Monday, June 2, 2008

Obama Democracy Alliance and Oil

In an earlier post State_of _America: Using Oil To Sway Elections I question if some of our billionaires could really be manipulating the market in an effort to sway the elections in Sen Obama's favor. Now we hear the Federal Trade Commission is investigating the market for possible manipulation of oil prices. In another post, FTC: Oil Market Manipulation, I raised doubts that the government would be capable of finding a smoking gun. Should the government take a hard look at the Democracy Alliance group's donor-members, some of whom are?:

-George Soros, and possible members or donors (the list is mostly private): Jim Rogers, Victor Niederhoffer and Stanley Druckenmiller

-Board Directors:

-Rob McKay
-Anna Burger
-Drummond Pike
-William Budinger
-Robert Dugger
-Al Dwoskin
-Gail Furman
-Robert Johnson
-Steven Phillips
-Charles Rodgers
-Deborah Sagner
-Michael Vachon
-Rob Stein

Other public known donor-members are:

Peter B. Lewis
Herb and Marion Sandler
Tim Gill
Rachel Pritzker Hunter
Gara LaMarche
Guy Saperstein
Rob Reiner
Herb Miller
David A. Friedman
Ann S. Bowers
Albert C. Yates
Davidi Gilo
Mark Buell

Like Soros some of these people are the richest people in America, invest in commodities and hedge funds, and are Obama supporters. It is no secret that George Soros will do anything to see a Democrat win the White House. The question is, would he go so far as to destroy America economically so he could see her rebuilt in accordance with his Open Society beliefs?

None of the people I mention in this post may be doing anything illegal, they may only be guilty of following the ideals and advice of people like George Soros and Robert Dugger, of the Tudor Foundation a global funds management company participating in major debt, equity, currency, and commodity markets worldwide.

With prices going up on everything because the price of fuel is steadily increasing, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Manipulating and gaming the market to effect the overall economy is nothing new. To do it in an effort to sway an election is nothing short of treason against your country. If Americans care about America now would be the time to sell your oil futures and re-invest in America.


  1. "...The question is, would he go so far as to destroy America economically so he could see her rebuilt in accordance with his Open Society beliefs?"

    I believe the answer is yes. I think he was very much behind Obama's interference in Kenya's past election for the very same reason.

  2. Investigators seem to be hitting a brick wall in their commodity market manipulation investigation. Part of the problem is due to deregulation of the market during the Clinton Administration and a larger problem is the fact that most of the hedge fund investors are investing through offshore offices. People like Soros are masters at hiding their underhanded dealing.