are themselves heavily invested in the oil market. In a recent hearing before the Senate Subcommittee the head of CFTC and most of the Senators seem to suggest there is no evidence of manipulation in the oil market. They admitted the CFTC was grossly understaffed and under funded to do a real investigation and had no authority to subpoena records that may lead to evidence of price manipulation in the market. Congress keeps pointing the finger at the two oilmen in office (Bush and Cheney) yet we find a large amount of Congressmen and Senators becoming filthy rich after just a few years in office. Some made it through real estate during the housing market bubble, but are they now turning their sites on the oil market bubble.

Send a message to Congress with emails and phone calls. Americans have suffered enough and sold enough blood. Act now or we'll vote all incumbents out in November.

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