Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Barack Obama Back To The Future

It is becoming clear, Barack Obama and his campaign of change is nothing more than a page from 'Back To The Future'. With Jimmy Carter's successful attempt at dealing with Iran and the oil crisis during his administration, its no wonder Barack wants to use some of the same strategies that proved so successful for Mr. Carter. Just ask anyone that lived during the Carter years how really grand it was paying high gas prices, waiting in line for gas and watching every night as our fellow Americans and Marines were being held captive, tortured and America looking helpless and weak. Oh yes, the Windfall Profit Tax was another real success.

Barack also wants to visit the Clinton era and bring it back to the future. He is ecstatic with the Supreme Courts decision to more or less give terrorist the basic rights of American citizens. Barack even believes Osama bin Laden should be treated as a common criminal and tried in an American court, at taxpayers expense of course. I can see it now, 20 Defense attorneys, a 5 year trial, years of appeals led by the ACLU, and a blood bath in the streets of America and her allies by bin Laden supporters. Bill Clinton's idea of treating terrorist attacks on the First World Trade Center attack, bombing of the U.S.S. Kohl, and the Embassy bombings as criminal offenses worked really well. Al-Qaeda really ran scared after the first bombing and the FBI and Interpol became involved in the investigations. After the six Islamic 'extremist' were convicted in 1997 and 1998 and sentenced to life in prison, we showed them they better not mess with America. We go by the law and our Constitution. You can't just come here and blow up our buildings, we'll arrest you, we'll spend thousands or millions of taxpayer dollars to prosecute imprison and afford you lawyers to appeal your prison sentences, then we'll eventually let you out for humanitarian reasons.

Yes I just can't wait for President Obama to take us Back To The Future with Jimmy and Bill as our guides.
just say no deal

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