Monday, June 16, 2008

Soros and Speculators Winning?

The price of oil is still rising for no apparent reason other than speculators. The market analyst like to blame the daily increase on everything from a low dollar to high demand. They have Congress believing all they have to do is raise taxes not only on the oil companies but on the consumers as well. To believe any tax will not be passed on to consumers is naive. Add the increase of the cost of corn by the commodities speculators (due to recent flooding in Iowa) and the increase cost from ethanol production to the overall price we pay for simple necessities and you will find America falling deeper and deeper into a State of Crisis.

The billionaires investing in hedge funds and commodities have done an excellent job of hiding their investments from investigators and Congress. Having all of their investments run through offshore entities they are insulated from the prying eyes of nosy people. Even the celebrity environmentalist are starting to cry as they begin to loose some of their precious toys, i.e. yachts, limos, jets, 2nd/3rd homes, diamonds and their exuberant lifestyles. These are the same people that George Soros was able to convince if we only elect a far left Democrat as president, everything will be better. Remember, every ill in the world today is the fault of George Bush according to Soros.

This Democratic led and controlled Congress will continue to play the Soros strategy of do nothing and blame it all on the Republicans and President Bush right up to the fall election. Maybe its time we as Americans had our own nonviolent French Revolution by making our voices heard at the ballot box. Maybe its time we voted every incumbent in the House and Senate out of office for the good of the country. We can never achieve term limits in Congress but we can unite and say if you are not doing your job as a whole you are gone as a whole. The days of buying votes by Congressmen and Senators must come to an end. Pork barrel spending to support pet projects at home is nothing but vote buying. If Americans really care about America they must get away from party affiliation and look at the person. If the two candidates running for president will not accept the fact that America must open our own wells for drilling oil, then maybe we need a new Congress that will. If they can't understand the need for regulating the commodities market, then maybe we need a new Congress that will.

Under the George W Bush Administration a ban was placed on offshore drilling. Under the Clinton Administration the ban was broadened and the market was deregulated. These actions set the stage for the perfect storm. Increased dependence on foreign oil and the opportunity for unscrupulous billionaire speculators like Soros to manipulate and control the market were the results. If everything keeps going the way it is neither Presidential candidate will be able to pull America out of the state we will experience in 2009. All of the optimistic speeches for a brighter and richer future will not change the events that will take place if action isn't taken today.

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